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#20 Phoenix Red announces GGtoor Locked (down) & Loaded in News
KevinIsPwnAgroKevinIsPwn Passwords seem to be stored as plain textHave been talking to the site rep. They are keen to point out that passwords are not stored in plain text.
idk how/why they're serving me my password if it isn't stored in plain text or functionally stored as plain text

Thanks again. Passwords are currently encrypted but as you say, it isn't best practise to display them in plain text here. They've been pretty grateful for the feedback so far and they're pushing their dev for resolution within 24 hours. If I get word it's been completed before then I'll let you know.

Incidentally I'd be weary about posting your any part of your IP address. IP Geolocation is a thing you should be mindful of.

posted 8 months ago
#18 Phoenix Red announces GGtoor Locked (down) & Loaded in News
KevinIsPwn Passwords seem to be stored as plain text

Have been talking to the site rep. They are keen to point out that passwords are not stored in plain text.

KevinIsPwn have your browser generate a random one & change your other PWs if you already signed up with a re-used one (also don't do that lol)

Sage advice. I use LastPass.

TurboTabs I can't see anything you can buy for just 1100 points.

The points are somewhat irrelevant. This is a site that's willing to sponsor a free-to-enter tournament for a 13 year old game. Not only that but they're giving actual money and the prizepool is higher than most of the other tournaments they've sponsored in 2020.

posted 8 months ago
#88 Drama Thread - Kritzkast in TF2 General Discussion
_Kermitlast night I realised that the Kritzkast channel, which to be fair is agro's channel that he owns, was literally being used as his own channel and being used to chat in random streams,

Yeah I often go around the low number streamers, saying "hi" and helping out if I can with audio settings and what not. Just being a human. To be honest I don't know why she was struggling with the concept, I think she was on tier 4 pub, would have thought she'd heard of surfing by now. But some some people only ever play one map or one class for the entirety of their TF2 lives.

_Kermit You don't see enigma popping into channels as tftv or arch as essentials

No, you're right. I've never seen that either. Maybe the grand community would seem a friendlier place if we all made the effort to help out streamers without being afraid of being seen.

I didn't see you talking in her chat. She a friend of yours?

FYI I also use the account to go to larger streamers and to watch streams of people who've previously been associated with TF2 but aren't anymore. Same with the KritzKast twitter. It's one of the huge advantages KritzKast has over pretty much all of the other streaming groups, we came from community so going back out there and interacting with the wider world gets our name seen by more than just hardcore players. Hopefully, we occassionaly bring someone back to the game and in doing so their fans get to see that TF2 is still alive.

edit; and not as toxic as it's sometimes portrayed to be

posted about a year ago
#75 Drama Thread - Kritzkast in TF2 General Discussion
plunkI take issue with YOU

If this is the crux of it then we're at an impasse. I can't muster enough effort to have any opinion of you and there's nothing more to be gained from this conversation for either of us. Good day to you sir.

posted about a year ago
#65 Drama Thread - Kritzkast in TF2 General Discussion
plunki've still recieved no rhyme or reason to the way agro acted.

I'm sorry, I'm not completely familiar with these forums. Are you not able to see my previous responses or are choosing to deliberately not understand them? If you can't see how your continued efforts towards undermining KritzKast may have resulted in a ban on KritzKast's servers that's on you. I don't and at this point won't entertain you further. Good day sir.

posted about a year ago
#57 Drama Thread - Kritzkast in TF2 General Discussion
JWBunless i am somehow missing something, i believe plunk handled the situation admirably well, considering he had been banned and had no idea why, and the people behind it were refusing to talk to him.

We (I'm) usually much better when it comes to banning people. It's a last resort since there's almost always a better way. So, yeah I'm willing to admit that I certainly could have handled this better, both in terms of communicating the reason for the ban and the subsequent way in which plunk_ was refused access to a means to apologise outside of doing so either on the original thread or in a new one.

JWBhe even apologised for some old dumb, but not hugely offensive comments which had absolutely nothing to do with kritzkast whatsoever. plunk has done all the "manning up" required. your turn now, kritzkast.

I'm not certain he's actually acknowledged/apologised for the thing that got him banned in the first place.

I've been trying to think of an analogy to explain my reasoning the whole drive up. The best I could come up with while stuck in traffic on the M5 was this:

  • I invited a bunch of friends round.
  • plunk_ showed up and took a shit on my doorstep
  • he's then gone home and phoned me to ask why I won't let him in
  • I could have told him "because you took a shit on my door step", but I'm still pissed off and I really want him to come back to the doorstep and either clean it up or at the absolute minimum acknowledge this it was a fucked up thing to do
  • instead he's come back to piss on my cat and now he's inviting other people to spit on my windows.

