News Author Published
Copenhagen Games 2019 announced by bleghfarec Jun 20
Velocity eSports EU brings some pocket change by Aelkyr Jun 19
OMNI5 ESports disband by bleghfarec Jun 16
The Bus changes part of its Crew by Aelkyr Jun 14
OMNI5 ESports shakes up roster by Hudsyn Jun 9
i63 announced with £7,500 prize pool by bleghfarec Jun 7
Mentality Esports sign Invite team Team Invite by bleghfarec Jun 6
ETF2L Season 30 Premiership Preview by Aelkyr May 28
Velocity expand to Europe, acquire BrainSense™ by bleghfarec May 23
Ascent.EU reform with all-French roster for Season 30 by Wylenn May 22
Thaigrr temporarily banned from ETF2L by bleghfarec May 22
Velocity loses Kryptonite, makes speedy replacement by bleghfarec May 21
New God Flow joins the show by bleghfarec May 21
TFCrew swaps medics by Tery_ May 14
ETF2L Season 30 Announced by bleghfarec May 13
Velocity whets its roster for Season 28 by bleghfarec May 11
Ascent unveils new roster for ESEA Season 28 by Hudsyn May 10
ozfortress Season 22 Announced by obla May 3
fwishy: "The long-term goal is to keep 6v6 available for anyone that wants to play" by concorde Apr 30
kaidus: "An expectation to place second is not good enough" by bleghfarec Apr 28
ESEA Season 28 Announced by Hudsyn Apr 24
bear departs from Velocity eSports by bleghfarec Apr 23 2018 live this weekend by uberchain Apr 21
ESEA Season 27 Invite Playoffs Preview by Smin Apr 2
Copenhagen Games Team Preview by bleghfarec Mar 29
Copenhagen Games viewer's guide by uberchain Mar 27
powah: "I'm happy to see that the scene keeps in movement somehow" by bleghfarec Mar 26
Ora Elektro and OMNI5 Esports EU join forces for Copenhagen Games by uberchain Mar 21
The Bus Crew cruises on down to Copenhagen Games by Smin Mar 20
MGE Chad adds up for Copenhagen Games by uberchain Mar 20
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