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ETF2L S31 Prem Qual UBR1: wer das liest ist doof vs Foreskings
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Monday, Sep 17th
2:00 PM EDT

Catch a glimpse of the two other teams in the qualifiers tonight, as wer das liest ist doof will take on Foreskings in a battle between a last-minute team and a division 1 team.

Wer das liest ist doof is back, and with them my tendency to go over the character limit. The mostly German team features the core they had in season 29, with stefaan (who will be replaced by chris tonight), clip and Fischkopf all coming back. The newcomers are unable, who played them in another German team in div1 last season, Honey and Warhuryeah, making his yearly comeback. Worthy of note that they formed less than a week ago, thus having way less practice than their opponents.

Foreskings are a well established team who has been hanging around in top high for a fair amount of time, even venturing into Prem in season 23. JackyLegs, Shulqiple and Zangetsu are the veterans from this run, and they are joined by the new faces of deljin, Lanzer and Verse. This roster had a very good showing last season, finishing 3rd in Div 1 and 4th in the Nation’s cup where they were the biggest part of the Israeli team.

GrumpyKoi and DuMmTm on casting, Beater on production and the match starts at 20 so don’t get surprised.

Play-by-Play: GrumpyKoi | Analysis: DuMmTm | Production: Beater | Match Page | wer das liest ist doof | Foreskings | Written by Aelkyr
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go lanzer and honey

go lanzer and honey
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germany vs israel monkaS

germany vs israel monkaS
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hahaha you are all doof

hahaha you are all doof
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MOOGLE will be mercing for Fischkopf.

MOOGLE will be mercing for Fischkopf.
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GrumpyKoi, DuMmTm


[quote]GrumpyKoi, DuMmTm[/quote]

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