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#15 .NET is open source in Off Topic


posted about 5 years ago
#20 Linkuser lft in Recruitment (looking for team)

He has been a kind and dear friend to me, and if there is any hope that it might help him out I shall endeavor to tell you the truth. His dedication, personality and DM will be an immense asset to your team. He might be the most agreeable person I have ever played with, as he may be to you and yours.

He has a natural tendency to see things for how they are, and is not clouded by ego. For this reason, he is quick to improve his mistakes, and any time he spends practicing is more valuable than that same amount of time, spent by another player.

He is also a very genuine friend, and his sense of loyalty goes farther than that of any other I have played with as well.

I have yet to meet someone who could speak an ill word of him, and if I did, I yet doubt they would.

I know I may not be the best player in this game, and I might not know everything about the scouts you want on your team, in fact you might not even consider me very good at all. But I do know this man, and I know that will will always do his best, and try his hardest, and you will be able to appreciate his efforts.

For every scrim, he brought the perfect attitude. When I say the perfect attitude, I mean that he was serious in every way you would want someone to take the game seriously. He tried his best, he stayed focused, and he helped and supported his team when and wherever he could.

But let me also tell you, that in any way you want someone not to be serious, he wasn't. That in every way in which you want to enjoy this game for it's own sake, he will help you there too.

He is always fun to play with. He has never raged, never complained in game, never made anyone feel bad in mumble. If he had any complaints about people, he would always first try to consider their viewpoint. He would never attack or insult anyone in game and he has never let his ego cloud his thinking. I have never even known he was displeased until after the game was over, then and only then, would he engage in a rational discussion about any problems.

He has without doubt, been my most pleasant memory of TF2 in the few years I have been playing it. I hope you will consider him for your team, and I wish your team, should you pick him up, the best of luck.

posted about 5 years ago
#70 mustardoverlord lftski in Recruitment (looking for team)

Mustard is a pretty knowledgeable and very dedicated guy.

posted about 5 years ago
#32 mustardoverlord lftski in Recruitment (looking for team)

posted about 5 years ago
#11 TF2Kart released! in Off Topic

I didn't like it at first, because there were so many bad mods already, but after a while I realized it's really well done.

posted about 5 years ago
#1 Open medic LFT in Recruitment (looking for team)

Mid-high open if I'm being generous with myself.

I've played several seasons of TF2 now, usually medic or scout and always open. I also roster rode in main, (I paid all my fees just in case they got desperate, and the gambit paid off. I discovered I was bad enough to make a main team lose to the worst team in the div, but now it says I played in main and for me that was a success. I did try my best, of course.)

I'm always trying to get better. I try to be friendly, I watch at least one demo for every night of scrimming. I set my own hours so I'm available anytime.


Edit:I forgot to mention I can't scrim until around the 8th.

posted about 5 years ago
#98 if you order a $10 pizza how much would you tip in Off Topic
does it become the responsibility of everyone else to monetarily make up for that,

I never said it was. What I said, "[with the way tipping and its effect on price works, you are basically buying the service, like in any other business, when you tip.]" The service being the food combined with the service. Your stance seems to be, to me, that you should treat them with less respect than anyone else doing their job for a price because they are "a person who has failed to enhance their education/skillset for the betterment of their own livelihood."

posted about 6 years ago
#93 if you order a $10 pizza how much would you tip in Off Topic
why does the concept of me not feeling sorry for a person who has failed to enhance their education/skillset for the betterment of their own livelihood equate to me barely understanding human emotions?

Isn't it kind of arrogant to assume that people having a bad job is a result of their lack of initiative, and a failure on their part? There are many people with many stories, a lot of them are working their way up, others may have been given the short end of the stick. Never mock a pain you haven't felt, or assume that another person is a lesser because of their struggles, if you don't know what they are. I once went to school with someone who was raped at 14, had to bear the child because of the laws in the state, and raised the kid on the wages of a waitress, while trying to go to school on the other hand as well.

Alternatively, our bodies often fail us in unexpected ways that limit our lot in life, make life more difficult than for others. Is it inconcievable that someone might be struck by a drunk driver, and lose some of their ability to remember facts? This happened to one of my uncles, education hasn't been a possiblity for him since.

posted about 6 years ago
#88 if you order a $10 pizza how much would you tip in Off Topic

It's more logical to consider that the money you tip is part of the price of a thing. If there were no tips, the companies would have to charge more, but only to cover the difference between their current wages, and the rough equivilant of the wages plus current tips. The money has to come from somewhere, so the price of your food goes up. The price would only go up by how much the now nonexistant tips were on average.

