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#2 Unplayable lag at random intervals in Q/A Help


Still receiving 60 updates per second but you're only sending 4-6 updates per second (167ms to 250ms between each update). This would lead me to assume either your ethernet controller or your wireless TX radio is going bad. More likely the TX radio is going bad than the ethernet controller. Only tips I can give you is get closer to your wireless AP see if still occurs and try a wired connection (even if it's for only 10-20min) to see if still happens.

posted 7 hours ago
#5 Display Hz different from monitor hz in Hardware

Thanks, I use Displayport, as Dual DVI causes my monitor to flicker and artifact.

I have hardware accel on chrome and it still shows 60 hz on I checked my adapter settings from right clicking windows > display settings > display adapter properties > monitor. I put it on 144 hz, but when i apply and keep changes, i close the tab and open it again, and it shows 60 hz.

EDIT: It's all good. I did mat_info in cs go and it says 1920x1080 at 144hz

Thank you all for your input and help! <3

Something else is limiting your refresh rate then at the desktop. Probably some really dumb windows 10 setting that I don't recall atm cause there's a handful of them that does this.

posted 8 hours ago
#12 Micro stutters/input lag only in Pugchamp in Q/A Help
JulezFor some reason my game feels like garbage in pugchamp. Pubs/dm/scrims feel smooth, but as soon as i join a pug it's like i'm playing on half of my fps.
Using mastercoms cfg with the recommended launch options.
Any ideas?
JulezComangliaare pugchamp servers sv_pure 2 or sv_pure 1 with an extensive whitelist/blacklist?

The only thing I can think of in terms of performance difference between pugchamp and a scrim for you is probably the fact you have a browser open in the back ground or possible discord vs mumble. The next time you play pugchamp join mumble+ the server and then alt+tab out and close your browser or at least minimize it and close discord if you have it open.

I also wrote quite a bit on resolving microstutters there might be something that can help you in there

posted 8 hours ago
#3 Display Hz different from monitor hz in Hardware
iodineHi Guys. Sorry for making another thread, but i just wanted to clarify something. My adapter settings for my aoc g2460pf show that i can go up to 144hz, but whenever I set it to 144 hz, it automatically resets to 60 hz in my adapter settings for some reason. However, my nvidia control panel shows that my display is currently on 144 hz.

So I wanted to know if I am on 60 or 144 hz if my adapter settings show 60 hz and my nvidia control panel shows that I'm on 144 hz.

Thanks! :)

Edit: I did the test and it says I have 60 hz. Is there something wrong with my monitor? I am using displayport, which should support 144 hz.

Issue is likely not with the monitor.
"adapter settings show 60 hz" where are you looking for this?

"I did the test and it says I have 60 hz." Which web browser are you using? Internet Explorer doesn't support over 60Hz. Edge doesn't support it correctly (shows my 240Hz as 80Hz rofl). Firefox and Chrome both require hardware acceleration to do over 60Hz.

In chrome for hardware acceleration click the 3 dots in the top right -> click settings -> scroll down and click "advanced" -> scroll down and find the system area -> make sure the slider is to the right (to the left of the button should turn blue) for hardware acceleration
should look like this

In firefox for hardware acceleration it should be on by default for most, but just in case. Click the 3 dashes in the top right -> go to options -> under "performance" uncheck -> "Use recommended performance settings" -> make sure "Use Hardware acceleration when available" is checked.
should look like this if you have to go this route

you may want to change the content processing limit higher or lower depending on your preferences.

posted 9 hours ago
#12 3cp In 6v6 in Map Discussion

I wouldn't be against trying some NEW 3cp maps, but taking a current 5cp map and hacking off 2 points isn't going to do anything other than make said map worse.

As long as we're on the topic of non-default 6s maps it would also be interesting to try a hybrid of 5cp and domination. The middle and 2nd points contribute to a domination Win if a team reaches 100% but if a team is capable of taking the last point the round automatically goes to the team that took last. Not sure if it's possible but it could help resolve alot of the stalemate issues a few maps have, could also be terrible don't know cause I've never tried it and not sure if it's possible.

posted 9 hours ago
#28 why is granary and badlands still in the pool?? in Q/A Help
mmrarktereminder the people asking for gravelpit back never actually played it competitively
want to know what's fun? constant engineers and snipers + gimmick strategies

bring gpit back :)

played it in both HL and 6s ;p

seriously though wtf is wrong with badlands that makes it worse than most of the maps in the current map pool, other than people have played it a million times?

posted 2 days ago
#8 How can i make a team in UGC league in Q/A Help
tmsI want to make a 4s team in na UGC but i cant it ask me to login as a leader or owner but i dint make the team, an when i try to login on ugc dont let me. :^(

ugc is having issues with the steam player/leader logins for some reason

posted 3 days ago
#4 selling some old mice (again) in Hardware
marq$5 FK1('14?) - really don't know which this one is. there's a crack on the top of the frame where the wheel is that is kinda glued but it isn't dire also i'm p sure this has the old button lag.
add me or dm.

