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#27 ETF2L Season 32 announced in News

Look at that! More objective proof that logjam is better than badlands and granary.

Man, I need to stop with the snarky jabs. Oh well. I do think Kaidus' point regarding badlands getting doublevoted is a very valid point. I know Ozfortress will be keeping cp_logjam in this season, I certainly hope that ETF2L chooses to add it based on these polls. There's a ton of bugfixes coming in RC10, which I should have out next week, so it would be cool if we could run RC10 as well.

posted 13 hours ago
#10 Ideas around the map pool concept in Map Discussion

I keep hearing all of these great things about koth maps, but:

I cannot get people to play koth_waterton. I didn't get terribly much feedback when ozfortress ran it in their midsummer cup #1, and for the most part the feedback that I have gotten is that it's fun to play. I'm more than willing to work on it, but it doesn't feel like the interest is really there.

posted 1 day ago
#525 cp_logjam (5CP) in Map Discussion

It's definitely something that's been said before. Unsure of how big of a problem it is, really. I do have a plan to re-structure cave's connection on mid to tighten things up if necessary.

posted 2 days ago
#4 Ideas around the map pool concept in Map Discussion

The pool of comp mappers is definitely not as big as it used to be (not too shocking, just like playerbase), though with the support of people like Lucrative working through new maps, we should definitely have plenty to choose from...

Let's think about this. What are the current maps in rotation?
ESEA (S30 pool):

ETF2L (S31 pool, S32 being voted on now):

ozfortress (S23 pool, S24 TBD last I've heard):

So, every league uses the following:

With the outliers that are not used by every league being these (theoretically good enough for league play, maybe not universally liked / etc.):

There are also a few maps recently used in leagues that have dropped out that could be potentially subbed back in:

We also have the following up-and-coming maps that are looking really good from Lucrative's testing (please let me know if I've missed any!):

I know that at least a few of those have seen recent cup play and are being updated relative to feedback - keep your eyes and mind open regarding them.

I think there's more than an ample pool of maps to try and switch one out here and there. No, the up and coming maps aren't going to play like process/snake/gully/sunshine right off the bat. I don't think they'll be entirely aids either, though. If you want the variety and you want more maps, there's options out there.

posted 2 days ago
#523 cp_logjam (5CP) in Map Discussion


For those wondering, "Hyce, how can your map possibly have so many tiny ass cracks in it?"

The short story is my hard drive died, so I had to decompile the map to get the .vmf file back (should have backed it up, live and learn...) which did strange things to my displacements (like make them 1 unit thick and ALMOST lined up to the grid....) and as I'm fixing crack A, it makes crack B show up. I'll probably just have to sit down and go through every brush... yikes.

Thank you for continuing to post this sort of stuff though. I think I've found a better strategy for clipping the rockwalls that I tried to fix the choke spot, so I'll be working on that crap in cave. I am going on to work week now (I work 3-4 days a week 13-14 hours a day...) so you probably won't see pre3 / rc10 official until maybe Sunday or so. If anyone finds any more dumb things inbetween now and then, let me know!


posted 2 days ago
#8029 stream highlights in Videos


Not TF2, but it felt pretty great. Also featuring spontaneous POG face

posted 2 days ago
#521 cp_logjam (5CP) in Map Discussion

Also check out this sweet roamer thing I accidentally did


posted 2 days ago
#520 cp_logjam (5CP) in Map Discussion

cp_logjam_rc10pre2: https://tf2maps.net/downloads/cp_logjam.3835/history

No screens, nothing earthshattering to take pictures of. Summary is: Changed mid back (if people want to try the rc10pre1 mid and let me know how it plays, more than willing to work it but it seems people who've played the map want the current rc9 mid), fixed a bazillion displacement / playerclipping issues (probably 95% of what Starkie (hey!) and HOI found), some other minor stuff...

full changes:

Show Content
-reverted the mid (deleted catwalk, fence, hoodoo, added sheds back)
-adjusted a bit of displacement above the healthkit at cave to hopefully fix people being able to stand there
-slightly adjusted displacements above the door at the bridge on 2nd to fix a weird clipping issue
-removed a random metal post from last
-fixed some metal trim not lining up above secret
-un-clipped some handrails by last to hopefully fix a weird thing you can stand on
-slightly adjusted the displacement geometry of the canyon wall walking up the left side of 2nd to fix how it joins with the bridge and to make it easier to splash
-checked all health/ammo markers for solidity, only one that was solid was below middle point, made it not solid
-adjusted the displacement ground on mid to hide a wonky texture and to smooth out a transition by forward spawn
-adjusted the displacement ground on mid by the huts to make sure that they fit flush to the highground
-fixed displacement / edge abutment at 2nd
-fixed displacements not lining up by the fence on 2nd by the logjam.
-adjusted the displacements, clips, and blockbullets on the log slopes at mid to try and maximize smoothness
-clipped a corner in logroom
-clipped a corner on the roof above logroom at 2nd
-adjusted the location of and size of the shelves in lobby to make them flush to the wall.
-added mesh to the lower level of the shelves in lobby.
-did not adjust clipping in the hallway from upper lobby to the metal grating in main lobby, clipping was already good. Did end up making the metal doorframes thinner though for splash sake
-fixed the clipping on the railings in lobby
-fixed some clipping in upper lobby not being flush to a doorframe
-clipped the shutter a bit in lobby
-fixed a broken clipbrush in upper cave
-clipped off the corner of a doorway at cave
-fixed some clipping on mid by cave's exit
-adjusted the clipping on a post in cave
-clipped the entrance to cave better
-clipped the logs in logroom better
-clipped the front edge of the boxes in lobby
-made it so you can't hit your head on the roofs outside of saw on 2nd
-fixed some roofs you could hit your head on on mid
-fixed a blue texture in red lobby
-fixed the clipping on the railings in lobby (decompile error)
-fixed the lighting on some pipes at last
-fixed the lighting on some pipes in lobby
-fixed a tiny nodraw texture in the roof at last
-replaced a texture that didn't line up in last's ceiling.
-fixed a small gap in the spawnroom doors
-slapped a little more detail outside of mid in the nonplayable area
-removed a detail dick on the hut at 2nd
-lowered the brick at last a bit
-lowered the fence on 2nd by upper lobby
-removed some rocks at the mouth of cave
-made some lights not solid in cave
-fixed a rock's lighting in cave
-fixed a broken bunch of displacements in cave
-added some block light brushes around the detail part of cave
-fixed a bunch of random shit with the displacements and clipping around cave
-fixed a hole in the wall in choke
-fixed cracks in the displacement above the bridge on 2nd
-fixed another hole in the displacement in cave
-made the "wings" on last symmetrical
-starkie's spot in saw - there's nothing there to fix? it's already clipped
-starkie's spot above choke - already clipped?
-moved some trees above choke
-fixed some textures on choke
-clipped choke a little more aggressively
-tried to fix a spot in cave by making the clip brushes a wedge shape instead of straight up and down
-improved lighting in cave a little bit
-blockbulleted the small edge in logroom

known items still to fix:
-missing paint patches under ammo on mid
-light leaking in the train tunnel

posted 2 days ago
#17 cp_windfall in Map Discussion
CollaidePersonal comment:
This shit took a shitton of time I wanna die.

Right in the feels

I'll take a peek at this later.

posted 3 days ago
#28 cp_alamosa (5cp) in Map Discussion

cp_alamosa_b11: https://tf2maps.net/downloads/alamosa.7284/history

Couple little changes to mid / alley by house mostly, no screens yet. Wanted to post it incase people were going to pug it today.

-added some walls on the new ramps up to the high ground in lobby
-adjusted the arches on 2nd's spacing
-widened the area by house
-adjusted the way that house on 2nd lines up to fix a dumb sightline through choke
-changed the way the high ground on mid works out

posted 3 days ago
#516 cp_logjam (5CP) in Map Discussion

I did change the capture zone one for rc10pre1. The rest I have not changed - that's an excellent list. Will be working through those.

