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Naught less than sublimity
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January 30, 2020

A team of mostly Premiership newcomers, synonim of perfection have upset a team of Premiership veterans, snatching up the last available spot in the Premiership table.

Initially, the team's preseason started out smoothly, as with only 8 teams signed up for the Premiership tier, they had an instant entry among Europe's greatest. However, a last-minute plot twist robbed them of a seamless experience, with veteran players returning to challenge them for the final spot under the banner of BOOMERS. The only match of the qualifiers was a grueling, 3-map affair, but synonim of perfection eventually triumphed over fake boomers Charlie and Poison, as well as Brego’s still-great aim and complete disregard of personal safety.

Warped will be looking to guide his less-experimented peers throughout the season (photo by Raf)

Leading the team forward will be Cuby and Scar. After getting knocked out in the quarterfinals of the Division 2 playoffs last season with VIOLENCE, the teammates decided to form a new roster consisting of players that have hovered around the top tables for several seasons. This includes Pocket Soldier Warped, who appeared in Premiership with the team 3/6 back in Season 25 and 26, as well as on The Bus Crew at Copenhagen Games 2019 and i65. They will be accompanied on the flank by Scout Unikeko (previously known as junnu), who appeared in the last two weeks of the brief season goonsquad camped out in Premiership. Finalizing the roster on Pocket Scout and Medic, respectively, are Vouri and Drezzo, both Division 1 veterans making the jump to Premiership.

scar gave us some context behind the team's preseason journey and a look forward to the season ahead.

SOP, aka synonim of perfection. First of all, we want to explain that this really egocentric team name, comes out from a joke. cuby really likes joking about his ego, and once he called himself "cuby, the synonym of perfection" during our last season on Violence, and this joke just stuck around and became our new team name. Our first lineup was Vouri, Copper, scar, Warped, Cuby and drezzo, and we really wanted to play premiership qualifiers to just take the experience from that, and to actually play a bo3 before the season starts. We didn't really mind playing Division 1 or Premiership, so after some confusion and some team playstyle issues, Copper decided to leave and got replaced by unikeko.

After winning the prem qualifiers, our only goal is to play against better teams and better players this season. We want to be keen and to try on not getting rolled too much. We know that we are the outsiders and that we play just to get better. We are feeling pretty confident about the team's DM abilities; our team cohesion is not the best right now, but it can get better through the whole season. And so maybe we could stick some players together for the next season and maybe just play the premiership qualifiers again to maintain our spot in the Premiership division.

The thesaurus lists a few synonim[s] of perfection as:

  • Scout: Vouri
  • Scout: unikeko
  • Roamer: scar
  • Pocket: Warped
  • Demoman: Cuby
  • Medic: Drezzo
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Gl to them. Bunch of players who the experience will do wonders for. Could be competing with more experienced teams near the end of the season.

Gl to them. Bunch of players who the experience will do wonders for. Could be competing with more experienced teams near the end of the season.
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warped looks like gary from corrie

warped looks like gary from corrie
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