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nerdRage picks up steam, acquires sauna slayers
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October 21, 2019

Most players should already be familiar with the name nerdRage, an organization that has sponsored multiple teams over the years, with their i55 lineup probably being the most well-known. Now, after being out of the scene since Season 27, taking over a very motivated and promising sauna slayers could mark the beginning of a fruitful partnership, especially with Beyond the Summit looming.

nerdRage's first foray in the world of competitive TF2 was back in ETF2L’s Season 21, where they sponsored a roster filled with extremely skillful and accomplished players, who would end up taking third place in one of the most competitive Premiership seasons ever. This same team would also feature at i55, losing the grand finals to reigning champions froyotech, despite knocking them out of the upper bracket. nerdRage’s first trophy came a few seasons later, winning ETF2L Season 23 after picking up the former Reason Gaming team. Their latest appearance was in Seasons 26 and 27, where they supported a strong top5rocket squad that would get the bronze medal in Season 26 before failing to make playoffs in the following season.

For their comeback into the scene, nerdRage opted to pick sauna slayers. The amppis-led outfit is currently sitting in third place in ETF2L’s Season 34 and have looked to be very strong contenders despite the relative novelty of this roster. They also won the first Closed EU qualifier against The Bus Crew, which guarantees them a spot at Beyond the Summit, and are currently fundraising in order to attend.

nerdRage (noun) \ ˈnərd-ˈrāj \

1: When your health drops to 20% or below, your Strength is raised to 10 and your Damage Threshold is boosted by 15.

2: A TF2 team featuring:

  • Scout: Scruff
  • Scout: counou
  • Roamer: PolygoN
  • Pocket: amppis
  • Demoman: Smirre
  • Medic: Sprite
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glad you chose new vegas's definition over fo3

glad you chose new vegas's definition over fo3
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we wont go quietly, the legion can count on that

we wont go quietly, the legion can count on that
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Lovely write up. Thanks Aelkyr

Lovely write up. Thanks Aelkyr
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