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#152 Mix^ in TF2 General Discussion

Alright so instead we watch the current clockwork and lansky continue to play on the only two teams that matter

While all paying for it
and having malware on our computer for another season
and killing our teams because of esea rules
and having to still deal with lpkane
and then having to donate money to the pariahs of 3rd and fourth place that go to LAN to smoke weed in hotel rooms with their friends (not that there's anything wrong with that)

posted about 10 years ago
#148 Mix^ in TF2 General Discussion





posted about 10 years ago
#27 RIP SQUID in Off Topic


posted about 10 years ago
#8 Pros and Cons of NA League choices in TF2 General Discussion

I legitimately think we need to stop discussing staying with ESEA for another season. At this point it'd be far more beneficial for us to focus our efforts on actually making something else happen.

I have never in all of my seasons known a team captain or scheduler who was capable of going a season without being negatively influenced by ESEA's rigidity at some point. Multiple seasons now they have murdered active teams for no legitimate reason, including this season straight up murdering watch this for dubious reasons. Killing and Kalkin are fairly routinely demonstrating that they no longer have the community interest at heart, lpkane just banned st.patrick for 10 years, and ESEA's rules have recently impacted the mix up roster as well.

They installed fucking malware on your computer, constantly fuck you over with arbitrary rules and infrastructure forced onto you from counter strike, and refuse at every twist and turn to deliver on the features that have been promised us since 15 fucking seasons ago. It's absurd.

posted about 10 years ago
#127 The ESEA abuse thread in TF2 General Discussion
AllealNone of you would be playing in ESEA if it didn't have prize pots and a LAN.

I have never played a season of ESEA with any sort of monetary goal in mind. You're completely wrong if you think that most people play ESEA for a check and not so that they can prove that they are the best in their division.

posted about 10 years ago
#234 meatshot 8) vol. 5 in TF2 General Discussion
blinKJune must be racist too because he hates mustardoverlord and he's a big jew. Sick em!

dude you are off your fucking rocker

posted about 10 years ago
#190 meatshot 8) vol. 5 in TF2 General Discussion
blinKI'd like to note I don't hate all jewish people just the ones who put money above all else with no heart. Which unfortunately a lot of jews adopt that strategy. Bernstein, Bergman, Benstein, Horowitz. Fuck off.

All of the owners of ESEA are all jewish. Levine, Thunberg, etc. They're all scam artists and a bunch of money hungry jews. That's a fact. I guess living in NYC/NJ and seeing them run rampant all over the corporate world makes you grow angry towards them. I'm no Hitler by any means. I have a lot of jewish friends and african. There's a difference in my head. I'm not stereotyping ALL jewish people, just the money hungry no hearted ones that I mentioned. Le Heim.

what the fuck

posted about 10 years ago
#73 The ESEA abuse thread in TF2 General Discussion
MarxistHere is my basic proposal for the UGC league that I'll be discussing with forn this weekend - let me know what you guys think.

1. UGC would create a separate for pay league within UGC.
2. Players who played in ESEA would have the right to play in a division equivalent to one they played in, in S15 ESEA and would be moved as they would have going into s16 of ESEA.
3. Rules regarding matches (how many a week), the format of play, how map lists and ban lists are formulated, and roster up&down rules, would be carried out by community vote.

1. Establish a working relationship with a server provider so as to acquire servers for UGC league purposes, with the goal of covering every match on a league provided server.
2. Talk to sizzling calamari and integrate his client as soon as possible into UGC servers.
3. Stats, STV, and POV demos would be provided through sizzling stats and his client (assuming it's ready to do such things). If not STVs could be manually pulled from servers.

1. Reworking the website to make it cleaner, easier to register, schedule, and so forth.

1. Payments would be very small to begin with (5$ a person) to prove that UGC could handle the for pay format well. LANs and additional arrangements would be tabled, with the goal of reviving a LAN as soon as possible.

