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#119 TF2 and CS:GO's source code got leaked in TF2 General Discussion

posted 2 months ago
#2 202020 in World Events


posted 4 months ago
#14 NVIDIA and ASUS team up for 360hz monitor in Hardware

That's going to be an expensive monitor on top of the very expensive computer required to run games at 300+ fps.
With the diminishing returns going from 120 to 240 I don't think going 240 to 360 will be a cost-effective difference.
Doubt that panel will be very impressive to look at either, quality and color wise.

Cool tech for the future though, gsync and similar tech definitely benefits from a higher refresh rate cap.

posted 6 months ago
#26 Spotify Wrapped 2019 in Music, Movies, TV

posted 7 months ago
#48 Why crossbow is bad for TF2 in TF2 General Discussion
  • Viewlock: While medigun lets you look around while healing, crossbow forces you to place your crosshair at your teammate and lose situational awareness, wich might stop you from seeing a soldier jumping you or some scout flanking for you.

More aiming in the healing role, or more place your crosshair at your teammate is absolutely 100% better lol

  • Gameflow: This isnt related to medic specifically but to the entire team. Even if they dont stand still for arrows, the midfights and teamfights in general will get drawn out longer than usual due to the crossbow insta +100HP. "Demo is wea- oh nevermind arrows exist" This forces to play using damage bursts, as leaving someone weak doesnt really mean anything anymore. "Bow me doc" and instantly back to full health, woah nice skill you didnt dodge your med's arrow.

This is an issue though
Crossbow is too impactful, the heal amount and the heal range is far too rewarding.

I also believe it has a negative impact on the game's balance but I highly doubt it will ever be rebalanced.
Sadly the variety in gameplay the crossbow offers, to an already stale as hell medic class especially, outweighs the effect it has on the game flow.

It's been discussed to death already tbh

posted 7 months ago
#4 lag spikes over wifi in Q/A Help

Try 5GHz.

Try changing wi-fi channels.
If your router supports channel scan, do that and see which channel is furthest away from busy channels.
I'd recommend either channel 1, 6 or 11 if you're on 2.4GHz. 5GHz channels shouldnt matter too much, just leave that on auto.
Try changing channel width. 40 MHz if there's not a lot of channel traffic, 20 MHz if there is a lot of traffic on the channels. Same applies for 80/40MHz if 5GHz works for you.

Restart the router and fiber optic modem (if you have DSL ask your ISP to restart the port on their end).
Move the router away from all large electric appliances, cordless phones and similar devices. Try to make sure it's high up, not obstructed, and in as open an area as possible(don't put it inside a cabinet or behind counter)
Get a better wifi router and/or better wifi reciever.

or just use an ethernet cable to solve all your problems

posted about a year ago
#113 Game of Thrones S8 in Off Topic

Its impressive how lazy the writing has gotten this season.

"Dany just kind of forgot about the iron fleet"

posted about a year ago

No you're both right, that was also Williams.
Before moving to Force India (now Racing Point), Lance Stroll drove for Williams which then was funded by his father Lawrence Stroll. Lawrence then later took over Force India where Lance is now driving.

posted about a year ago
#1 Help dmoule get to lan in LAN Discussion

Due to unfortunate circumstances, dmoule's plan for financing the trip to CPH Games fell through just 2 weeks shy of the event.

Despite this LEGO will still be attending with a full lineup, as several team members have pitched in to cover all his expenses in order to ensure the teams attendance. Including flight, housing, ticket and pc.

Any donations to help our team recover the unseen costs would be greatly appreciated. All money from donations will be spread evenly between the team members who helped pay.

Excited to see your favorite SMOrc and stream mod at lan? Donate here:
Any help would be appreciated.

Funds raised: € 40/540

P.s. cmd, Dr. Phil, Josh, dmoule, zen, potato

posted about a year ago
#41 Global Whitelist January Update in TF2 General Discussion
AoshiIts been 10 months since any changes to any weapons. The ingame matchmaking has had barely any improvement after release and is disliked by everybody. This kills off any need to try and open up the whitelist to weapons that are annoying/obnoxious. As by doing this we're just ruining the gamemode that we've built up and in my opinion slightly ruined by trying to cater to valve.Although fun/competitive is very objective, it is still something most people have asked for in ever single whitelist discussion ever since the first global whitelist. I personally think this is largely because a lot of the people that play this game do so as a hobby. The scorch shot and detonator dont add anything to the competitive part and negates from the "fun" part. This is relevant as some teams in our lowest tiers run pyro full time. Making everybody happy is impossible, making as much people as possible happy is still a goal that we should strive for.


posted about a year ago
#214 so uhh.. in TF2 General Discussion

Very good writeup of the frustrations of the past 5+ years trying to make this game into something. Should read if you're not 100% in the loop.

So, after all the blood sweat and tears you put in to the game, and after all valve has done to fuck that game up, they have the nerve to come to you and be like “Hey man, you gotta do it our way… also all this bullshit we released, yeah you gotta work around that too, we aren’t sorry.” Are you fucking kidding me lol?

Although I don't think this is the correct conclusion to draw.
People shouldn't be frustrated with Valve for taking this stance. They should be frustrated at this communities delusional leadership for sticking with the decision to try and meet Valve's ridiculous demands for so long. It is most disrespectful of THEM, not Valve, for sticking with this slow descent of undoing the rulesets and heart of the competitive 6v6 gamemode.

6v6 has lost so much of its integrity. And sadly, its only getting worse.

It does not make much sense for Valve to invest in an off-brand gamemode, in a very aging game. As such their staff is simply focused on other projects. Valve Matchmaking is a horrible version of 6v6. Stop working towards it.

posted about a year ago
#57 so uhh.. in TF2 General Discussion

Oh look it's this thread again again again again again again again

Gee I wonder how long it'll take for no improvement to occur, god I'm glad to be rid of this loser ass game and its delusional administration sry that was toxic merry Christmas nerds

posted about a year ago
#29 At what age did you grow out of anime? in Off Topic

grew out of it at 17 and grew back into it at 23

posted about a year ago
#24 spotify 2018 in review in Music, Movies, TV

come at me suckers

posted about a year ago
#2 Network optimization options for mah room in Hardware

Internet speed does not decay in a 10 - 15m cable.

Ethernet cable is always best for everything.
Only downside in your case is laying it along walls and across doors will be a nuisance. I'd recommend hiring someone to install a path for the cable through the rooms.
Using two routers will be playable but unstable at times. Wifi doesn't penetrate through walls very well and suffers interference from other devices.
If you go for the wifi receiver make sure they connect on the 5GHz band, it will let you get high speeds and is mostly free of interference. 5GHz normally doesn't reach very far through walls though but the receiver solves that problem most often.

posted about a year ago
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