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#24 RGL actively harbors PEDOPHILES!!! in TF2 General Discussion
MicahleleWhenever people complained about X player while I was a head admin I would check the reports channels and there would be zero reports on them a solid 75% of the time, the other 25% of the time they were banned within a week or two of complaining.

At least from my experience, this wasn't the case. It took 3 months after I submitted a report against recess for him to get banned for cheating. Most of our division was suspicious of him at the time, and I talked to multiple other people who also claimed to have submitted their own reports. He also stopped playing RGL at the end of that season (probably because he knew he was under investigation), so it wasn't because any new evidence appeared since that time, either.

posted 4 months ago
#9 one crossbow bolt heals and damages? in TF2 General Discussion
Wicked02cosmic radiation bit flip

this will be my new excuse for whenever I miss my shots

posted 4 months ago
#147 tf2 scene in 2038 in TF2 General Discussion

16 years later. I am still an open player.

posted 7 months ago
#13 RGL S9 IM/AM/NC Happenings/Discussion in TF2 General Discussion

8 years later. I am still an open player.

posted 7 months ago
#39 The least serious democall ever, part 3 in Videos

posted about a year ago
#150 mal players banned from rgl in TF2 General Discussion

It's not being advertised on TFTV (for obvious reasons?), but RGL is currently holding a "Player Conduct Survey" that they're going to use to justify the next set of bans:

Please vote No if you don't want to repeat this episode again.

posted about a year ago
#91 new dm servers in Projects
SpaceGhostsCoffeepelt in DM is just as bad as gully if not worse imo

badlands and badwater are not the same map
badwater's first point is lowkey very underrated as a dm zone
thank you for your attention

posted about a year ago
#24 petition to never lock threads in TF2 General Discussion

Hot take: There is no good case for ever locking any thread at all.
Even long-dead threads often have good reasons to be necrod (map gets its first update in a year, oldass tech support thread has someone else with the same problem, etc)
If it's a shitpost thread, it can be moved to the dumpster for other shitposters, instead of blocking all replies.
If it's actual harassment or something dangerous, it should just be deleted instead of staying up for others to see it. (and no, complaining about admin decisions is not harassment)

posted about a year ago
#15 Discussion: rgl is bad in TF2 General Discussion
saci'm gonna be honest and play devils advocate as an euro newcomer into rgl, the league is good in other aspects i dont understand why we dont play all the team in our div once but else i had no problems whatsoever, the map pool is fine, the whitelist is fine, and admins do listened to our tickets. Its just when i heard from someone that apparantly 28% players have been banned so far from rgl at least once I get worried. Of course the majority is cheaters and alts etc but still thats a pretty big number that can't be explained with just cheaters and trolls, right?

iirc the list of banned players includes all the mirrored bans from esea/etf2l/etc, so the number is inflated by a lot of people who had never played rgl to begin with

though I have heard that rgl's 6s admins are less consistent/responsive/generally reasonable than their highlander admins (which kind of makes sense because all of their admins are highlander players)

posted about a year ago
#49 Addressing Racism/Anti-LGBTQ Speech Off-Platform in TF2 General Discussion

if a gamer says a slur in a forest and no one hears it, does it make a sound?

posted about 2 years ago
#17 Moving mouse causes TF2 to drop 20-30 fps in Hardware

I had this problem. I fixed it by changing the Negative LOD Bias setting to Clamp in the Nvidia control panel.

posted about 2 years ago
#6 elliott :) in Recruitment (looking for team)

Can still hit airshots. Makes amusing threads. His experience list says mid-open, but he had better DM than that for ages but never found the right team. Could probably shred through whatever lower div if given a chance.

posted about 2 years ago
#63 is the game's community still racist? in TF2 General Discussion

I'm honestly amazed that an elliott thread managed to survive this long without being dumpstered

posted about 2 years ago
#67 rgl anti sandbagging rules in TF2 General Discussion
sacI'm making this post today so when the season is over and we lost all our games i can point to this as a "told you so".

I'm gonna do my best to prove sac wrong by carrying this team :)

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pls shut up before they decide to put your restriction back on
posted about 2 years ago
#116 Best tf2 team names? in Off Topic

I recently heard of a highlander team named "1 korean, 9 keyboards" and it left an impression on me

posted about 2 years ago
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