News Author Published
Faint Gaming drops roster, reforms as woodpig quantum by Koncept Nov 6
SVIFT NA says goodnight to Thaigrr, adds marmadukeGRYLLS by uberchain Oct 25
Faint Gaming swaps pocket soldiers by Koncept Oct 22
Weebtunnel Tactics announces roster shuffle by Smin Oct 22
Cat Noises get Linkuser by Tery_ Oct 16
Ascent completes starting roster with showstopper by Koncept Oct 10
Faint Gaming swaps scouts by uberchain Oct 9
Ascent bids farewell to rando by uberchain Oct 9
Ascent acquires top5rocket by Smin Oct 8
ANTIC disbands by Koncept Oct 6
etney joins The Sparkle Gang by Tery_ Oct 6
Black Swan acquires mirrorman by Tery_ Oct 5
LunatiK eSports becomes Black Swan by Tery_ Sep 26
Cat Noises pounce into Invite by Tery_ Sep 26
froyotech says goodbye to botmode, acquires sigh by Koncept Sep 26
top5rocket swaps two by Koncept Sep 26 suits up for Invite by Tery_ Sep 25
The Sparkle Gang joins the fray by Tery_ Sep 25
SVIFT announces NA team to compete In ESEA invite by Koncept Sep 25
SVIFT reforms roster for ETF2L Season 28 by Koncept Sep 25
LEGO rebuilds roster for ETF2L Season 28 by Smin Sep 23
Faint Gaming revamps for ESEA Season 26 by Tery_ Sep 22
Ascent swaps corsa for paddie by Koncept Sep 21
Esport United Community Rumble announced by Koncept Sep 21
Velocity eSports swaps scizor with knuck by Koncept Sep 12
Ascent.EU descends and disbands by uberchain Sep 12
sheepy dog's hand says goodbye to Weebtunnel Tactics by uberchain Sep 9
Essentials.TF Season 0 announced by uberchain Sep 8
Pot8o and T0m leave ANTIC by uberchain Sep 6
WARHURYEAH joins Weebtunnel Tactics, sheepy dog's hand returns to main roster by nyk Sep 6
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