Most of the sunk in wooden boards (cap zone brushes, ammo / healthkit markers) are not solid, and therefore do not cause splash bugs.

Lighting in the source engine is strange, what can I say, lol. rc10pre1 mid is a trial as well, curious as to what people think one way or another. Hopefully Lucrative will run it soon :P.

posted 3 days ago
#513 cp_logjam (5CP) in Map Discussion

cp_logjam_rc10pre1: https://tf2maps.net/downloads/cp_logjam.3835/history

(goddammit, I work fast!)

Trying a tweak to mid. I think it helps with cover / sightlines and also offers better highground.


Show Content
made the mid cap trigger square, replaced sheds with rocks (lol)
changed mid's cap area so people with CFG's can still see the edge
added a fence, hoodoo, platform on mid, removed the hut
marked spire's capzone as well



posted 3 days ago
#27 cp_alamosa (5cp) in Map Discussion

cp_alamosa_b10 - https://tf2maps.net/downloads/alamosa.7284/history

Show Content
-removed the block on 2nd
-flattened out a lot of the geometry at 2nd
-extended the house on 2nd to be a bit over point
-opened up below 2nd point
-removed boxes at 2nd that allowed any class on top of height
-made the wall at choke a bit thicker
-made the ramp up to 2nd considerably wider
-removed weird pillars on mid
-fixed a weird corner on the highground at 2nd
-changed how upper main and rollout work on 2nd so that they connect as more of a battlements
-added a pick and some broken rocks for the chain gang on 2nd
-added a few sparse jail cells
-added searchlights at 2nd
-added sirens when you cap mid









posted 4 days ago
#512 cp_logjam (5CP) in Map Discussion

Thanks collaide!

Hotfix inbound!

cp_logjam_rc9a: https://tf2maps.net/downloads/cp_logjam.3835/history


Show Content
fixed clipping above choke on 2nd
fixed broken displacements on red side above choke @2nd
made the upper / lower lobby connector doorframes a bit smaller added block bullets to them
fixed a bad displacement under spire at 2nd that caused a bit spire to be floating
fixed displacements in cave that had holes in them
posted 4 days ago
#510 cp_logjam (5CP) in Map Discussion

cp_logjam_rc9 - holy streamlining, batman!

download: https://tf2maps.net/downloads/cp_logjam.3835/history


Show Content
-moved the HP from left mid to be right by the ammo
-reverted logroom's upper exit to RC7 (flatter)
-moved small ammo off of the arch on mid and moved it closer to the huts
-adjusted the concrete blocks on mid to make it a bit more open and easier to move up to them
-made a fence in cave continue a bit for splash bug purposes
-removed some useless props in cave
-did a little clip fix on mid
-cleaned up some props in logroom
-adjusted the fence by logroom on 2nd to prevent splashbug
-adjusted clipping to fix an exploit in cave
-fixed clipping on a hut on 2nd
-fixed bumping your head on a roof by logroom
-fixed a roof you could stand on cave
-fixed a clipping on a hut on 2nd
-made a part of spire opaque
-adjusted clip on the roof of saw
-not some windows in saw not solid
-adjusted a big beam by spawn to fix some splash bug
-changed the way the pipes on the back side of last connect to ground to fix splash bug
-removed some pointless crates on last
-removed some of the crate stairs in upper left lobby, adjusted the propsand added a fence for better splash
-adjusted the geometry of secret to be smoother
-simplified / smoothed geometry by choke to aid high bombs
-adjusted the location of the HP/ammo in logroom
-removeda ledge above window
-smoothed out the path out of window
-clipped the vents above lobby
-blocked off the cubby in saw
-slightly raised underneath point and raised it's roof at mid
-fixed more shitty clipping in cave
-adjusted the angle of the roof on the houses on mid
-added blockbullets to the logramp on mid
-fixed some holes in the displacements in cave
-fixed some shitty geometry by the logs on mid










posted 4 days ago
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