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629 CappingTV [CS:GO] Astral Influence vs. PC419 - ESEA MDL S29 AU Relegation
193 b4nny If you love the guilt then let it die [MarketPlace.TF]
14 TempusTV TempusTV 24/7 CHRISTMAS Jump Records !servers
9 Fargoth one last weapon to get [!help, !sr on]
8 ether mid ass tf2 is a retard
6 jayhyunpae testing maps pug
3 max4 pug
2 faithless 2018 pocket scrims
1 Karenb [TF2] just some casual gameplay
1 Saint PoE | right click to win
1 DyerTF 3x master long realm stream tonight bois (assuming internet cooperates)