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Interview with Pandemic's carnage
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August 1, 2012

With Pandemic scheduled for the CEVO-P upper bracket finals with Complexity tonight, I thought it would be good to interview Pandemic's captain. Carnage answers a few questions on behalf of his team:

[iq]Hello carnage. Who are your starting six, how well do you play together, and how often/how much do you practice as a team?[/iq]

[ia]Our starting 6 are as follows - Scouts: carnage, enigma; Soldiers: relic, jaeger; Demoman: Solidsnake; Medic: glue. We've been playing together I'd say for about a month now, our chemistry together is always improving. We try to scrim sun-thurs but it is very difficult for us to get scrims.. :[/ia]

[iq]One of your two regular season losses was to Complexity in the first week of CEVO-P. Do you think Pandemic can beat Complexity in your next match?[/iq]

[ia]Personally we didn't play complexity earlier in the season, it was xensity - we came on their roster and changed it to pandemic during the third week of CEVO-P. The team that we have now is overall a powerful team. The games with complexity will be close but I'm assuming we will come out on top.[/ia]

[iq]How are you preparing for this match and how do you think you will fare on cp_badlands?[/iq]

[ia]Well, we played for about 45 minutes last night, and hopefully will scrim an hour before this match. Badlands is a fun map and our whole team enjoys it, just hope we can keep pressure and constantly push complexity back 8)[/ia]

[iq]There has been talk of adding a CEVO-Main division to give a more competitive arena to the upper CEVO-FREE teams and the lower CEVO-P teams. What do you think of this idea?[/iq]

[ia]I welcome whatever ideas the community has. I think moving down the bottom 3 in CEVO-P and moving up the top 3 in CEVO-FREE will encourage teams to play the best of their abilities. The only thing lacking in TF2 is LAN tournaments...although with the economy the way it is its hard for sponsors to put out that kinda money for an event, one can hope tho right? :)[/ia]

[iq]Where do you see competitive TF2 at the end of 2009? Do you think the game is still strong/growing?[/iq]

[ia]4th Quarter is usually when LANs happen. At the rate that teams have been beating each other recently it would attract a lot of these new teams to participate in the LANs themselves. So if we see a good decently prized tournament, it shouldn't be a problem keeping the game strongly alive, if there's no LAN tournament...then I don't see where there's room for the game to 'explode'.[/ia]

[iq]Thank you for your time and good luck tonight.[/iq]

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man, fix formatting

man, fix formatting
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sorry bro i gotchu

sorry bro i gotchu
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i saw the title and thought this was about coronavirus for like a half second lol

i saw the title and thought this was about coronavirus for like a half second lol
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