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Ora Elektro lights up Prem once more
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November 3, 2021

Season 39 was a bittersweet affair for Ora Elektro, as they managed to reach the Grand Finals for the second time of the team’s history, but still fell to the hands of 4toast, despite managing to beat said bread enthusiasts in the Upper Bracket Final. With a new season comes new challenges though, and Ora Elektro’s first will be to make their new roster click, as only three of the players from last season will be reprising their roles. Don’t think of ruling them out, however, as Nevo and Eemes have established themselves as top-level leaders, and because “new roster” does not necessarily mean “new faces”.

Eemes and Nevo have formed the cornerstone of Ora Elektro, playing together since Season 31 and now sharing the beam on the combo thanks to Nevo’s switch to Pocket Scout earlier this year and Eemes being of course on Demoman. Nevo has managed to morph from a playmaking Flank Scout to a commanding presence, and is surely a great help to Eemes, whose pinpoint precise calls are only matched by his pinpoint precise pipes.

A completely new pair of Soldiers has been recruited, but both of them had impressive (albeit slightly different) performances last Season, despite both of them being Prem rookies. azn was fresh off a Division 1 third-place finish when S39 started, and managed to rise up to the challenge of this new division in no small part thanks to some crispy rockets, finishing in 3rd with ★★★½. On the other hand, ggggggg (pronounced Joe) made a very noticed Pocket Scout debut with nunya, ending up within 10 votes of winning the “Debut of the Season” award. It will be their first top level experience on Soldier, but they’ve looked the part so far thanks to their wealth of experience in the lower divs.

Finally, the last two Ora Elektro players are marking two different eras, with both Ama and trum having already featured in either of Ora's Grand Finals, although some things changed since Season 34. trum has been a part of Ora since last season and has quickly established themselves as a top performer at the top level, getting poached by GlobalClan.EU right before playoffs in their first ever Prem season . Ama rocks the Flank Scout, a class they are used to playing with Ora, having already filled that role during Season 38. An accomplished player, Ama most notably is part of a very select group of players who played every DM class in Premiership.

We got in touch with Eemes, who offered answers to our questions :

TEAMFORTRESS.TV : Ora Elektro is a team who has been willing to adjust their rosters between seasons in recent history, how did the current line-up came to life ?

The current roster came about very slowly, with a lot of adjustments. With our nostalgia goggles on, we had experimented with some older line-ups, but now we're satisfied that everyone is playing the right class, and is highly motivated to win.

TEAMFORTRESS.TV : What lessons did you take from your second Grand Final appearance last season?

The biggest lesson we learned from the final is that you need a consistent roster if you want to win. Chris was a key player for us last season, and though Hugo performed admirably on roamer in the final, we just weren't the same without our star flank player.

TEAMFORTRESS.TV : Do you have an opinion about the new map pool and market gardener ban?

The meme spoon should be banned; it is just too OP in many situations. The problem is that the counterplay consists mainly in trying to force the other player to beef because of a bug, which is not very fun, especially for medics.

I am somewhat torn about the map choices for this season. I think reckoner is good, and last season's map pool is probably the best we've ever had. However, I do like playing new maps, so I’m not completely opposed to trying out some alternatives. As long as ETF2L keeps polling the community and explaining the rationale behind their decisions, I'm fine with it.

Thanks to renewable energies, the Ora Elektro roster is :

  • Pocket Scout: Nevo
  • Flank Scout: Ama
  • Roamer: ggggggg
  • Pocket: azn
  • Demoman: Eemes
  • Medic: trum
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