^That's kinda where I'm at right now.

posted about a year ago
#55 Drama Thread - Kritzkast in TF2 General Discussion
BumFreezewonder why its called the KritzKast Krew not the CritsCast Crew.... weird

Hey, thanks for taking an interest in our history. We chose the name "KritzKast" back when we were podcasting. We named the show either just before or just after the KritzKreig came out so it's likely that it was in some way related and just recently we changed the logo to be a kritzkreig to finally reflect this.

It's unfortunate that we're only the one "k" away from a bad association. We're conscious of it and steer clear at every opportunity. We've have "KritzKast Cons" in the past and as you rightly point out there's a desire by some to refer to our audience as KritzKast Crew. In all instances it's been something we're quick to point out that we absolutely do not want to be seen as a Kon or a Krew. Of course, I'm not dumb, I know you're joking or trolling or whatever but I wanted to make it clear the name we chose has worked well for us, with strong SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), but the story ends there. There is no more to read into it.

posted about a year ago
#24 Drama Thread - Kritzkast in TF2 General Discussion
YeeHawThey unbañed me, based mods

Fyi, you were polite during interview, hence unban.

posted about a year ago
#20 Drama Thread - Kritzkast in TF2 General Discussion

Driving between my mum's place and mine right now so can't really say much. Don't worry in parked in a service station.
I'll get the rest of that copy pasta quote for you because it stopped before the end.

egenerally he's a troll and disrupter. However what pushed him off the edge was the announce thread on Rather than focusing on teh event itself he chose to bring up the point of subs-only getting access to the vods. This is a thing that has already been brought up in the forums and has been reasoned out. He "lost" that argument previously (in as much as anyone ever wins an argument on the internet) so instead seems hell bent to bring it up every other blog post that mentions KritzKast instead. Do so in this instance derailed the hype train a little and lost us some momentum. Anticipating more trollish behaviour during the stream I elected to pre-emptively ban him from chat. Not wanting to allow for the "Free wiz" "Free plunk" kinda shit that could also fill chat I added his name to the black list. Same as we've done for hackers in the past.

On the whole I was just waiting for you to make this thread, here in these forums. Well not this thread. I was hoping you would man up, make a thread where you said you fucked up and you were sorry and then I could unban you and we could go get a beer after this (covid) was all over. Yes, I understand that you are opposed to our "paywall" on VODs. The announcement thread want the place to push that issue. I'm happy to necropost that thread if you want and we can talk it out again but please don't bomb/tank all posts whenever you see our name in them.

posted about a year ago
#56 Lockdown Throwdown Round 2 announced in News
Opti_idk if this is the right thread but several (not all) stvs from officials servers can't be read and throw
GetDynamicBaseline: FindStringIndex

I'm being told it's a known issue. The solution is listed on this thread - Pazer has a tool that can be manually run to "fix" broken demos.

posted about a year ago
#55 Lockdown Throwdown Round 2 announced in News
Opti_idk if this is the right thread but several (not all) stvs from officials servers can't be read and throw
GetDynamicBaseline: FindStringIndex

Better to leave a message in the #support channel on the discord. I've poked them too in case it's something time sensitive.

posted about a year ago
#53 Lockdown Throwdown Round 2 announced in News

Hey Plunk, I've looked into your case personally. I see here that you were found to be in violation of Rule 1. I'm sorry this is our only bannable offence.

posted about a year ago
#1 Interviewing Dreamboat in TF2 General Discussion

I've got GrahamCasts, a.k.a. Dreamboat on the KritzKast YT livestream today. What should I make sure to bring up? - for the live stream

posted about a year ago
#12 Lockdown Throwdown online event announced in News

2.7 Players are not allowed to livestream or in any other way broadcast their matches from the tournament!

jnkiwhat the fuck man

I believe the TOS would have been carried over from the Copenhagen LAN where this rule was valid for security reasons (prevent DDoS attacks) and to ensure that singular focus is given to the competition, making it easier to quote things like "this TF2 event pulled in X number of eyeballs". Those metrics are important for us to be able to present as it helps secure better (or in some cases, any) future sponsorship. @ LAN this rule is enforceable on a network level, so no-one can stream from their desktops even if they wanted to. For an on-line only competition there's actually nothing we can do to physically stop you. And during the prelim matches with so many battles going on it may be the only chance for your followers to see you play, assuming we're not covering that match on our stream.

I can only humbly ask that you show some respect here for everyone's enjoyment of the event.

  1. add a 90 sec delay to your pov stream (to prevent your team running at a disadvantage and your viewers being able to spoil results)
  2. to host the main channel, KritzKast, when your match is being streamed; especially important for the Semi & Grand Finals.
posted about a year ago
#26 KritzKast make their VOD's subscriber only in TF2 General Discussion
NikIf it's just your intention (as an owner/organizer/the person who brought them together) to support them this way, then they are still volunteers.

No-one was asking for it.
Just seemed like the right/only thing to do.
Glad we can agree.

posted about a year ago
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