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Rakuzan step up to dunk in Premiership
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September 25, 2019

After a clean season, the Division 1 champions are ready to ball with the big boys.

Season 33 was a successful season for Rakuzan: a team that was created shortly before the season started but played like a team that had been together for much longer. Not losing a single game throughout their stint in Division 1, the boys were looking strong throughout the entire season in spite of the solid competition.

To start it all off, Rakuzan have made two changes to their roster for their first try at Premiership. Saying goodbye to their ex-Demoman MATTYAZN and unlicensed medical practitioner Ace, and replacing them by bringing in Scyper and Morrow on their respective vacant roles.

Scyper was brought in after his successful time subbing for Rakuzan in the prior season when MATTYAZN was unavailable. Looking to continue their short success with Scyper, Morrow is the final piece of the combo-puzzle for Rakuzan. Morrow has made the jump from one weeb team to another; joining Rakuzan from her former team Weebtunnel Tactics, who last played during Season 31. Morrow is presumably looking to keep on delivering after her second place at Copenhagen Games 2018 with MGE Chad and with that, Rakuzan are looking strong enough to deliver.

Hugo, team captain, had a short piece to say on the upcoming season and the roster shuffle :

My expectation are to become a solid prem team, although going into prem for the first time, the roster has some people that have done very well in the past, normally the team that enters from high gets put down a bit, but I hope we can sort of prove why we should be playing prem.

There is two little roster changes that we will be undergoing, which is matty out for scyper, as he didn’t wanna commit to tf2 whilst at University, but I’m very happy to play with Scyper, I think he’s an amazing demo and we even played 5 weeks with him last season whilst Matty was in China, and then Ace out for Morrow, although Ace is an amazing player, we couldnt overcome problems within the team that would allow us to keep playing with him, we have had Morrow merc a few times in the pre season and had positive results and hopefully it will be a positive switch for us.

Nordic Scout brothers, nuthouse and Swi are sticking with the roster alongside the Soldier duo of fluoride and Hugo. The core four players delivered solid results throughout the season, although the team gravitates towards setting their Scouts up for success rather than their Soldiers. Both nuthouse and Swi delivered fantastic outcomes as a result, easily taking the spotlight as some of the best Scouts in Division 1. fluoride and Hugo also fully filled out their roles, although, with some lukewarm performances throughout the seasons, these players have more to prove than anyone else on the roster.

On the rebound, Rakuzan is made up of:

  • Scout: Swi
  • Scout: Nuthouse
  • Roamer: fluoride
  • Pocket: Hugo
  • Demoman: Scyper
  • Medic: Morrow
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Go Morrow! :3

Go Morrow! :3
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fluo is a monster

fluo is a monster
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but... what about Ace??


but... what about Ace??
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gwon Hugo

gwon Hugo
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