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#6683 stream highlights in Videos

posted 7 months ago
#2 klassy streaming right now :D in The Dumpster

Former Premiership scout Klassy found himself in the top division on ETF2L after plaing with legendary i52 grand finalist WARHURYEAH. Any scout looking to climb the ranks should tune in. Watch the magic at

posted 8 months ago
#210 2018 World Cup in World Events

The first World Cup we don’t lose to germany in quarters

posted 8 months ago
#4 Koth_Synthetic in Map Discussion

Played it today in a dmix, found it really fun and has a lot of potential. Really want to play it again and hope it's considered in the future

1 thing I would consider is letting soldiers on top of the yellow pipes by point. Playing roamer it felt like there wasn't a good spot to stand in defending from behind the point. If you stand on the right side (either way) you're useless if nobody goes under and if you go on the ledge the pocket goes on then you both eat the same spam. Could do with somewhere else to stand.

posted 8 months ago
#40 being genuine in TF2 General Discussion

All this to moan about b4nny? Congrats for being a genuine person

posted 8 months ago
#35 i63 cu@ thread in LAN Discussion


posted 8 months ago
#6232 Frag Clips Thread in Videos

posted 9 months ago
#6169 stream highlights in Videos

posted 9 months ago
#32 ETF2L replacing Sunshine with Cardinal (also money in TF2 General Discussion

Sunshine actually gets played a lot in pugs and a lot in scrims because it's variety and people don't hate the map and actually fun to play. Not everyone likes it, but very few actually hate it. Prolands is by far the least liked map in the pool. Also, everyone is just going to scrim cardinal week 3+4 then it'll be forgotten and perma banned in playoffs.

posted 10 months ago
#4 Item giveaway in TF2 General Discussion

Love you guys, was so fun playing fresh meat cup with you. Best of luck with life outside of the game!

posted 10 months ago
#11 ETF2L Mid Final: #BIGBOYSEASON vs Louis van Gaal's Army in Events

jordy better win this

posted 11 months ago
#4 this is how u get depression in TF2 General Discussion

posted 11 months ago
#3 Top 10 TF2 plays - February 2018 in Videos

nice video but number se7en should be number one!!!!1!

posted 11 months ago
#110 i63 Confirmed in TF2 General Discussion


posted about a year ago
#21 what was the first item drop you ever received? in Off Topic

remember well mine was the cozy camper because I thought I would be able to sell it for £5 (store price)

posted about a year ago
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