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#9 Announcing DemoMan, the TF2 demo manager in Projects

Cool project, a few things:

* When I have the demo list sorted (for example, by events), then click on a demo, then go back, it ends up being unsorted. Having consistency here would be nice.
* Ability to sort by date would be cool (for example, if I want demos from a specific season)
* Ability to sort by class would be nice, but I'm not really sure how possible this is

Other than that, it's pretty useful for quickly sifting through a bunch of demos to find which ones have events

posted 2 days ago
#27 Mr Slin and squid tf2 retrospect ep1 in TF2 General Discussion
Wild_Rumpuswould love to hear about what people thought of and adapted to major changes like sticky nerf, medic scout speed, crossbow changes, gunboats etc

And sort of adding on to this, just generally how players adapted to changing metas. Nowadays things are stagnant for the most part and “figured out”, but we definitely play different tf2 than what happened back in the day. I’m curious about the ideas that brought us to this point

posted 3 weeks ago
#25 Uber tracking with dyscalculia? in TF2 General Discussion
RendoasI can add 20s to 30s because I know that 5 + 3 = 8, but if I have to add 20s to 55s and have to think about the sum rolling over into the next minute--but wait I'm supposed to subtract a minute--but I'm in the next minute now--I can't get my brain to work fast enough. I know this is objectively simple, I just cannot do it quickly. I probably could if I had a pencil and paper to write it down and look at it for a bit.

I'm not 100% sure about how dyscalculia works, but what if you think of it not as addition/subtraction, but rather memorization? Using hooli's method, you would be adding the same 20 to every situation. So instead of thinking on the fly what is 30 + 20, you could make flashcards to memorize 00 + 20, 10 + 20, etc. That way, when you see 25 seconds on the clock, you have the 2 already associated -> 4, and then the ones place stays the same, so 45.

Beyond that, a lot of tracking ubers is a vibes thing. You know at the beginning of a push that you have a certain amount of ad (because you were at 70% when their medic spawned, for example). Then, since it's big ad, you decide to milk the uber. Then after you get that point, you ask yourself "was that a slow push, or did we go fast?", and from there, you can make an educated guess on if it's still ad or not. As you get better, your mental clock on knowing how fast you're going will get better and more specific. Then you can incorporate other factors, such as where the enemy team is positioned, if you've been building well, spotting the enemy medic's uber with the solemn vow, etc). Make it a habit to ask yourself the question "What are ubers?" and then you don't miss any details. And at the end of the day, everyone on your team should be able to track uber at least to some extent, so talk with your teammates (i.e. "Do we still think it's ad?") and decide from there.

posted 2 months ago
#2 NA Invite Top 100: #5-#1 in News

Thank you to everyone involved for making these. It was really fun to be able to look at these every week and see the discussion, especially when old players would come back and talk about them too. Didn't agree with all the rankings, but it was way better than any list I could have come up with. Thank you

posted 7 months ago
#31 - TF2 stats collected from in Projects

Hey just wanted to comment and say thanks for putting in the effort to create and maintain this site. It's really cool

posted 9 months ago
#4 reply all tf2 episode in Off Topic

Man that interview with the 16 year old cathook maintainer was frustrating. If you really love the game, why would you contribute to something actively worsening the state of the game? He seemed to think he was free of guilt because he wasn't directly hosting the bots, but I mean, you're still helping them by giving them the tools they need. Valve has shown that they won't do anything, so thinking that you're doing something to get valve to notice is so dumb. There are ways to create things for the game in a positive way that actually helps it grow and get better.

Aside from that, it was a good episode. TF2 as we know it is still inherently the same. Once you get away from the bots, be it in 6s, or a pub like Uncletopia, the game we love is still there.

posted 10 months ago
#53 RGL S7 Main Happenings/Discussion in TF2 General Discussion

posted 10 months ago
#9 Steam has been down for almost 2 hours in TF2 General Discussion
BloodisMenachemWhy does Valve think it's a good idea to perform maintenance at the exact time people are getting home from work to play games, instead of early in the day?
Because it's daily the timing of the day when least amount of people are online in Steam?

does this take into account the servers being y'know, down, so people can't play on them?

posted 10 months ago
#36 RGL S7 Main Happenings/Discussion in TF2 General Discussion
AltitudeCowI enjoy coding so I've been working on a team ELO system for a while that might compliment your power rankings.

FYI when Altitude says he's been working on it for a while, it's been like half a year now. He had it last season and it was mostly accurate. It's a sick project that he's put a ton of work into.

posted 10 months ago
#259 2nd Place B4nny in TF2 General Discussion

Aside from Witness Gaming winning, this was also a hella entertaining match to watch. Koth is always a fun viewer experience, and there was just so much to cheer for the whole game.

posted 11 months ago
#3 LFP main S7 (bungalow alert!) in Recruitment (looking for players)

cons: macron will call you a bungalow when you feed
pros: you get to call macron a bungalow when he feeds

posted about a year ago
#3 LFP main S6 in Recruitment (looking for players)

Cons: Macron will call you a bungalow when you feed
Pros: You get to call Macron a bungalow when he feeds

Looking forward to playing with everyone!

posted about a year ago
#9 xbox 360 pug in TF2 General Discussion
messiahis this guy watching a demo why the hell is his HUD triggering on and off

also where is freestate17 @?

You can toggle your hud on xbox and ps3. It's a bug

posted about a year ago
#4 LFT Main Pocket Soldier in Recruitment (looking for team)

Bb0p is awesome. Played 2 seasons with him and would have done a third if the team hadn't died. He's very dedicated to improving, constantly doing demo reviews, and he gives good tips to other teammates while also being open to tips himself.

posted about a year ago
#24 Main Medic/Soldier- GrumpyGrampaKoala in Recruitment (looking for team)

Great player and person! He mentored my team, and definitely knows the ins and out of the game. Pick him up!

posted about a year ago
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