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#5 DreamHack Anaheim 2022 in LAN Discussion
bearodactylS4mskiQuestion: whilst it always a good thing about more TF2 LANs is it really a good idea having a LAN 1/2 weeks before Insomnia that has basically been confirmed for next year? More specifically this would most likely stop having the top EU/NA team from attending the other LAN to ensure the highest level of competition.he wrote the wrong month, if you go to the website it says feb 11-13

Yeah, my bad on that one. Currently there are no official dates for Insomnia.

posted 1 week ago
#70 NA LAN in Los Angeles February 2022, thoughts? in LAN Discussion

Just bumping this thread to confirm that the event in question will be DreamHack Anaheim. A forum for the event has been posted here on TFTV so you are free to start booking. Any questions about the event should be directed there first.



posted 1 week ago
#2 DreamHack Anaheim 2022 in LAN Discussion

Very Important
If you are interested in attending the event, please could you fill out this form. It is to help us get a better insight into how many people plan on attending our event as well as how many hardware rentals might be required.

Form: https://forms.gle/BDR6t83oAkxnFPWs5

If you would like to join our crew for DreamHack Anaheim, please fill out the form below. We will be processing applications over the next couple of weeks, so get your information down soon!

Form: https://forms.gle/78kVDHjpbtECPuoN7

posted 1 week ago
#1 DreamHack Anaheim 2022 in LAN Discussion

DreamHack Anaheim LAN TF2 Open - $5000 prize pool

Anaheim Convention Center
800 W Katella Avenue
Anaheim, CA

Start: Friday 11th February 2022
End: Sunday 13th February 2022

If you wish to compete in the tournament, you will need to order a BYOC Ticket which will provide access to the BYOC area. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A VALID BYOC TICKET YOU WILL BE UNABLE TO COMPETE. If you are planning to attend as a spectator and/or only wish to attend the expo, there are the festival and day tickets available.

DreamHack are offering discount codes for 10% off tickets for TF2 attendees, for both general admission and BYOC.

General Admission 10% Off - DHANA22TF2GA

What is the closest airport to the venue?
For international travel, the closest airport will be Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) with a 45-120 minute journey via public transport or car to the venue.

For domestic travel, in addition to LAX there are the options of Long Beach Airport (LGB) or John Wayne Airport (SNA), each around a 25 minute car journey to the venue.

What accommodation is available around the area?
There are a range of hotels within minutes of the venue, from which DreamHack is offering a package deal which can save you up to 20% on hotel costs, including trip insurance, concierge services, early ticket pickup and discounts on merchandise and local food & entertainment. In addition, given the location there are a range of private lodgings available if that is preferred.

Hotel Packages: https://usastudenttravel.com/dreamhack-anaheim/

Can I sit with my team?
Yes! Once you have booked your tickets you will be eventually offered the chance to pick your seats in the venue. The seat map will be available from December 8th. However, we have an area in the BYOC that is specifically for TF2 players so we can have everyone sitting near one another. More details on this and how to get access will come soon.

As of right now, rentals are not available. However we are working with DreamHack to secure some PCs for ad-hoc rentals for anyone with a BYOC ticket. Current estimates of costs will be around an additional $200 on top of your ticket, and I must state this is yet to be confirmed. Once we have an idea of the rental situation we will inform you as soon as possible.

Tournament Details
Registration for the tournament will be available soon, with full details for the rules, schedule and maps to follow shortly after. The prize pool is currently confirmed for $5,000 although this can expand based on player interest.

Any updates will be posted here and on our Twitter. We aim to answer any questions as quickly as possible. cu@

Event Page - Link
LAN.TF - Link
EssentialsTF Discord - Link
EssentialsTF Twitter - Link
DreamHack Twitter - Link

posted 1 week ago
#59 NA LAN in Los Angeles February 2022, thoughts? in LAN Discussion
alfaIf possible can you pls provide an update before mid/end of December as I think this is the biggest dependency for top teams attending.

We are in touch with partners and have reached out to them to gain more details. I will aim for an update sooner than your mentioned date as I am aware people would like more information before making a solid decision, however a fixed date at this point cannot be certain. We are working our hardest to get information to you as soon as we can.

posted 2 weeks ago
#43 NA LAN in Los Angeles February 2022, thoughts? in LAN Discussion

I've got confirmation of the event dates, so if you need to book time off it will be the following:

Friday 11th to Sunday 13th February 2022

Estimated start of the event is currently anticipated to be in the late morning on the 11th so if you are travelling from afar you perhaps need to consider accommodation from the 10th.

We are working on determining whether rentals will be available although I cannot say when this will be known.

posted 3 weeks ago
#23 NA LAN in Los Angeles February 2022, thoughts? in LAN Discussion
dot_actually LA or just orange county again

Not an American so not 100% here, but the venue is based in Orange County from what google has told me.

