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#105 Thoughts on Overwatch? in Other Games

I only played the beta a few times a while ago but it seemed like an okay game to me. Engine felt weird and therefor so did movement and aiming, im sure that as players get better and more experienced there will be more depth to the mechanical skill of the game. I'm pretty sure that for the most part all the other aspects of gameplay in an fps are going to be more important to how good you are at OW, but I think that everyone who says "its a braindead game dm wise" is kinda calling that a little early. I'm sure if you looked at melee in 2001 as a long term street fighter player it'd be easy to think that it was a braindead fighting game with simple mechanics i mean you just press b for specials you don't even need to memorize inputs! Give the players some time to get used to the mechanics and find the impressive hard to do things before you say it doesn't have them.

posted about 4 years ago
#30 lansky ruined an esea video in Off Topic


posted about 5 years ago
#27 lansky ruined an esea video in Off Topic

I mean like would u be gay if u woke up in a jigsaws puzzle and the puppet was all "only way to get out u got to jerk off the dude to ur right while the dude to the left jerks u off" and then u do it?

Or what if like u dont jerk anyone off and one dude jerks u and another dude off are u still gay?

What if u try a circle jerk once and don't like it cause its all dudes but didnt really mind that you got jerked off? Are you still gay?

posted about 5 years ago
#59 Most Dangerous Situation You've Ever Been In? in Off Topic

When I was 4 or 5 I fell into a lake from a back yard that was a solid 20 feet above it trying to extend my body over the ledge so I could throw the bread I had to the ducks in the lake without it getting caught in this p big spiderweb right below me. As I fell I grabbed a root sticking out from the cliff and pendulum'd myself into the wall, hitting my head pretty hard. Hung on to that root for a while till I started to feel really dizzy and fell the rest of the way into the lake. My pops found me after what seemed like a million years of me screaming for help and booked it to me crazy fast, I passed out like 2 minutes after he got me out of the lake. Luckily no brain damage, just a 5 year old freaking out. I destroyed the fuck out of that spiderweb on the way down though, so feeding the ducks was ez after that.

posted about 5 years ago
#32 new kendrick lamar album in Off Topic

Liked it, don't know how much yet. Some tracks didn't really stand out on my first listen, but I really liked blacker the berry, king kunta, mortal man, wesley's theory, how much a dollar cost, and complexion.

Apparently flylo gave him a folder of beats that were being kept on the dl for the next cap murphy album and he recorded to ALL of them but its likely the only one that's gonna see daylight is wesley's theory (although idk if he just recorded the same vocals over every beat or if there's just a bunch of original songs sitting on some hard drive somewhere).

posted about 5 years ago
#249 Concerns about Flares that Care in TF2 General Discussion

Its pretty shitty that this all happened, but its even shittier that literally nothing stops him from just coming back into the community anonymously and scamming more people. I don't support e-stalking a kid, but in a perfect world if anyone knew that fuckers dad's phone number I don't think anything would feel more delicious than hearing that phone call (assuming his dad isn't the source for how fucked up this dude is)

This makes me really rethink what parents roles are when it comes to watching what their kids are doing on the internet though.

posted about 5 years ago
#7 BLOODBORNE in Other Games

It wont come to PC, sony paid them to make it for ps4 same deal they made with Demons souls on ps3. If it does people should probably invest in a controller, the pc controls for dark souls are a joke the only part of the controller that is inconvenient or even slightly bad is that you have to claw to run and turn the camera at the same time for speedruns but honestly that shouldn't affect 99% of playthroughs (also jumping in dark souls 1 was kinda weird but its great in ds2 so i dont know what the devs will keep from ds2)

I'm stoked for it, really happy that they seem to be bringing back the maze like map from ds1 instead of a hub style world. If you have a ps4 and you like rewarding challenges in games pick this game up it'll be really good i'm pretty sure, dark souls 1 is some of the most fun i've ever with video games

posted about 5 years ago
#191 Lange's thoughts on the state of competitive TF2 in TF2 General Discussion
CorsaChompsI've never really agreed with this viewpoint, people who are interested in competing at tf2 will usually naturally find their way into 6s or highlander at some point.


Fact of the matter is if a person isn't interested enough to spend 5 seconds googling "tf2 competitive" then they probably either aren't very interested in competitive gaming in general or aren't specifically interested in tf2 comp. I get that 6s is different from pubs but everyone who plays tf2 competitively fell in love with the game in pubs and then found comp whether it be from a friend or whatever.

I don't agree with this at all. I didn't know competive tf2 was a thing until some random dude in a trade server added me. He later realized I played sniper so he asked if I could play a UGC Steel match for him. I still play and love competitive tf2 to this day even though I had no idea it was a thing.

