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RGL Announce 6s Season 5 and Highlander Season 8
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December 31, 2020

While registration has been open for a bit, RGL are now formally opening the doors to their spring seasons!

Graphic courtesy RGL


Along with the season announcement, RGL has released their post-season survey for future changes that may arrive with future seasons, especially map pools. You can take the survey here.

For Season 5 the map pool will remain the same, but may have updated versions of some maps, which will be finalized closer to the season start. There are also no announced changes to promod plugins.

The most notable change will be to division structure, with the renewed focus on the health of Invite. An 8-10 team invite will be guaranteed, and this goal may take precedent over team preference. So farewell to the seasons of 5 team Invite! To accommodate this, Div-1 and 2 will be recombined into Advanced, using a $30 fee.

Pending the traditional NA delay, the dates you need to know for the season are:

  • January 15th: Registration closes
  • January 24th: Division placements finalized, and league fees due
  • January 26th: Start of the regular season
  • March 7th: Roster lock
  • March 21st: Last day of regular season
  • March 30th: Playoffs begin
  • April 25th: Last day of playoffs

You can sign up for the season here. For new players looking to start their journey, or experienced players looking to mentor a team, please consider the Newbie Mixes Team Drive, which closes January 7th, details here.


Continuing the trend from 6s, Highlander may also be shaking up its divs. If signups allow, the Challenger division will slot between Invite and Advanced. Qualifiers will be held for Invite and whichever ends up being the 2nd division if needed. Advanced and Challenger will both be run as a round robin. Only Invite will continue to have a fee regardless of outcome.

The Highlander Post-season survey, which released earlier in December is still open. The results from this will be shared before the start of Season 8. If you haven't taken it you can here.

It is unknown as of now if there will be map pool adjustments for the season.

The dates you need to know, pending any changes, are:

  • January 25th: Registration closes
  • January 30th/31st: Qualifiers (if needed)
  • February 1st: Invite fees due (extension granted for qualifying teams), and start of regular season
  • March 8th: Roster locks
  • March 22nd: Playoffs begin
  • April 19th: Single-elim playoffs end
  • April 26th: Double-elim playoffs end

Stay tuned for future details for both seasons, as well as top level coverage right here on TFTV. Happy fragging everyone!

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