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Restreams ESEA S17: Wood Pig vs. Street Hoops
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Saturday, Jun 8th
8:00 PM EDT

Another Saturday, another trip back in NA history, and as always our team has another banger lined up for you in Wood Pig vs. Street Hoops. It was the start of a new season, as both rosters sought to get a leg up in the playoffs race. 20b sported a roster of familiar names in ninjanick, paragon, deadbolt, cyzer, ash, and grape to face off against Wood Pig's milo, mason, dingo, mangachu, acrticjoe, and harbleu (on scout). So with marxist and Flame to describe the game in incredible detail to your ears, and truktruk and louster200 delivering the audio/visual signals to your computer, this won't be one you want to miss!

Play-by-Play: Marxist | Analysis: Flame | Production (original): truktruk | Production (live): louster200 | Match Page | Written by: ire
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