Again I ask, why should I be expected to reimburse them for merely performing the job duties for which they were hired?

It's the same as buying any other service, just because it doesn't work the same way and you can short change the system, doesn't mean you SHOULD. The average of tips affects the wages, lowering the cost and prices for the restaurant, but increasing the demand and need for tips. Doesn't this mean that I'm reimbursing them for the people who are shorthanding them?

If the fast food worker gets more an hour then I can see why you tip the Pizza delivery person. But if it's the same I can't understand why.

They are paid less in a way, as they get the same amount, minus the cost of gas paid out of pocket.

posted about 6 years ago
#76 if you order a $10 pizza how much would you tip in Off Topic

I always tip highly, and recommend the same for several reasons:

You get what you pay for, if you use the same service more than once, you should invest in a good experience. The tip-service ratio goes both ways. The better you pay, the better you will be treated in the future. One Chinese restaurant near me used to quote me at 45 minutes, and take an hour and a half to deliver. They had the best food and their competitors were an hour away anyway; I decided to tip them a little more than normal, enough to be noticed but not much more than that. After about 6 deliveries they went from taking an hour 15 minutes, to 10-15 to get to me. The same goes for dining somewhere, I see too often people don't tip very well, and get angry when the waiter they never tip is curt and inattentive. If you can't please someone with your service and smile, it's a better investment of time and effort to spend that on another patron.

Waiters often get the short end of the stick, and should be paid more than they are, not only because of how close to the bottom line they are, but how incredibly rude some people are. Some people seem to forget that a waiter or waitress is a human being, just because they have a uniform on. "Why are you being rude?" "Don't be upset, she's just a waiter." is a sentiment that is not only ridiculous but far too common. I remember sitting next to a man who ate his entire meal, to call the waiter and complain and insult her for how it was cooked, being very demeaning and insulting while she smiled and took it. All I could think was "Why didn't you ask them to fix it earlier before you ate the whole thing, and why are you blaming her?"

If you can spend money, you should know how to do math. If you have 25 dollars, and buy 25 dollars worth of food, you can't say you "can't afford" to tip. You can afford to tip, but you have a debilitating lack of foresight, or perhaps empathy. If you have 10-20 dollars to spend on a single meal, you shouldn't be complaining about not being able to afford a tip. I used to live on 20-40 a month, and would have to buy shitty foods in bulk. I remember buying a months worth of noodles, a giant 2 or 3 pound can of tomato sauce to season into spaghetti sauce at home, and a bunch of cheap meatballs for an entire months worth of meals. Did the math with my cousins, when we got home I prepared and cooked the meal, we ate and stored the leftover noodles, sauce and meatballs from the first night, (enough for all of us for a few days,) separately to ensure people could enjoy it however they wanted. Our roommate who had contributed nothing so far, decided to dump a giant can of chili onto the noodles in the fridge, because noone else would eat them after that. "Why did you do that?", "Well that's how I like them." Money was tight and food was scarce and everyone gave me shit for stealing food and I had no idea why, until my cousin walked into my room and apologized. "I'm sorry I've been on you for the food, Jess was just upstairs and we asked her where the bread went and she said you took it, but I know you've been playing video games all day and haven't left your room." I was pretty mad. Having been through that sort of experience, I can decisively tell you, if you have 10-20 to spend on a single meal, you have absolutely no reason to act like an impoverished poor child who can only afford his own meal. Do the math ahead of time and if you have 25 to spend, and tax will be 3, and your food is 22, you CAN in fact not order the 3 dollar add on or whatever. Budget intelligently.

PS. Delivery fees often don't go to the driver, who has to use his own gas, also if they have to pack your order and deliver it, it is time they could be spending serving a customer in store who could tip them.

posted about 6 years ago
#2 Scout lft main in Recruitment (looking for team)

The best possible teammate, absolutely the chillest and most fun to play with man I've ever met.

posted about 6 years ago
#27 LFT LOW/MID IM in Recruitment (looking for team)

The kindest, most humble soldier main. <3

posted about 6 years ago
#8 open team lfp in Recruitment (looking for team)

Neozius is a great teammate, really dedicated and chill.

posted about 6 years ago
#30 Pocket (man..) in Recruitment (looking for team)

Super dedicated.

posted about 6 years ago
#77 Nominations for a thing in TF2 General Discussion

And a good scout main like ruwin, shrugger, cyzer, ggglygy, carnage, dnte, enigma, squid, seanbud or b4nny.

posted about 6 years ago
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