FK1 from 2014 should be yellow scroll wheel + yellow logo and say FK1 on the bottom on the sticker. If the sticker is gone the 2014 should also have a small bit of yellow at the base of its top shell.

^FK 2014

The FK1 will look almost identical except be slight larger and the yellow bit at the base of the top shell will be black.

Not 100% on the FK1 from 2014 but the regular FK from 2014 has horrible button lag and doesn't work well on anything other than 125Hz and 500Hz. Plus imo has awkward DPI steps.

posted 5 days ago
#485 TF2 benchmarks in TF2 General Discussion
JDUnwinDoing a realistic report since I doubt most people close everything to play a game these days.

Intel 4770 i7 3.4ghz
32GB ram
970 gtx
3x 1200p displays

TF2 running in Borderless window 1200p
dxlevel 98
16x anis
8x msaa fsaa
mat_picmip -10
fps_max 132
Multithreading on
Highest quality settings in general with only a few performance tweaks

Open apps, browser, rainmeter with system monitors active, several nero instances, hexchat, downloading through steam, jdownloader, multiple explorer windows, command prompts, steam chat group window, 4 virtual desktops.

Results while multitasking, playing a movie on another screen

I put in bold all the things that I doubt most people actually have open/have/or use while playing a game. Seriously "several nero instances" who burns a DVD / rips images while playing games in 2018? Who uses jdownloader in 2018? 4 virtual desktops... More than 2 displays? Also who watches a movie while gaming? mat_picmip -10 doesn't work -1 is the highest quality option available even with sv_cheats currently picmip can be -1, 0 , 1, or 2. Finally, 8x MSAA and 8x FSAA???????

posted 5 days ago
#6514 stream highlights in Videos

some funny ones

posted 5 days ago
#31 Can you solve this riddle? in The Dumpster
GoaskAliceA dad a mum and three kids go on a family vacation to a theme park.

Next the mum takes the dad on the dragon ride.

And the son takes the mum on the water slide.

Lastly the dad takes the mum and all 4 kids back home.

how is this possible

Option 1.
They left little billy at the theme park last year and are bringing him back home.

Option 2.
1 of the "kids" is old enough to work at the theme park or meet them at the theme park. Likely the Son that took mom on the waterslide.

Option 3.
Dad or mom had a kid with someone else who meet them at the theme park and it was Dad or mom's turn to have the kid for a week/whatever and thus went back with them.

Option 4.
"Next the mum takes the dad on the dragon ride." euphemism for sex
"And the son takes the mum on the water slide." euphemism for birth

posted 5 days ago
#10 Micro stutters/input lag only in Pugchamp in Q/A Help

are pugchamp servers sv_pure 2 or sv_pure 1 with an extensive whitelist/blacklist?

posted 6 days ago
#5 What was the most entertaining season u think? in TF2 General Discussion

S11 the top 4 teams were all very comparable to each other.

The seeding from regular season to actual placement basically flopped

1st seed (Flow) got 4th
2nd seed (br0) got 3rd
4th seed (Mix^) got 2nd
3rd seed (LG) got 1st

Really confusing seeing a LG team at the bottom of Invite but also as the winners of LAN. Did LG pickup the "don't trip" team after regular season but before LAN?

owl"every #1-5 invite team was comparable to each other"

it was mix^ and banny team with occasional tri team or whatever bringing up 3rd lets be real

S11 top 4 was still pretty close...

posted 1 week ago
#2959 PC Build Thread in Hardware

Roughly equivalent so get the cheapest.
If all are expensive/not available where you live I can give you some other options.
Thanks. I'd like to see the cheaper alternative motherboards and are these also compatible with the 8700k? I said I'd settle with the 8600k but I'm still deciding if I want to spend extra on the 8700k

Keep in mind you're comparing a 6c/6t to a 6c/12t CPUs. There are very-very few things that'll benefit from the extra 6 threads (Video Rendering and File Compression speeds even then having the 6 extra hyper threads would be pretty negligible). Even from a multitasking standpoint going past 6 threads really isn't that important outside of some specific cases that are very unlikely for someone who's main use is going to be at home/school and gaming.

Though this is mostly cause I'm assuming you're going to overclock, otherwise yeah the 8700k will perform better thanks to the extra 500Mhz of turbo speed. If you don't overclock though the argument should be 8600 vs 8700 not 8600k vs 8700k.

posted 2 weeks ago
#5 corn jokes, and other great puns in Off Topic

My personal favorite pun for my username is Cornmangler.


posted 2 weeks ago
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