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SVIFT loses Mr.Epic, gains class with klassy
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February 6, 2019

After winning their opening fixture against Faint Gaming last week, SVIFT will also be the first team to change their roster. Mr.Epic’s inability to play at Copenhagen Games 2019 meant that the squad has opted to replace him by klassy, previously on the roster as a sub.

This new iteration of SVIFT looked very strong on paper, but observers before the season were curious to see if they could keep up with more organized Prem teams. Last week seemed to have proved that they very well could, as they defeated Faint Gaming in a tense 3-2 scoreline on Snakewater and a much more convincing 5-1 on Sunshine.

Pocket soldier papi shared his thoughts on Mr.Epic stepping down from the active roster, as well as remembering their common history as he closed his eyes and the flashback starts:

i love mon

im sorry lowpander

While klassy might not possess a particularly high amount of High or Division 1 experience, he impressed his team enough during his trial for the SVIFT squad to offer him a backup spot, so that he could get some top level experience throughout the season. He has consistently performed well in scrims, so if he does not crumble during officials he could have a very decent shot at the Best New Player award.

Rookie klassy explained how he came to first join the SVIFT roster and expressed his confidence towards obtaining a starting spot:

I originally asked SVMZITANK to let me sub for the next season because i wanted to get any form of prem scrim practice and it lead to them giving me a main trial. They decided to go with Mon originally mostly because of his past experience in prem. As it was more and more likely that Mon wouldn't be able to go to LAN i got asked to main for the rest of the season and for Copenhagen. I've definitely felt like i can keep up with the rest of the team in scrims and I'm more keen than ever to improve on scout for this season and LAN.

Eager for an all-new kind of klass warfare, the SVIFT team now is :

  • Scout: Scruff
  • Scout: klassy
  • Roamer: iatgink
  • Pocket: papi
  • Demoman: lukas
  • Medic: seeds
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go klassy

go klassy
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wait wtf klassy was supposed to be my designated merc

wait wtf klassy was supposed to be my designated merc
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oh boi

oh boi
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bigggg Jamal

bigggg Jamal
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he definetly deserves prem

he definetly deserves prem
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this is NOT epic for mon :(

this is NOT epic for mon :(
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these puns are getting out of hand

these puns are getting out of hand
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