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Ora Elektro alternates line-up before returning to Prem
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July 13, 2021

10 seasons after their first Premiership appearance, Ora Elektro has signed up for yet another season. After more than 3 years of competing in the top flight, Ora Elektro is now a confident, experienced team, who can be expected to make playoffs and perform well against any team. Last season saw Ora try out an extremely French roster, that ended up falling just shy of playoffs. This season, however, Ora picked up a couple of returning veterans, who will be looking to do well against all those youngsters.

Nevo, ronz and Eemes are the members of the team that already played last season, and with Nevo switching to Pocket Scout, they’ll be forming a very cohesive combo. Nevo and Eemes are the brains of this whole Ora operation, and they are sure to complement each other well now that they are both on the beam. ronz was one of the new recruits from last season, and he's the only one staying. His dynamic style of Pocket Soldier worked well, even in Prem, as he was on the shortlist for the "Debut of the Season" award

A member of Ora Elektro in their first few seasons (although not the very first one) is making a return: Scruff is surely delighted to get to play with his old pals once more. A competent Scout no matter what role, he featured in Premiership playoffs for Rakuzan, SVIFT, and Ascent.EU. chris is a name that most people probably haven’t heard in a long time, as the Irish Roamer last Premiership appearance was in Season 30. Rustiness might not really be a factor, however, owing to the level that chris played at back then: 2 back-to-back Grand Final appearances with Ascent.EU and SVIFT. He also came back during Season 36 with веазтмоде, and achieved a very impressive second place in Division 1 with them. Last but not least, trum has had a very impressive first season of Prem in S38, being able to use his solid performances during the main season with Garda Panteri to feature for GlobalClan.EU during the playoffs.

We got in touch with Nevo, who elaborated about the birth and future of this roster, as well as tearfully bidding goodbye to his flank partner

TEAMFORTRESS.TV: Season 39 will mark the first time you're playing without Azunis in Prem, how do you feel about that?

Obviously playing without Azunis is always sad for me, he's one of my best friends as well as one of the most valuable teammates one can have. However, as his hiatus is due to time constraints rather than a loss of motivation or a falling out I am certain we will have the occasion to play again together.

TEAMFORTRESS.TV: How did you end up picking your new roster for this season? Especially Scruff and chris, who have been both on pretty long hiatuses before.

We have 3 new players in this roster compared to last season, and all three came in different circumstances. Scruff joined back the team after we played the recent Dreamhack cup. When Azunis informed us he would not be able to play this summer, we messaged chris, who happened to have free time and wanted to play. After Demos decided he did not want to commit for an entire season, we quickly set our mind on trum, as he was in my opinion one of the best freshman in prem last season.

TEAMFORTRESS.TV: Looking at the other 7 teams in Premiership this season, do you think you've got what it takes to go all the way and win?

I go into every season confident in my team's abilities to win it all, otherwise I would not dedicate 7 weeks of my summer for it. However, I do not think of any other team lightly, and every point is gonna be fought for. The objective as always is first of all playoffs, and then take on each opponent individually.

Ora Elektro's current roster is:

  • Combo Scout: Nevo
  • Flank Scout: Scruff
  • Roamer: chris
  • Pocket: ronz
  • Demoman: Eemes
  • Medic: trum
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