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#29 Worst nightmare you've had? in Off Topic

No wonder you like David Lynch films..

posted 6 days ago
#22 KRIT Esports - TF2 Announcement in TF2 General Discussion

Scroll down to the Hall of Fame table and your can see the sign-ups, and you can see the bottom section of the table labelled "Season 20 and later Premiership winners (Tiered System in effect)".

I would've linked to the table directly but idk how to on mobile..

posted 6 days ago
#20 KRIT Esports - TF2 Announcement in TF2 General Discussion


Correlation obviously doesn't imply causation but there is a clear difference in numbers between the old system and the tiers system. This is just one factor in the decline of tf2 - it doesn't mean too much, I have a few theories other than this one though, when combined they provide a fairly adequate explanation by my standards, at least in terms of EU tf2 (though I'm sure there's someone out there that has identified similar patterns in NA).

posted 6 days ago
#12 KRIT Esports - TF2 Announcement in TF2 General Discussion
n0orgs in tf2 are nice

what's drawing them in tho, especially when the game is in this state? by pretty much any outsider's standards we're a dead game with little future.

I dunno man, comp tf2 has been shrinking as a scene but esports in general continues to grow, if there are organizations trying to get a foot in the door and they want to start with tf2 because it's familiar, I don't see why we shouldn't support them. They get a bit of exposure and bring some credibility to the game - it's a win-win no?

Beyond that, I think tf2 is getting back into an upward trajectory because we're finally starting to introduce more lans back into the scene - the importance of which cannot be understated - as well as regular cups with prizes. I think the last real hurdle (assuming we keep making progress in the other areas) is to make sure our leagues are relevant and not systematically flawed (I'm looking at you etf2l, if anyone thinks tf2 has always been dying have a look at etf2l sign-ups before and after they introduced the tier system, it goes from steady numbers to sharp decline).

I'm not an overly optimistic person with matters like these but I don't think it's completely unrealistic for tf2 to be at least somewhat worthwhile, financially speaking, in the not too distant future.

posted 6 days ago
#12 ETF2L S28 PS-BR1: nunya vs. Ora Elektro in Matches

Rising has ran over better teams in the past, don't see why he won't do it again.

posted 1 week ago
#22 I made a podcast/discussion on growing tf2 in TF2 General Discussion

I'm just gonna throw this idea in the mix: don't spend your time in TF2 with the preconceived notion that its dead or that it will turn into something big - just make the most of your time.

If you really care about the game, you should be willing to spend what time you can in it to make it somewhat better, and if you just wanna play a video game, just enjoy it. It shouldn't matter what role you play in the community, just pursue your interests to the best of your ability. Time obviously plays a factor, and I don't recommend sacrificing massive amounts of your time to better TF2, but if you are one of the many that spends a lot of hours in this game regardless, why not try and make something of it?

If you are a low level player who plays 30 hours a week anyway, maybe its time you try a bit harder to improve and put a bit more thought into your development. If you're getting into something like streaming or casting, try looking for feedback and working on your weaknesses rather than enforcing your bad habits. Even if you've already made it to a high level of play, don't get complacent and jerk yourself off about the tiny amount of fame or respect you've gotten - just keep getting better or try to help others do so (do you really wanna inflate your ego for 20+ hours a week just by beating worse players in mge/pugs? Is that really the best use of your time?).

I'm being a bit harsh but there's so many people that waste so much time in this game with minimal effort and minimal return, and its just dumb to see that that is the response to the few people in this community that put in ridiculous amounts of effort and time. I don't expect TF2 to be around forever and I'm not gonna make it the center of my life by any means, but I want to be able to look back on my time with the community and say that it was time well spent. Maybe it goes somewhere but I don't really care if it doesn't. I know I've developed as a person and built good relations on the way - and that is way more finite than any promises that you, me or Valve could make at this stage.

edit: hey man, you're being productive by making a podcast so keep doing what you're doing

posted 2 weeks ago
#54 i61 photos and videos in LAN Discussion

I know nothing about photography but I feel like if I did I would be just as impressed as I am now

posted 2 weeks ago
#8 i61 Stats and Analysis in LAN Discussion

Iatgink med kill rate.. confirmed magic maker..

posted 3 weeks ago
#12 User script: Sort by frag count in Site Discussion

dont worry about upfrags just b urself

posted 3 weeks ago
#40 What's TurboTabs running away from? in Off Topic

Uberchain going hard with these photoshops holy shit

posted 3 weeks ago
#74 SWEDEN????? in LAN Discussion

cu@ if the weather allows for it

posted 3 weeks ago
#40 i61 photos and videos in LAN Discussion
FribsHere are all the pictures that me and Ash took, including the community photos. Sorry there isn't more, especially of teams/players - I kept getting distracted by the TF2!

Beautiful gamers :')
Also lmao the staff pictures outside oh dear

posted 3 weeks ago
#22 etf2l prem s28 in TF2 General Discussion
greenrabHey Kermit what happened to the Scottish national team for prem dream


posted 3 weeks ago
#27 i61 Feedback in LAN Discussion
Darkdwarf+ Nuze (underutilized, imo)

The crew wanted me to do it from the start of the event pretty much, but I wasn't comfortable doing it with the set up we had initially because I knew it would've limited the quality of segment. As per my request, they set up another spec PC for my use which allowed me to analyse how I like to, and it was only once I thought I could do it properly (in time for UBF) that we used it on stream.

I would've liked to have done it earlier and more often, but given the state of my voice this weekend and the time it took to plan the actual segment (I hadn't seen the interface prior to the event), I felt that this was all I could manage. I would expect that in future events I'll be able to do this much more.

posted 4 weeks ago
#41 i61 Thanks in LAN Discussion

Firstly, much love to everyone in the community for showing up, it was nice to put faces to so many names, and to hang with the faces I already knew :D

Thanks to all the invite teams for putting on good games, seven played insanely to win that final
Thanks to all the various crews and circlejerks for your wonderful conversation
Thanks to multiplay, even if they did cut off the swelan announcement on the big screen..
Big thanks to all the production staff and mercs for adapting our schedule and accommodating my dying voice, we did really well to communicate over the course of the weekend to keep shit (mostly) on track, if we weren't doing all of this consistently the quality of the stream would have suffered.

And a fucking MASSIVE thanks to Wolf, Heny and Jon - you guys put a stupid amount of work and time to make this event what it was at such short notice, it really speaks to me that despite all doubts about this lan, you managed to put on an event to accommodate everyone (changing the invite group schedule on short notice for 7 must've been a logistical nightmare). I really hope anyone that was doubting essentials can see how well this turned out against the odds, and I really look forward to working with you guys in future <3

Cu@ swelan :D

posted 4 weeks ago
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