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#20 RCADIA Fortress Hamburg Thank You Thread in LAN Discussion

Shoutouts to everyone on Brew Crew (nash, GardenFungus, Sodium, mackey, and sin) for the games
Shoutouts to eepily, gubbins, cuppers, twiikuu, and samus for the hype grand finals watchalong
Shoutouts to wG and TF2easy for one of the best finals I've ever seen, especially on LAN. GGs
Shoutouts to Aoshi and Mia for the long discussions on LANs, lots of great ideas
Shoutout to Chiers for hosting us and doing a lot of work behind the scenes
Shoutouts to production for the great show as usual
Shoutout to DCS for holding down adminning most of the weekend, not an easy thing to do
Shoutout to Turbo for abusing his powers to keep the bar open
Great to meet everyone, hope to chat with more of you next time

posted 4 days ago
#68 DreamHack Atlanta (18-20th November 2022) in LAN Discussion

Quick reminder for teams that have signed up or plan to sign up, please make sure you are in the ETF Discord so that we can get Team Captains access to the tournament channels.

posted 3 weeks ago
#2 where are the i69 pictures?? in TF2 General Discussion

Apologies in the delays of getting these photos out! There is a significant amount of photos to go through and the ETF team, particularly in the creative/media area have numerous projects - TF2 and IRL - they are working on. I promise you that we haven't forgotten them and work is being done to have them published ASAP.

posted 1 month ago
#65 DreamHack Atlanta (18-20th November 2022) in LAN Discussion
Brock I hate to be negative, but probably not the best decision you could had made at the expensive of people who really committed and pre-planed this. If its even possible you should back peddle from that if you can.

I understand this is a late change, and this was something that we did communicate in the major announcement a week or so ago - that there was the potential (and likelihood) that the event could extend to the three days. The simple reasoning as to why the decision was made now was down to simple logistics.

For us to have the access to the freeplay area for use of a Turn-Up and Play style event for TF2 whilst still covering the range of games ETF is doing it was planned that the tournament would take two days, extending into the night. However this presented us with potential issues with the area being open after expo hours, which would require additional staffing by DH. To remedy this, we had to extend the tournament to run over the three days of the event but contained within the hours of the expo. If this was solely run through the BYOC, this would not be an issue but players fed back to us that BYOC is difficult without rentals or alternatives.

DH Atlanta was always promoted as a three-day event, as outside of the tournament we would still have activities/smaller tournaments planned for people to take part in, its just the main tournament who's duration has changed.

posted 1 month ago
#61 DreamHack Atlanta (18-20th November 2022) in LAN Discussion

Quick update, we have expanded the tournament duration to the entire three days.
Friday: Check-In and Group Stages
Saturday: Final Group Stages, Tiebreakers, Playoffs
Sunday: Playoffs and Grand Finals

There should be PCs available in the freeplay area apart from our allocated tournament PCs so outside of your matches you should be able to play in mixes/scrims, depending on availability.

For those travelling, matches/check-in will be around 2pm-ish so if you are attending I would very much recommend you try to get to the venue in the morning since the queues are expected to be quite long.

We have a few teams signed up now so if you or your team are interested in attending please try to register ASAP. If there is some information you want/need before you officially attend etc please don't hesitate in reaching out to me or on the ETF Discord.

posted 1 month ago
#58 DreamHack Atlanta (18-20th November 2022) in LAN Discussion

Registration is Live!
SIGNUP HERE -> https://play.toornament.com/en_GB/tournaments/6150112853910372352/

The current format of the tournament is planned to be the following, but this is subject to change (i.e. the tournament may extend to the full three days):
Day 1 - Group Stages (4x4-Team Round, 3 BO1s); Tiebreakers and Seeding Matches for Playoffs
Day 2 - Group Stages & Playoffs
EDIT: Day 3 - Playoffs (4-Team Double Elimination, BO3 with BO5 GFs)


  • 30 min map timer
  • 5 min round timer
  • Winlimit 5
  • 10 min Golden Cap when needed

Map Pool:

If there is sufficient demand we can push for more resources to expand the tournament size and duration. A formal schedule will be sent out as soon as we get confirmation from DreamHack.

posted 1 month ago
#54 DreamHack Atlanta (18-20th November 2022) in LAN Discussion


We have been working over the past two weeks to secure some more logistically simple ways of playing in the tournament than hiking your PCs cross-state. Due to supply issues, there will not be PCs available for rental in the BYOC area. The option could be made available but this could potentially cost in excess of $400 which is not reasonable.