1. Hopefully get a crap ton of volunteer time and somebody to help forn with the website reworking lol.

1. UGC 6v6 as it is now would continue as a separate free league.

It may just be easier on structure for everyone if ugc-free is a division within the league and not a separate league itself?

posted about 10 years ago
#49 The ESEA abuse thread in TF2 General Discussion
Saint_personally i dont see what all the bitching is about. Servers are better than they were last season by a long shot, there are more servers than last season for matches. Valve updates tf2, and esea takes forever to update their servers? ok anyone realize that it takes a few minutes for their own server to update, let alone how many that ESEA has that have to update? On top of that they have a fully automatic system that allows us to schedule matches etc. Quick fix bad: everyone bitches about it during LAN, it gets banned afterwards, then everyone bitches about it being banned without "asking the community?" Yes we did start late with a really rocky start to the season, but it seems to have gone pretty smoothly since. if anyone can actually tell me why ESEA is shit WHILE realizing what they actually provide for us, go for it


posted about 10 years ago
#40 The ESEA abuse thread in TF2 General Discussion
enigma"we" gets thrown around a lot

it typically translates to "anyone but me" in regards to putting forth actual work

I legitimately think that this time is different. I've had multiple people contact me on steam for ideas since making this thread and with the potentiality for the demise of ESEA at the hands of state legislatures being considered, it is long since time we started talking about viable alternatives.

posted about 10 years ago
#37 The ESEA abuse thread in TF2 General Discussion

The ESEA client has been responsible for about 0 total bans in the history of competitive TF2. Anyone caught by it for TF2 (which is limited to a single player to my knowledge, infamous) was so obvious that they could only ever be mistaken for being legit if you assumed they were simply the luckiest case of parkinson's ever.

posted about 10 years ago
#31 The ESEA abuse thread in TF2 General Discussion

We know for a fact that if we were to switch leagues that invite in its entirety wouldn't die, even if even a handful of players quit the game to go seek esports glory elsewhere before returning back when they realize they aren't going to make any money anywhere else either. Are we afraid that we won't have high level tf2 to watch anymore? Are people still clinging to the esports dream?

Since the very beginning ESEA has been propped up by the community as the "official" league of TF2 pretty much solely because they were the only ones putting money into it. In the wake of newer leagues willing to do the same, we've stuck to ESEA primarily out of habit but also for the reason that most people play the game competitively, competition. I know for a fact that's why I've played in this shitty league for way too many seasons now, it's where the best teams are.

Considering there is only ever 2 or three teams in this game that can even hope to compete at LAN during any given season, I have to ask why we still see it as necessary to have when it more or less just sinks money from the community into the pockets of the players that are holding us hostage to this system. If we are seriously afraid that they'll quit and suddenly take our ABILITY TO SPECTATE HIGH LEVEL TF2 hostage, then I'd like to remind you that main as it stands right now has been infinitely more enjoyable to watch than the life-support season invite has had.

Why would we subject ourselves to another season of a quarter of all teams dying in part due to premium fees, the fucking absurd ESEA rules that are forced on us because we ostensibly play in the same league that hosts CS matches, and combat scheduling for shitty servers on a client that doesn't work.

How about this: we make a league, and instead of making a fucking donation drive to fly 24 players to LAN, we make a donation drive for the prize pool so that 100% of everyone's cash flow to the league is immediately repaid to the players. Are the invite players you're so worried about quitting going to do it if there's the still cash on the line? I'd go so far as to say you might even be able to drum up some outside attention for competitive TF2 if you go out and contact some of those GAMING JOURNALISM sites and tell them about why we're making a league and how shitty ESEA has been. We could even split the prize pool and say that half the money donated to the community league goes to a charity of the winner of the league's choice.

posted about 10 years ago
#16 The ESEA abuse thread in TF2 General Discussion
RikachuI want an invite player to actually say they won't play without lan. I've only ever heard non-invite players saying this.

I believe I've seen harbl say that he'd quit if it wasn't for lan, to which I fucking laugh at him because he was playing this shit for years for no pay and plays ugc anyway.

Organizing a new league would be the most time intensive but would probably yield the best results. Enabling the 6s community to come under the purview of a fucking psychopath like infinite is asking for more trouble in the future, but CEVO is actually a fairly attractive alternative.

CEVO's new staff has already proven on several occasions that they're willing to support the community, it's free, there is a client for those who doubt the community's ability to police itself, and all of those complaints about corrupt admins seem completely unsubstantiated since the only admin I remember ever being notably shitty was glue who was actively playing for loaded at the time.

posted about 10 years ago
#33 REMOVE HORROR in Off Topic
droughtkrakowif twitch had competition shit like this wouldn't fly
wasn't there just a post about another streaming service here a day ago


It's the same scam artists that ran own3d unfortunately.

posted about 10 years ago
#29 REMOVE HORROR in Off Topic

You should also note that any previous criticism that Horror has received he has ducked on the grounds that he is being targeted for abuse because of his sexuality.

posted about 10 years ago
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