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Copenhagen Games 2019 viewer’s guide
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April 19, 2019

The Danish LAN is back after the success of last’s year edition, and it almost doubled in size in almost every way. Almost double the numbers of teams signed up for both 6’s and Highlander and the prizepool has shot up from 6,000 to 12,000 euros. So, with both the stakes and and the quality of the competition being higher than ever, Copenhagen Games 2019 is set to be one of the biggest TF2 LAN events of the year.


The 6’s tournament is split into three parts :

  • A round robin Open group stage, where teams will be split into 4 groups of 6. Every team plays each other once, wins are worth 2 points, draws 1 point and losses 0 points. The first team of each group will move on to the playoff stage.

  • At the same time as the Open Groups, an Invite Group of 4 teams will also take place. They will also face each other in a round robin system, but without draws, as Golden Caps will be possible in this group. Golden Caps can last up to 15 minutes, and should they reach their end before a team wins a round, the team holding middle will be declared the winner.

  • A double elimination playoff stage, where the top 4 teams from the Open Groups and the 4 Invite teams will battle it out in Best-of-3’s until a champion is crowned. The Grand Final will be a Best-of-5.

A for-fun tournament will also be ran for the teams that did not manage to make it out of the groups.

The Highlander tournament is split in two parts:

  • A round robin group stage, with the 8 teams being split into 2 groups of 4. Each game is a best-of-1, with wins being worth 2 points, draws 1 point ans losses 0 points. The top 2 teams of each group advance to the playoffs.

  • The playoffs will be a double elimination bracket, with every game being a best-of-3.

Teams that failed to advance from the group stage will get the opportunity to play placement matches afterwards.

Map Pool

All maps will be selected using a pick/ban system.

6’s will use the following maps :

  • cp_prolands_rc2t
  • cp_snakewater_final1
  • cp_sunshine
  • koth_product_rc9
  • cp_gullywash_final1
  • cp_process_final
  • cp_granary_pro_rc8

Highlander will use the following maps:

  • koth_coalplant_b8
  • koth_product_rc9
  • cp_steel
  • cp_gullywash_final1
  • koth_warmtic_b6
  • pl_upward
  • pl_badwater

5CP: 5 rounds win difference, 30 minutes timelimit. KOTH: 3 rounds win limit, no time limit. Payload and A/D: BO1, each team attacks and defends once.


Check out the team preview articles:


For 6’s the total amount is 10,000 euros, divided like this :

1st: €5,000 + Hardware 2nd: €2,500 + Hardware 3rd: €1,250 + Hardware 4th: €1,250

For Highlander the total amount is 2;000 euros, divided like this :

1st: €1,250 + Hardware 2nd: €750 + Hardware 3rd: Hardware

All hardware is offered courtesy of L33T-Gaming.


all times in CEST

Thursday, April 18th

  • 10:00 | 6 vs 6 Invite & groups start
  • 18:30 | Highlander Groups start
  • 21:30 | 6 vs 6 Playoffs round 1

Friday, April 19th

  • 10:00 | Highlander Playoffs round 1
  • 12:30 | 6 vs 6 Playoffs round 2
  • 15:15 | 6 vs 6 Playoffs round 3
  • 17:45 | Highlander Playoffs round 2
  • 20:30 | 6 vs 6 Playoffs round 4

Saturday, April 20th

  • 10:00 | Highlander Upper bracket finals
  • 12:30 | 6 vs 6 Lower bracket finals
  • 15:00 | Highlander Grand finals
  • 20:30 | 6 vs 6 Grand finals
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