Despite this, we have secured a 'Turn-Up and Play' method that should make playing at this event easier (and cheaper!). We have secured PCs for players to use without the need for a BYOC ticket. This will be accessible in the Freeplay Zone and have been guaranteed for TF2 for the entire event, however this is a limited number. The tournament will be adjusted to reflect this capacity and work is being done to ensure that everyone who needs access to a PC has one.

Therefore there are a few details you need to be aware of:

  1. YOU CAN PLAY IN THE TOURNAMENT WITH JUST A 3 DAY FESTIVAL TICKET, NOT A BYOC! This is currently priced at $89 and can be purchased here
  2. If you have already paid for a BYOC and intend to use your own computer, you will still be able to compete.
  3. The tournament is first-come-first-served with a tournament capacity of 16 teams. This can be expanded with high demand.
  4. The guaranteed PCs will only be used for Tournament Play, you would need to use one of the other freeplay PCs any time you are not allocated a tournament PC unless otherwise stated.
  5. Signups will be going live this weekend, if you intend to sign up please do so ASAP! The more teams that signup the more likely we can increase tournament capacity.

Direct any questions here or on Discord, updated the main post additionally.

posted 1 month ago
#48 DreamHack Atlanta (18-20th November 2022) in LAN Discussion

We'll be pushing Atlanta details very shortly but can answer a few queries right now.

highfiveWait what
Is this real

Yes, Atlanta's 6v6 tournament will have a pool of $10,000. Splits to be confirmed in the next week.

BrockSaw the seat map is getting posted Friday, how does that work with regular tables and ultra passes? Is UP seating separate or is it all mixed together?

To my knowledge, Premium/Ultra are seated in a separate area to the regular tables. I can confirm this with DH, but for now I believe they are separate.

ElectraHeartDo we have any news about rentals?

Right now, rentals are not confirmed although we have worked on securing PCs that anyone with a spectator ticket can use as opposed to the BYOC ticket. Full details of how this will work and who will get access to them should come after we have determined the final situation with having rentals. I know for many this is the key thing stopping them confirming their attendance, so this will continue to be our biggest priority.

fygWould highly suggest to the essentials team they promote the prize pool so top teams attend the lan (unlike what you did with the recent cup)

I admit personal fault that the promotion with the Clash tournament was not up to our usual standards. Despite a couple of tweets and a bumped thread, the gaps in time between the promotions left some time for it to get missed. Rest assured, we'll be communicating a lot over the coming weeks about Atlanta details and improving how you as players can keep up to date with details about ETF events. But for now, the three key areas to check should be:

  1. EssentialsTF Twitter - https://twitter.com/TF2Essentials
  2. EssentialsTF Discord -https://essentials.tf/discord
  3. This thread.

If you have any questions continue to post them here or reach out to a team leader on Discord. We have a couple of events happening in the meantime, with the playoffs of the Community Clash this weekend plus our Jump Tournament
and clip competition as a part of DreamHack Beyond: https://essentials.tf/beyond

posted 1 month ago
#24 Fly high milkytf in TF2 General Discussion

Rest in Peace

posted 1 month ago
#5 DreamHack Beyond 2022: 6v6, Jumping, Clips - $4000 in TF2 General Discussion

A quick reminder for people that the deadline for signups for the 6v6 tournament end Friday 7th @ 23:59 EDT, please be sure to register ASAP especially if you intend to play Invite.

posted 2 months ago
#9 tf2 outlived overwatch in Other Games


posted 2 months ago
#39 DreamHack Atlanta (18-20th November 2022) in LAN Discussion
ElectraHeartDo we have any news about rentals?

This is an ongoing discussion, and one where we hope to have some answers soon. We have alternative solutions in the works so there should be something available for people who don't want to bring their PCs cross-state. Details to come shortly.

posted 2 months ago
#78 TF2 LAN EVENT IN GERMANY, 25.-27-11.2022 in LAN Discussion

cu@ LFT

posted 2 months ago
#19 See your medic's uber% on hud in Customization
PapaPeachSodiumPSA: this will not be allowed during i69For what reason? It seems very inconsequential in well organized environments, especially at the level of teams traveling internationally to compete.

Because this was something that was not known by the full admin team until this event, and it is standard procedure with any new things like this to lean on the side of caution and not allow it. It does not impact the game without it being included, and said inclusion presents potential risks of exploits.

posted 3 months ago
#100 Insomnia 69 (26-29th August 2022) in LAN Discussion

Just bumping the thread to remind people to get signed up on the toornament page as soon as possible, especially if you plan to be - or just interested in - playing in the Invite bracket. Additionally, I would recommend that players join both the Insomnia and EssentialsTF discords so that you can get all the most up-to-date details about the event, plus a place to find teams LFP or players LFT.

posted 4 months ago
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