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#76 TF2 update for 10/29/14 (10/30/14 UTC) in TF2 General Discussion

i'm crashing quite a lot, anyone else having that problem?
verifying game cache didn't seem to help

posted about 5 years ago
#21 Valve fucks up, Pyro's flamethrower is broken in TF2 General Discussion

edit: awks my bad, i was very wrong

posted about 5 years ago
#61 Anyone here bilingual/multilingual? in Off Topic

English and hindi
Used to be pretty good (not quite fluent but close) in french during school but i haven't kept up with it at all since
The basicest basics of odiya - i understand it far better than i speak it (my mum's mother tongue, idk how to spell it)

posted about 5 years ago
#48 How long have you been around? in Off Topic

got it the day it went f2p in the middle of exams (didn't have a way to pay for stuff online at the time and my parents were never very supportive of video gaming) with some school mates, played it way too much throughout and, some cs:s/xbox360-driven breaks notwithstanding, it has consumed my life ever since

posted about 5 years ago
#51 Interests? in Off Topic

Academically: Studying medicine which has been pretty amazing so far.

Non-academically: TF2 and CSGO are the only video games I play (but I play a lot lol) and I play soccer, futsal, cricket, tennis, badminton, table tennis and go running when I remember to. With uni and part-time work (tutoring) and friends being busy though, I only get time to regularly play very few of those anymore :( I also listen to music like always (easy to do while doing other shit)

posted about 5 years ago
#56 theGXL Invitational presented by Corsair Gaming in Events

damn, is there/will there be a link to the outtro vid? gotta see this

posted about 5 years ago
#12 anyone with medical experience in Off Topic

i'm a medical student and at least personally (dunno about other people, but i think they'd feel similar) i wouldn't feel comfortable giving you actual medical advice that you might choose to act on, cos i'm simply not qualified to do it (plus i'd be shit scared i told you something incorrect, especially without a really comprehensive history or something)

if you're worried about your parents knowing you went to the doctor and asking you why (because legally the doc can't tell your parents what is said/done so that shouldn't be a concern) then idk, you might be able to say you had a really bad headache or something (not sure honestly)

additionally drugs that affect the brain are really iffy things so someone who's actually familiar with your health history is your best choice for helping you make better decisions in the future and solve any problems that come up with this incident

tl;dr you should go to the doc for your own sake because if something someone online says is wrong you might make your health a lot worse

posted about 5 years ago
#83 CEVO LAN Finals @ theGXL in Events

In some ways I agree with that dingo said, thought he could probs have phrased it all (a lot) better.

More experienced casters is always perferable, though it seems like it was just an unfortunate circumstance that put gecks and Getawhale on the spot - they did pretty damn well considering they're not top-tier players imo, keeping up a relatively enthusiastic cast despite 'not having any idea about the game' or whatever. Having fragile casting helped a lot cos he brought a lot of top-level analysis in, but he was also the main organiser behind the event (and also played in it) so he was probably busy.

The weird icky green colour was also not the greatest thing to happen but apparently you guys didn't even know for ages so whatever, not really a massive deal to me.

I also didn't particularly like the HUD - not a huge fan of the font because it doesn't look particularly clean and it's too in-the-way, nor the colours used - though I think I'm just really used to the TFTV/VTV huds.

Overall it was still pretty good (especially cos amazing tf2 everywhere; clockwork pls) but as with everything it can always be that little bit better the next time. Props to everyone who worked towards the event.

posted about 5 years ago
#18 looking for a beep hitsound in Customization
phraxmaybe the one in this video is what you're looking for? :)))

you would link that wouldn't you

posted about 5 years ago
#10 chrome layout changing by itself? in Off Topic

i'm having this problem as well, started last night
did anything you try help, vetos/others?

edit: tried the thing forty-two suggested - didn't work the first time but when i tried it again it did
didn't give me an option to change the target in the actual .exe, just in a shortcut?

posted about 5 years ago
#3 looking for a beep hitsound in Customization

i've been informed it was the quake 3 hitsound (http://tf2dingalings.com/sound/details/6)

somehow i went full stupid and it escaped my notice for like 3 months
soz 4 thread

posted about 5 years ago
#1 looking for a beep hitsound in Customization

i've seen a soft-ish beep hitsound on various streams/in some frag videos and i haven't been able to find it yet so i thought i'd ask here

cheers for any help/links yo guys can give <3

posted about 5 years ago
#191 TF2GAMES in The Dumpster

steam for 1 year and like 7200 hours?
that's some damn dedicated idling

posted about 5 years ago
#84 Video Gamer height? in Off Topic

a teeny bit under 180cm (pretty much 5'11")

posted about 5 years ago
#4 Demo Does Not Play in Q/A Help

Try renaming the demo to something without spaces (just call it demo.dem or something) and try again
I think that that's what might be causing your issue

posted about 5 years ago
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