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Copa FBTF 5 Elite Preview
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March 14, 2021

The first 2021 6s tournament in South America will be the FBTF Cup Season 5, with Elite teams playing group stage for a month before clashing horns in Playoffs. Even many big names from the SA scene missing, for this tournament we still have many surprises, from the revival of the legendary Sonikro Solutions roster to RGL Exiles representing North America, this will be a very interesting tournament to watch.

Taste the Secret

  • Scout: Legit
  • Scout: Unlead
  • Roamer: Helnot
  • Pocket: Zolak
  • Demoman: Carra
  • Medic: Maddox

Taste the Secret comes as the absolute favourite for this cup, coming hot from 2020 winning 2 invite tournaments and being runner in other 2, the team morale in in an all-time high, especially because their rivals, sXe Injected, and other dark horses like Team Phallanx and Sailor Moon are missing in this tournament. This team firepower as increased again as they bring Carra to fill the Demoman role. Some role swaps were made, as Helnot became the pocket soldier and the RGL Invite veteran Legit got pocket Scout duties. Despite Unlead being the flank Scout, Taste the Secret showed flexibility in the past and both Scouts can trade roles with Helnot. With an upgraded roster and none of their rivals in the tournament, all stars align for Taste the Secret do an undefeated run.

Time da Central

  • Scout: Nickzera
  • Scout: Smokzor
  • Roamer: Insane
  • Pocket: Jão
  • Demoman: xandy
  • Medic: Mobil

Full of grizzled veterans of the Central division and boasting many 1st place achievements in the division, Time da Central earned their shot at Elite due having many Central veterans like Nickzera, Smokzor, Insane and Xandy in their roster. With a pretty explosive, aggressive and pug style, this team is known to throw sixes fundamentals through the window and play games under their rules, which make them one of the most exciting teams to watch in this tournament, especially considering they have dangerous players to pick up offclasses. Jão is also a important piece in this lineup as the Invite veteran will bring the needed discipline on those players and lead them through the season.

Sonikro Solutions

  • Scout: Unpre
  • Scout: Fire
  • Roamer: Bless
  • Pocket: Dook
  • Demoman: rK
  • Medic: Wall

Back from the dead, the Sonikro Solutions team is back to the Invite menu with their legendary players coming out from retirement. Considered the most popular Brazilian team by many, they will have most of the eyeballs directed towards them as they are an big question mark in that tournament. With mixed results in scrims against the best South American teams, its hard to tell Sonikro Solutions' real strength. All players except Unpre (who played 1 invite season), didn't play a single official match in 2020, however, most players already enjoyed a bit of competition in 2021 as Fire, Dook, rK and Wall won the LBTF Highlander Season 6 Elite. This cup will be the baptism of fire for those players and we will see how well they aged in TF2.

RGL Exiles

  • Scout: elijah
  • Scout: Michael
  • Roamer: urmphitank
  • Pocket: dylan
  • Demoman: Hubidashubida
  • Medic: Noobl

Michael and his teammates are going to Brazil! Not literally, as they will have around 150 ping in São Paulo servers, but this lineup is in an interesting position as they wont face an stacked opposition and have a decent shot at making an deep run at this tournament. With RGL Advanced players like Elijah, dylan and urmphitank, this team have an solid core to face the South American opposition. They secured the services of the local medic Noobl, an up and coming player who raised eyebrows in 2020 and got his first shot at Invite now. This will be a pretty interesting team to keep track of since there is a lot of uncertainty on how they will perform in foreign soil.


  • Scout: Sonic
  • Scout: Skeety
  • Roamer: DMX
  • Pocket: Lockz
  • Demoman: Thunder
  • Medic: Lionzera

Just like Sonikro Solutions, this lineup is made half by veteran players who came out from retirement, with the difference that they are less accomplished and inactive for some years like Sonic, Skeety and DMX, and other half by up and coming players who are getting their first shot at Invite like Lockz and Lionzera. They are the division underdogs, however, they should not be underestimated as they have the firepower to take any team who turn down their guard on them.

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i am a scout not a medic lol

i am a scout not a medic lol
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RGL EXILES NUMERO UNO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RGL EXILES NUMERO UNO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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go michael!!

go michael!!
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LionZerai am a scout not a medic lol


I assumed you would be the med lol

[quote=LionZera]i am a scout not a medic lol[/quote]


I assumed you would be the med lol
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especially because their rivals, sXe Injected, and other dark horses like Team Phallanx and Sailor Moon are missing in this tournament

You're welcome for that, keep the throne warm in our absence. :)

[quote=especially because their rivals, sXe Injected, and other dark horses like Team Phallanx and Sailor Moon are missing in this tournament][/quote]You're welcome for that, keep the throne warm in our absence. :)
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have fun people

have fun people
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