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New season of MyAnimeList announced
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September 13, 2021

The producers of MyAnimeList are ready to unveil their latest project in the long-running series. Dubbed MyAnimeList: BLACK, the show continues its trend of appearing every other RGL broadcasting season.

Fans of the previous season MyAnimeList After Dark will be excited to hear that nearly the entire main cast will be returning, with many reprising their roles from that lineup. In particular, four players will be locked in on familiar classes: alfa on Scout, aZn on Medic, glimmer on Demo, and tripbwai on Roamer. These guys have been playing their part for years and will be performing together once again.

sigh will be taking on a new role, making his Invite Scout debut as the partner to alfa. Known for his talents on projectile classes, it will be exciting to see how he takes on the challenge of TF2's most powerful class. Meanwhile, a plot twist came early as prior to the pilot episode, pocket Soldier aim decided to step down and so kev will return under the MAL spotlight once more. He has been spotted making brief cameos on the Soldier class before with teams like Ford Gaming, so like sigh, who knows what kind of performances they'll put on display.

After yet another violent division overhaul, the previous collaborations of the MyAnimeList players will be a boon on their side as they suit up for Season 7.

alfa shared the following about the upcoming production:

The studio had enough budget for a 3rd season of MAL, now including the Feed arc featuring kev Soldier. We are prolly getting 6th place with this roster but at least we are getting Master's in Apex, so WORTH.

The cast of MyAnimeList: BLACK is full of familiar faces:

  • Scout: alfa
  • Scout: sigh
  • Roamer: tripbwai
  • Pocket: kev
  • Demoman: glimmer
  • Medic: aZn
-4 Frags +

safuun not glimmer

safuun not glimmer
8 Frags +

sigh scout LFG

sigh scout LFG
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GL HF Dont h8 hydr8

GL HF Dont h8 hydr8
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safuun about to safarm

safuun about to safarm
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