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ETF2L Highlander S19 W4: BANK HEI$T vs. inVision
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Thursday, Sep 5th
3:15 PM EDT

With only 1 point difference between current 2nd placed team BANK HEI$T and 3rd place inVision this week 5 game will decide which one of them will get the map pick/ban advantage in the playoffs.

There is still the possibility for Lucrosa to hold SDCK! off completely on this week's Steel map and Bank Heist doing the same in this game to end the regular season on first place before heading to the single elimination playoffs.

Join us on KritzKast and find out which team gets a leg up in the first playoff game or if the Bank Heist team is able to place that leg in a finals spot!

Match Page | BANK HEI$T | inVision
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