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#40 WarOwl Likes TF2 Community in TF2 General Discussion

youtuber: "oh man the tf2 community was so nice i cant wait to play more competitive it's great to see such a welcoming community"


posted 1 day ago
#15 Soda can dan in Off Topic

posted 1 day ago
#30 Ban b4nny 2: Revised and Revisited in The Dumpster

We Live In A Society.

posted 1 day ago
#3 Hunter 2.0 LFT (Maybe?) in Recruitment (looking for team)

bully_hunter 2.0

posted 3 days ago
#7 Six-figure Froyotech in TF2 General Discussion
georgebaiithe first team to break six-figures in total tournament earnings for 6v6

who's the first to break six figures in hl

posted 3 days ago
#3 Tftv adverts in Bug Reports

wtf who doesnt use ublock origin in 2018

posted 6 days ago
#45 "Overwatch League - The Safe Space of Esports" in e-Sports
capnnofapnidk why esports companies think making esports more professional will make it appeal to moms and dads. normies probably imagine it as being all professional when they first hear about it, think its silly to take video games that seriously, and then they come across an overwatch match on espn-whatever and see exactly what they thought they would see.

Blizzard wants the best of both worlds with esports and sports. They want the cheap and young talent and production from esports and the "professionalism" you see in traditional sports. You saw this best of both worlds mentality when Overwatch first released where Blizzard said they were "astonished" by the amount of support Overwatch got as a "competitive game" and as a "grassroots esport" (LOL), whilst also working with Turner to sponsor the ELEAGUE Overwatch Open, which got OW instantly onto television and solidifying OW not as a grassroots esport, but a developer-produced esport, not unlike almost every one of Blizzard's other "esports".

The reason they want this isn't to attract the attention of the normal viewer, because they already advertise Overwatch League heavily and stay in the news due to the fact it's an esport and "wow these young people are being paid to play video games competitively!" circulates heavily amongst news outlets. By providing a clean and professionalTM space that's inclusive, they also bring in sponsors, advertisers, and investors who can all make a safe bet that Overwatch League will be big because Blizzard is very proactive about pumping money into their esports, it's gaining a lot of viewership amongst millenialsTM, and Blizzard is boasting that OWL is going to "change esports and sports forever!!!!!!!".

And all of this brings in dough for Blizzard. Blizzard makes fucking BANK off of Overwatch League because player costs are almost entirely on the orgs (including the $20 million they got from the orgs for the OWL spot), production is super cheap, and they have a shitload of other methods to monetize the Overwatch League. They sell tickets for people to watch the games live in the studios, they have in-game Overwatch League skins with some of the profit going straight to Blizzard, they get a chunk of the profit of all real life merchandise of the OWL Teams (e.g. Dallas Fuel shirts), they make money off ads on Twitch, they have a bunch of sponsors and investors, they have exclusivity deals with companies like Twitch, and they just recently launched a subscription service for the Overwatch League that includes stats and shit that you'd see for free in other scenes like with HLTV except less in-depth. All of this while Overwatch continues to sell copies because Overwatch League in of itself is a marketing gimmick, as Overwatch continues to stay in the news with outlets posting about happenings within the scene.

Overwatch League is such a meticulously crafted marketing gimmick and it's amazing how much money Blizzard has managed to get out of people and corporations with a mechanically shallow esport that's horrible to watch if you don't play the game yourself. The thing I worry most is how other companies will follow Blizzard's example, such as the Clash Royale League (yes this is a real thing...), and what effect this will have on esports.

posted 1 week ago
#1 Quake 2018 Esports Schedule in e-Sports


posted 1 week ago
#27 The TODAY show yikes' out over esports in Videos

they picked overwatch because for some reason overwatch is the only game that any publisher actually advertises and advertises heavily as an esport

valve doesnt advertise dota 2 or csgo or tf2 at all because they're lazy fucks

who gives a shit about hots, wow, hs, or starcraft esports lmao

smash actually gets some reasonable coverage on local stations (e.g. hbox on his local fox news, and his local fox again) but it's still only a grassroots esport

riot markets league only so much

and every other esport is irrelevant

posted 2 weeks ago
#17 nukkye is as good device !?!?!?! in CSGO General Discussion

nukkye's team is currently ranked #19 in the world

posted 2 weeks ago
#4 What are the main 6s leagues/pugs/lobbies at? in TF2 General Discussion has gained some traction in the month it's been open. It's pretty good.
it thinks i don't have the game. are there any other sites?


posted 2 weeks ago
#1 ozfortress trialing 7v7 in TF2 General Discussion

pretty exciting to see a major tf2 league try a new gamemode besides 6v6! lets hope other leagues follow suit

posted 2 weeks ago
#5691 stream highlights in Videos

posted 2 weeks ago
#3 Stewie2K in CSGO General Discussion


posted 2 weeks ago
#21 Team names you never got to use in TF2 General Discussion

Not a name, but I decided to make a logo for some team named "Downfrag eSports" in Open

I sent it to one of their players and apparently they had just died right when I sent it so rip

posted 3 weeks ago
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