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#30 Insomnia67 cancelled in News

Death rate of corona is literally nearly identical to flu except for age 65+ (2.7% death rate), and massive spike at 85+ for a 10% death rate at the highest. Source CDC. Coronavirus is nearly harmless for a gamer lan.. If you take care of your 85 year old grandparents just don't go.

KevinIsPwnimagine your privilege and ignorance intersecting in a way which makes you think you know more about pandemics than epidemiologists because you read some alt right blogs and watched a youtube video

it must be nice being so fucking stupid holy shit

ok four eyes go play some chess

posted 3 weeks ago
#16 Insomnia67 cancelled in News

It really is just a flu it just spreads quickly, corona isn't scary at all, maybe only if you spent 60 years of your life sedetary and ate toxic food lmao

posted 3 weeks ago
#13 do you shave ur chest hair in Off Topic

you can shave your chest if u bench 3 plates + otherwise you're a twink

posted 3 weeks ago
#5 i67 Officially cancelled in LAN Discussion

Flu kills tf2

posted 3 weeks ago
#6 Random Animations Thread in Music, Movies, TV

posted 1 month ago
#23 should i lie about my height in The Dumpster

above 6'5 is disfigured giraffe tier forever skinny unless roided

posted 1 month ago
#31 etf2l admins in TF2 General Discussion

just say you're a girl

posted 1 month ago
#227 Tucker goes scorched earth, will be epstein'd soon in The Dumpster

In just a single sentence, in one of the fifteen chaotic paragraphs, he linked 100 pages of research, half of which is behind a paywall. Please explain to me how is this presentable in the format of an online discussion.

posted 1 month ago
#224 Tucker goes scorched earth, will be epstein'd soon in The Dumpster
Tino_You cant gish gallop in text you moron. You have infinite time to respond to each point.

The essence of gish gallop is overwhelming the opponent with countless arguments and information you braindead leaf, there is no universal definition for this term.

HaXxorIzedThe problem with your attempt to portray this as a gish gallop is twofold.

  1. There are really two ideas being discussed - the issue of Endogeneity confounding 'basic' statistical analysis that doesn't adjust for it; and then establishing how the idea of Redlining is just an example of an omitted variable (source of bias) that means the analysis being offered in this thread is flawed if it doesn't consider it The topic sentences establish this quite clearly.
  2. If you intend to make sweeping judgments on the behaviour and motivations behind large groups of human beings, you are making an overwhelming claim. The evidence and analysis you use for that claim should reflect the scope, breadth, and depth of it.

Anyway, if I was writing a dissertation I'd use latex. Formatting is more fun there!

He linked like three studies. Say what you mean in three paragraphs if you want to be verbose. You raise two issues, but support each of these issues with a total of 40 links, quoting your friend, put in some personal thoughts, find space to be patronizing every second sentence, the structure is also all over the place. This is completely incoherent. For the record, I do not question the validity of what you said, just the dishonest format and mannerism you chose.

posted 1 month ago
#221 Tucker goes scorched earth, will be epstein'd soon in The Dumpster
HaXxorIzedNerd essay

Do you really expect anyone to read all of this, get acknowledged with the 50 different sources and links you gave here and reply to you? This is not your dissertation thesis, this is an online discussion, so if you want to, present a conherent and concise argument and say why each study he linked is wrong instead of gish galloping all over the place in an effort to overwhelm the reader. Your point could've been presented in a single paragraph.

posted 1 month ago
#216 Tucker goes scorched earth, will be epstein'd soon in The Dumpster
tojoI’ve said it once I’ll say it again, anyone who asks you to provide stats to prove systemic racism is probably just racist

oops there i go being a sheep again

David Dorn, a black retired police officer, was killed in the protests by the people you support, looters, during robbery. They surely just HAd to rob that pawn shop to show how much they disagree with the police brutality, right? Go donate some money to bail such people out moron.

posted 1 month ago
#150 Tucker goes scorched earth, will be epstein'd soon in The Dumpster

get some sun man

posted 1 month ago
#142 Tucker goes scorched earth, will be epstein'd soon in The Dumpster
mustardoverlordthat just because that one specific post from him was race-neutral in defending the cops, doesn't mean the dude doesn't constantly say racist shit lol

"Constantly", what? In my entire tftv posting history this thread is the only thread I ever even mention race, and I'm stating simple facts that black people and antifa (regardless of race, whites included obviously) are rioting and stealing under the fake premise of protesting police violence. How is that racist?

I also don't mean to defend the police really, fuck the police. I believe it would be ill-advised, but if the rioters don't want to be peaceful, why don't they go and fuck up police stations if they want to protest police brutality? In fact, go ahead and attack the police station where that guy worked at. Maybe throw something at politicians. But then be prepared for police brutality, which is why I think it's a bad form of protest. But at least that would have some idea behind it whereas stealing from a random business that has nothing to do with the whole situation for personal gain is just despicable. I don't care about race, there are similar people in Poland (ultras, football fans) that constantly do the same stuff like these rioters. Vandalize and attack people but when the police deals with them they cry brutality.

This is what the rioters do, blind destruction

posted 1 month ago
#120 Tucker goes scorched earth, will be epstein'd soon in The Dumpster


He's clearly resisting arrest, weird how often this is completely ignored and accepted
Also apparently he punched a cop? The video starts recording at a very convienient time

Tino_Here's a fun link if you actually want to talk about bias in media.

Oh wow that's convienient! I can just listen to someone clearly smarter than me tell me what to read based on arbitrary measurements instead of deciding for myself! Thank god for such people.

Also it's insulting how they juxtapose pro-science with conspiracy theory. If one thing was common to both the right and the left it's that epstein didn't kill himself. Conspiracy theories don't go against science and everyone who says otherwise is a bootlicking dog.

posted 1 month ago
#29 Tucker goes scorched earth, will be epstein'd soon in The Dumpster
Collaideout of curiosity, any tf2 linguists out here wanna explain when we started calling americans burgers?

also someone should make a urban dictionary post about it too

Etymology of the word "burger". 1560s, "freeman of a burgh," from Middle Dutch burgher or German Bürger, from Middle High German burger, from Old High German burgari, literally "inhabitant of a fortress," (team fortress 2) from burg "fortress, citadel" (from PIE root *bhergh-) "high," (etf2l) with derivatives referring to hills and hill-forts). Linguists confirm, at the very best, Americans belong in the High division of the ETF2L league, and as such, we call everyone of a skill level below prem a "burger".


posted 2 months ago
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