1jayytoo late of a notice for me esp w lack of info to attend but gl w lan

We're aware this is fairly close, which is one of the reasons we're putting out interest before a more formal announcement to give people as much time as possible. Unfortunately I know that this would still be too soon for some. What I will try to get out there are the fixed dates for the event so if people do need to book time off work etc they know which days they are. I will try to get that information ASAP.

posted 3 weeks ago
#5 FACEIT Comp Sixes Pugs survey in TF2 General Discussion

I would seriously encourage people to fill out the form and give honest answers. Comp TF2 really needs a method that isn't pugging or league play to make it more accessible for people newer to comp as well as those like myself who aren't really involved with pug groups. I hope that FACEIT have learned their lessons from previous attempts, so this can be a matchmaking system that works for TF2.

(Also FACEIT be sure to have a role queue, I don't want to have to argue with randoms to get one to play med)

posted 4 weeks ago
#14 Copenhagen Games 2022: LAN is back! in LAN Discussion


posted 1 month ago
#90 Thank You Letter to RGL in TF2 General Discussion
sacsetsul the kind of german who'd execute villagers for being partisans/franc-tireurs after a friendly-fire incident. Have you considered antlers might just be clumsy and dumb about it and rgl could show here that it does care a bit for people that put the work in for the community, fucking up. i totally agree with bob marley here

"Rules for thee, but not for me"

Also good job conflating war crimes with a videogame league.

posted 1 month ago
#20 Valve is getting in contact with Mod Devs in TF2 General Discussion

Seems another one has been taken down:


@LambdaFortressLambda Fortress Extended download links have been taken down temporarily due to an arrangement with Valve, more news on this later.

The longer this goes on the more it seems to be a legal consideration than redistribution, especially due to the language of all of these tweets. Again, we don't have enough information to say for certain either way. It can be the creation of official steam pages as we have seen with Half Life mods, or it can be a cease & desist because of the potential use of leaked source code from a while ago. The only ones who know for certain are the developers and Valve, until then we can only guess.

posted 2 months ago
#1 Valve is getting in contact with Mod Devs in TF2 General Discussion


@OpenFortressDownloads for Open Fortress are currently suspended due to an arrangement with Valve. This suspension is temporary and we will keep you informed on future developments as they come - stay tuned!


@tf2classicHi all. As of this post, downloads for TF2Classic are temporarily disabled due to an arrangement with Valve. This includes direct downloads to the mod through our website, Discord, and launcher. This is only temporary for now. We'll keep you posted for further information.

People seem to be theorising that these will be getting official steam releases, but I am not too sure. I think it's definitely something to do with distribution but maybe something with minor legal issues has to be addressed. Either way it seems that Valve, at least some part of it, has taken interest in these mods.

posted 2 months ago
#52 Is consistency always a good thing? in The Dumpster
AimIsADickflyingbuddy“What credibility do you have on this topic anyway?”

…Maybe you should start asking yourself this question…
While I have no credibility on this topic, since I have not studied english at a high level, I can say the same thing to you and everyone in this thread, because I have not seen any proof that y'all are credible on the topic of english.

Mate this is getting embarrassing. One does not need to be a linguistics professor to tell you that the hill you are dying on is a dumb one. I have never read or heard the term misconflate in any literature. Whilst I am sure there is some fringe example, a prefix isn't something you just throw on the back of any random word to imply an alternative. You've cited Mirriam-Webster as a source for your claims but failed to check if the word 'misconflate' is even in there (Spoilers: It isn't).

I don't think you are a bad guy, but your attitude in these threads comes off as if you think you know more than you actually do. You fail to recognise when you are in the wrong and engage in borderline pseudo-intellectualism on a video game forum. It's not a good look, bro.

posted 2 months ago
#17 Is consistency always a good thing? in The Dumpster

Whether something being consistent is a good or bad thing entirely depends on the context of the subject. In a philosophical sense, I will argue that people prefer consistency over irregularity simply because being consistent is more comfortable and easy. Most if not all people will opt for an easier option than gives less reward than a greater reward that provides some level of risk to them.

In TF2, being able to reliably perform unpredictable movement in games does not mean that it is inconsistent. Not being able to do a rocket jump correctly is inconsistent, a scout being hard to hit throughout a game demonstrates that that player can consistently avoid damage.

So in order to answer your vague question, it requires a vague answer. It depends.

posted 2 months ago
#36 Map Advantage After Upper Bracket in TF2 General Discussion
clckwrkAs far as your second point, completely disagree. It's insulting to assume that players who have dedicated an entire season in the premier league to win the championship would ever choose a playoffs series over their social lives, especially after scrimming the entire week beforehand. And if you suggest this and it doesn't work, the scene crumbles.

Fair, if teams are regularly scrimming you cannot expect them to commit more than what they deem necessary. My argument is that many teams will elect to avoid weekends entirely for league matches, which for me doesn't make a tremendous amount of sense outside of just not wanting to. Which at the level TF2 exists is completely understandable.

EDIT: I do want to quickly add because I forgot, but ETF2L doesn't allow matches to be run on weekends unless absolutely needed in order to have time to verify results. If the league doesn't allow it then obviously you can't play then, but I'm not certain if there is leniency at a playoffs level. This may be a similar situation in RGL so feel free to correct me. I'm just coming at this angle from a player's perspective.

E2: Didn't read earlier posts. I may be dumb.

posted 3 months ago
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