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#2 i need drama in The Dumpster


Doughy this is an intervention...

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#7 you guys were right in The Dumpster
mespritgemmwe cant see the image stupid burgerthat sounds like a you problem


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#3 you guys were right in The Dumpster

fuck off burger

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narkkari pov in prem quals

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for those wondering what he saw

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#24 Announcing ETF2L Season 33 in TF2 General Discussion
Hycefunhaver1998Logjam was good I just didn't like the last area

I see this and I see the downvoted comment about logjam being actually good - anyone who's played it in season - please let me know what feedback you have. I have a wonderful list from ozfortress to work through for next season - so changes are coming.

If you have any points to make - now would be a good time.

The map is very sniper dominant, pretty much every team I played had a sniper on mid and trying to push out of last was the same, there was not really any easy way to take 2nd without being immediately forced or in awful low ground, it feels too big/spread out and there's not enough cover, try making anti sniper sightlines which force players through more claustrophobic areas so that a sniper can't destroy everyone from the other side of the map and other classes can make plays

Also felt like the high ground on 2nd didn't make too much sense, all 3 doors could be watched from one entrance so distraction plays weren't really effective and 2 scouts could literally be on the meds face the entire time, every other position other than directly on point is pretty dogshit to play on because it's either too small or is lowground directly next to highground so as soon as you get pushed off you immediately have to give up the point.

As for fast play and pushing I personally felt the map flowed fine in that regard, there was multiple ways to push and catch teams off-guard with ad, Didn't think last was too bad of a point either for both teams other than it was very easy to get locked in spawn (which isn't exactly the worst idea seeing as players complain about last being too difficult to push sometimes)

Hope this helps :)

posted 1 month ago
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#3 birthday giveaway! :D in Off Topic

ur so generous :0

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#34 Mechawreck banned from RGL for pedophilia in TF2 General Discussion

Hey Mechawreck uhh....


why dont you take a seat...

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same game


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#8888 stream highlights in Videos

check these quads tho

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