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#29 Copenhagen Games 2022: LAN is back! in LAN Discussion


posted 3 months ago
#102 MedicStats SourceMod plugin in Projects
devzeroI've made a gist containing 2 versions.

I would like you to make a small code change to the untested version. I have written the suggestion as a comment to the gist.

Let me know once you've tested the new version.

Also, this "file://" trick... is it a hack, or is this a supported feature of SourceMod?

Since you are considering "/xxx" an absolute path, I assume you are working on Linux. I wonder if the trick would also work for "C:\xxx" paths on Windows.

posted about 4 years ago
#100 MedicStats SourceMod plugin in Projects
devzeroDo you want those changes upstreamed to your version?

Awesome! Just post a link to the contents of your version of recordstv.sp, and I'll have a look.

posted about 4 years ago
#97 MedicStats SourceMod plugin in Projects
majh0[LogsTF] Unsuccesful upload: Invalid API key

When this happens, try checking what the current value of the logstf_apikey cvar is.
You can do this with an rcon command: rcon logstf_apikey
If the value is wrong, then there's probably some other config overwriting the value.
If the value is right, something might be wrong on logs.tf's side. Perhaps you can try to generate a new API key... you can do this here: http://logs.tf/uploader ("Generate new API key")

posted about 5 years ago
#95 MedicStats SourceMod plugin in Projects
D4rkL0rdThe only plugin that's related to healing is soap-dm during pre-game, nothing else.

Does it upload a log to logs.tf? And does it look normal?

posted about 5 years ago
#93 MedicStats SourceMod plugin in Projects
D4rkL0rdOK, the new plugins keeps spamming this in the logs

Okay, so heal events are triggered but with no healer.

Do you have any other plugins that could cause this?
Or do you know of any new unlocks related to healing?

posted about 5 years ago
#90 MedicStats SourceMod plugin in Projects
  1. The Logs.tf plugin doesn't upload logs because of "Invalid API Key".
  2. medicstats.smx and supstats2.smx keep spamming error logs with the following:
  1. Have you added 'logstf_apikey APIKEYHERE' to your server.cfg? You can find your API key here when logged in. Perhaps try generating a new API key if the old one doesn't seem to work.
  2. This is weird. I have just released a new version of supstats2 and medicstats that take into account the possibility of the client index being 0. Instead of crashing, it will write "Wrong player-healed event detected" in the log. Please update the plugins, and let me know what the log says now.
posted about 5 years ago
#88 MedicStats SourceMod plugin in Projects
DifferYo, sorry if this has already been addressed somehere, but what triggers the updater plugin to run?

It is explained on the plugin page:

Updates will be checked on server startup and then once every 24 hours. All updates will be logged to Updater.log in your SourceMod log directory.
posted about 5 years ago
#237 flamehud reborn in Customization

I'm not playing the new fancy game modes etc., but for 6v6 it seems to work fine if you create the info.vdf file as explained here.

posted about 5 years ago
#34 DHS2016 GF: Perilous Gaming vs. nameLess in Matches


posted about 5 years ago
#85 MedicStats SourceMod plugin in Projects
MessyRecipe- I'm considering using TFTrue because TF2Stadium uses it for whitelists, but, are its logs identical to the ones from your stats plugins? Do yours record anything that TFTrue does not (or vice-versa)?

You can compare these two logs: supstats2 and TFTrue

TFTrue has some bugs... Take a look at those logs:
- In the TFTrue log, when hovering above the players' weapons, each weapon are shown twice (e.g. as "Rocket Launcher" and "Tf_weapon_rocketlauncher")
- In the TFTrue log, one of the medic's medigun is logged as "unknown"
- Sometimes TFTrue logs the incorrect end-score (when it ends 2-2, it may log 2-3)

- With supstats2, logging accuracy is enabled by default and there has been taken special care of rocket jumps, sticky jumps and clearing stickies not counting negatively towards the accuracy
- TFTrue tends to log an airshot, even if the opponent is barely in the air. (So you will see more logged airshots if you switch to TFTrue.)
- supstats2 logs pauses and unpauses (although logs.tf doesn't use it yet)

That's the differences I know at the top of my head.

MessyRecipe- If I place plugins within /tf/custom, will the updater plugin still be able to update them, or will it attempt to download the updated versions to the base /tf/addons/ directory?

I may be wrong, but I think the custom folder is mostly for clients, not servers. I once tried installing SourceMod in the custom folder, but it didn't work. Looking at the SourceMod installation guide, it never mentions the custom folder either.

posted about 5 years ago
#83 MedicStats SourceMod plugin in Projects
dildoughyHello, I had a couple of questions.

Hey. Sorry for the late response, my notifier for this thread apparently didn't work anymore.

The first page in this thread doesn't indicate that all plugins are incompatible with TFTrue. Only some of them are not compatible.

What I mean by "Incompatible" is that the plugins' features somehow clash with the features of TFTrue. For example, if you run the medicstats and supstats2 plugins together with TFTrue, then the log files will contain twice the number of damage, healing stats, etc. For some of the other plugins, I simply haven't done extensive testing of what happens when you run them together with TFTrue, but it doesn't really make sense to do anyway since TFTrue has similar features.

Regarding HLStatsX, it already has its own stats plugin (SuperLogs), but you probably already have that installed if you have HLStatsX installed. This logs many of the same things as TFTrue and my plugins, and probably even more stuff. If you are missing something, I would direct that feedback towards the HLStatsX developers, because it would require not only a server plugin but also a change to their web application. That is beyond my control.

posted about 5 years ago
#77 MedicStats SourceMod plugin in Projects
REM_TF2Hey this is a really minor thing but I noticed that since I use a non-stock medigun (i.e. festive <insert skin here> medigun) all of the ubercharges on that gun show up as "unknown."

Notice in the top of the example log it says "Uploaded by TF2Pickup (TFTrue v4.75)"
It is a bug with TFTrue.. you should post the bug report in their thread. :)

posted about 6 years ago
#76 MedicStats SourceMod plugin in Projects
DaMeiNQuestion, where do the STV's default to after its done?

The default path is the root of the TF2 installation (e.g. /tf/).
The demo files are called something like match-20160123-2035-cp_badlands.dem

You can change the path by setting recordstv_path in your servers autoexec.cfg.. For example:
recordstv_path "demos/#Y.#m/#d"

posted about 6 years ago
#71 MedicStats SourceMod plugin in Projects
maidoshey i have logstf.smx uploaded on /home/tf2user/tf2/tf/addons/sourcemod/plugins
and have tftrue and soapmod installed but it doesnt upload logs :S

If you are using TFTrue, you don't need to use logstf.smx ... Just remove that.
TFTrue will upload the logs for you. You just need to put your logs.tf api key in your server.cfg:

tftrue_logs_apikey xxxx
posted about 6 years ago
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