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#8 Se7en reforms roster for Rewind II in News

Forgetting thalash was kinda nuts on flank scout for full tilt?

posted 3 days ago
#39 If you could change your past, would you? in Off Topic

I definitely wouldn't because I consider myself overwhelmingly lucky up until now

posted 5 days ago
#9 Se7en to Rewind 2 in LAN Discussion



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kaptain is gonna POUND
posted 1 week ago
#61 Your main class in TF2 General Discussion

+ when using a really obscure sticky trap for a really specific situation actually pays off
- being the default focus target in every​ team fight

posted 1 week ago
#49 What do you LOVE about tf2? in TF2 General Discussion

The depth

posted 1 month ago
#38 Habibs brother? in e-Sports


posted 1 month ago
#6 cp_stitched in Map Discussion

For what it's worth, this map seems really intuitive to learn from playing it a few times, definitely moreso than a lot of other new 5cp maps.

posted 1 month ago
#6 Why do all the top medics have breasts? in The Dumpster

You know tftv is getting stale when you start to differentiate between good shitposts and shit shitposts

posted 1 month ago
#85 spotify year in review in Music, Movies, TV
CondoMnuze my main man
99.9% is such an amazing album, I was surprised never hearing about it before

Insane production, great collabs, the chillest of vibes and one of the best album covers I've ever seen - what's not to like?

posted 1 month ago
#100 lol b4nny in TF2 General Discussion

Banny, you do realize that the nature of all these forum threads and criticisms directed your way isn't purely because of your actions in a pug environment, right? You do realize that these are essentially just the catalysts for many community members to express their frustration with you as a representative, which is about so much more than individual incidents of drama here or there, right?
It's not about being objectively right in matters of debate. Call it what you want and take from it what you will, but I can't read multiple threads like this (even if you were objectively right and infallible in every case), and pretend that there isn't​ a real clash between many of the people that are passionate about tf2 at multiple levels and the fact that you are such a figurehead of the community at this point.
It's not necessarily your fault, I don't think you aimed to be in this position but it came as a byproduct of your success as a competitor. The community certainly didn't elect you and that's where the issue lies for many people. You are representing people that don't want you as a representative, and obviously this upsets many. I don't really have any suggestions on the matter, but let's just call it what it is.

Edit: it goes like this
Banny makes himself look bad
Community: LOL this is the face of our game, we esports now
Banny: my actions are justified
Community: r u retarded
Banny subs: he's right!
Getawhale: memes

posted 1 month ago
#12 ETF2L S28 GF: SVIFT vs. Ascent.EU in Matches

Hooray for mercs

posted 1 month ago
#53 spotify year in review in Music, Movies, TV
CondoMpretty cool ty spotify

I only found kaytranada in the last couple of weeks and ive been listening to him constantly, those top 2 songs of yours are Kreygasm

posted 1 month ago
#33 spotify year in review in Music, Movies, TV

posted 1 month ago

Music, Movies, TV

posted 1 month ago
#4 TF2 update for 11/21/17 in TF2 General Discussion

Medi beam bug.

posted 1 month ago
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