All I can say is from the perspective of a pubber/somebody who doesn't know about comp, it's not like you just know about competitive or wonder if it's a thing. At least a lot of my friends and I at the time didn't. In csgo, however, I'm pretty sure every single player that plays it knows comp csgo of some sense is a thing, given the implemented match making system and updates on the home page about competitive events.

My point was that if you like the game and play decently often you will eventually find out about competitive and probably wanna play it. I hop in pubs and see people talk about esea/ugc/cevo highlander 6s all the time, and you and I are both clearly examples of how you will find out about competitive play if you are interested in the game. It wasn't that somehow people are imbued with the knowledge of 6's, although I guess I worded that a little oddly so yeah. I also wasn't saying don't tell people about competitive, I was just saying that I think going into random pubs and literally advertising competitive isn't going to make people any less or more likely to join since eventually if you play the game long enough and you dont have chat disabled and steam friends turned off you almost definitely will find out about competitive play. We may be a small community but we're a pretty loud one and we're not so small that its uncommon to find competitive players in servers lol.

EDIT: I was introduced to competitive through a pub community, and i'd wager that pub communities are only more knowledgable about that sorta thing with the prevalence of highlander. I guess my point is that I dont think that its a very substantial percentage of the community that would love to play competitive 6s but just doesn't know about it, its much more likely that people know about it even if they only know that it exists but aren't interested for whatever reason. I'm also not saying that there dont exist people who would like 6s or hl but don't know about it, juts that the percentage of those people is pretty low. Unless you play for like a week and then decide you dont like the game or whatever and never really get interested in the game for the SPECIFIC REASONS that would make competitive play ideal to you, chances are you will find out about competitive through friends or communities or shit even a valve post about highlander or whatever. I just think that people overestimate the number of people who want comp and dont know about it and underestimate the number of people that could give less of a shit about competitive and just want to trade sparkly hats.

posted about 5 years ago
#183 Lange's thoughts on the state of competitive TF2 in TF2 General Discussion
Saltysally1also, no. First of all that's not our jobs to campaign competitive TF2. It's ridiculous. Secondly the 6s version of the game is very different from a pubbing perspective. I mean, maybe if we got the best marketers in the entire game to slave away at trying to sell this game, maybe it would grow a lot. But that's no one's responsibility and it's asking a lot. It certainly doesn't take 10 minutes to get people interested. And only 1 of those 3 would be sticking with it, anyway.
I honestly hate communicating via text of any kind because tone is lost, I wasn't implying that that there was absolutely zero people trying to spread the word i was saying that if people like you who sit here and take time to read this utter bullshit and instead spent that time introducing friends we would see a lot more growth than we have. When tf2 celebrities join pubs hundreds of people add them, what if you linked them to this forum or that guide made by sigma instead of ignoring the request? Obviously it's ridicoulous to ask any 1 person to advertise but we have like idk just a ball park estimate of 300 people that regularly participate in streams or on this forum? what if they took 5 minutes a day and used it to advertise?

TL:DR mad props to people like lange who try, but what if everybody who watched that video took the 5 min it took them to read this thread went and wrote a post on reddit or something?

I've never really agreed with this viewpoint, people who are interested in competing at tf2 will usually naturally find their way into 6s or highlander at some point. People act like all the pubbers in tf2 are just sitting in their nearest mario kart server saying "Man I wish this game wasn't so random, that it had some structure and that I could play it in a format that was fair and balanced!" when actually most of them are probably thinking "That dude has a flaming gibbous fucking rad!".

Yeah maybe some people who would appreciate it don't find comp tf2 but I highly doubt its even like .1% of the pubber base. The rest either don't care about playing in leagues, aren't passionate enough about the actual game, aren't competitive, whatever. Also just advertising wouldn't be enough you'd also have to create an easy to access non-cancer place for newbs to have fun playing without better players stomping them and calling them shit all game (newb mixes are cool but not nearly as accessible as any of the alternatives).

Fact of the matter is if a person isn't interested enough to spend 5 seconds googling "tf2 competitive" then they probably either aren't very interested in competitive gaming in general or aren't specifically interested in tf2 comp. I get that 6s is different from pubs but everyone who plays tf2 competitively fell in love with the game in pubs and then found comp whether it be from a friend or whatever.

posted about 5 years ago
#117 MAJOR TF2 update for 12/8/14 (12/9/14 UTC, End of in TF2 General Discussion

Im kinda happy they didn't use voices, the story was very obvious and both the plot and characters were represented very well through their actions so i think itd be hard to really add much with dialogue without making it redundant, irrelevant, or adding some unneeded plot exposition or something. Imo showing > telling when it comes to movies but this is coming from a guy whose favorite animated movie is Triplets of Belleville so yeah

posted about 5 years ago
#121 Live from the streets in Off Topic
obe_iFY_Race isn't even the issue here
unfortunately, most people seem to think that it is.

