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#468 TF2 benchmarks in TF2 General Discussion

R9 290
E8500 Dual core
4gb ddr4 in Quad channel mode

Comanglias Config, all on lowest, no shadows, No AA, etc:
2639 Frames, 33.896 Seconds, 77.86 FPS, 10.42 FPS variability.

Same except with: Textures, Model details and Shader details on High and on DX81:
2639 Frames, 31.534 Seconds, 83.69 FPS, 7.602 FPS variability.

^High end graphics cards should have higher graphical settings enabled if you have a weak CPU; to draw processes away from it and onto the GPU. Old Cpu’s should also use lower DX levels. Overall this reduced variability by ~3fps and increased average by ~5.

posted about a year ago
#2900 PC Build Thread in Hardware

Hi, i’m looking to Purchase the best possible Cpu, ram and motherboard for TF2; i don’t play any other games that are that intensive, hence the build is centred TF2. Budget: £185-270
Current Pc specs:
• Intel Duo E8500
• DQ45CB Motherboard
• 1x4gb sticks of DDr2 Ram
• R9 290
• Aerocool Integrator 500w Bronze Psu

In addition to the above i also have a GTX 570 with a Direct Cu II cooler(it’s like 2.5-3 slots wide and is somehow only ~50C on Furmark Overclocked. I’m a student and don’t have much money and it will be unlikely that i will be able to make major upgrades for at least ~2 years.

If i sell my current Cpu, RAM and Motherboard + the GTX 570, combined with my current funds, i will have ~£185. If i sell the R9 290 with my current cpu, ram, mobo then i will have a budget of ~£270. The reason i am considering selling the R9 290 and keeping the GTX 570. Is due to APUs such as the 2400g.

I am completely open to purchasing parts used from places like CEX(Ryzen 1200 is £50 there with a 2 year warranty) and ebay(all my parts - other than PSU - are from there.). Novatech is another Uk company i found that also sells Motherboards dirt cheap over here - B350 boards can stoop as low as £35 sometimes with deals.(although idk about there reliabilty - the VRMS usually don’t have heatsinks so OCing could be problematic with them.

So what is my Best course of action here? Do you think a ryzen 5 2400g with a GTX 570 is decent or are there better options? I’m also considering getting a better PSU as i’ve heard Aerocool can be a but dodgy. I’ll be using Masteecomfig no matter what.

Thanks guys.

posted about a year ago