Its just easier to make it about race where there's a pretty clear answer (don't be racist) than to ask questions like "do cops have too much power" or "in which situations is deadly force acceptable" where the answer is unclear and highly based on opinion.

posted about 5 years ago
#119 Live from the streets in Off Topic

EDIT: The first part of this was a negative response to spacecadets post responding to my first post. I perceived him as being disrespectful and that brought out some heat in me, i responded with an insult that should not have been thrown, this is a discussion not a kindergarten playground. Sorry spacecadet, I shouldn't have let my emotions control how I responded to your (probably justified) criticisms of the wording of my first post. My only response should have been : My point wasn't that "white riots" are a thing but rather as boppet says below just that this isn't something singular to african american communities or the "ghetto stereotype". Again, apologies.

boppetThe picture wasn't necessary, but chill, I think the point he's trying to make is that rioting is not an exclusively African American thing, which common sense can tell anyone.

Yeah that was pretty much it, just saying that people riot for really stupid shit all the time and that people freaking out about Ferguson riots seem to be ignoring that. I mean at least the reason behind the riots is like somewhat reasonable, by which I mean the emotions and politics driving the people to riot is at least controversial and important rather than a bunch of fucktards setting shit on fire because A COACH GOT FIRED LOL?

"mostly white" was a bad phrasing that I repeated from that article, sorry if I offended anyone.

I'd just like to reiterate I don't really have an opinion on the mike brown case specifically but I do believe that racial bias among cops and civilians alike is definitely a thing in america and if you're looking for places where racism is a huge problem a place like Ferguson is probably a good place to start.

posted about 5 years ago
#105 Live from the streets in Off Topic

Even if Micheal Brown was at fault here, I'm pretty sure the big problem is police corruption/racism. The protests and riots aren't there because one kid got shot and died doing something he shouldn't have been doing, they're there because this happens /all/ the time and the communities its happening in are sick of it (very reasonably so). And sorry but people don't just decide to hate cops and create an us vs them mentality for no reason, if thousands of people in a community all distrust the police in said community there's gonna be a basis for it. Like in my (mostly white and latino) home town Santa Cruz if I heard of a police shooting a black man I'd probably assume that it was not based on race until I saw proof otherwise because cops killing people there is very rare and when it DOES happen it's usually with very good reason (a few years ago someone I met at a party later killed 2 police officers with an assault rifle and then was killed by another cop during a pursuit, and even though I knew him a little my reaction wasn't outrage but rather relief that there wasn't a disturbed person walking around with a hatred of cops and an assault rifle), but if you live in a community where when an 18 year old gets shot and killed by a cop and everyone jumps to the idea that the cop is at fault that points to a serious issue in the community.

Also as far as the rioting goes, I don't condone it but I've heard some people outside of say that it only reinforces the ghetto stereotype and I'd just like to say that's some pretty big bullshit while rioting isn't the answer you can't pretend like this is something that only happens when the killer of a black kid is acquitted or that rioting is even a "ghetto" or black thing

those where all mostly white crowds and the riots were instigated by something much less deserving than the killing of an unarmed kid or a perceived racism in the system.

posted about 5 years ago
#89 Demoman Discussion Video in Videos

A shitload of games that are considered balanced have symmetrical sides with dynamic imbalances; chess, quake, tf2, street fighter. The chess community for example doesn't go around saying "queens broken, pawns need a buff", because having different pieces that server different purposes or have different (including weaker/stronger) properties can deepen the strategy of the game i.e. trading knights for bishops and playing open positions or killing the enemy medic and then getting buffs and blobbing around your medic. Demo plays into this system of dynamic imbalances, but this game isn't like quake where dynamic imbalances come from position on the map and weapon/armor pickups so if you remove class imbalances completely it becomes a lot more about execution and tactics and there's less of a strategy to the game imo. Not that that's entirely bad clan arena is highly tactical but strategically its pretty much just "focus fire and don't get killed" or "do damage and don't get killed" tf2 has more options like you can try to get specific picks or whatever to create dynamic imbalances that favor you. I feel like if demo was really overpowered he would be the only important player on the team and I don't think that's really true from my experience since i've seen teams get carried by scouts soldiers and demos and the best teams are usually the ones with the best on all classes.

posted about 5 years ago
#452 HUD editing: short questions, quick answers in Customization

would it be possible to edit the hud so that it always displayed your team's target id's even if you weren't mousing over them? it'd be pretty cool to be able to glance around and gather info on where your teammates were (kinda like QL's teammate arrow things)

posted about 5 years ago
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