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Ascent acquires top5rocket
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October 8, 2017

Following the disbanding of the old Ascent.EU roster after i61, Ascent has been looking for a new European team to sponsor, and just recently have announced that they will be signing top5rocket, who are currently competing in ETF2L Premiership and have been for several seasons.

Ascent initially entered the EU side of TF2 with their pickup of unexpected for i61, where the team would eventually fall short of their aspirations to play together after i61 and disband. However, with demoman Elacour and scout credu previously seen with the Ascent.EU roster before they chose to join the top5rocket roster, the two will see a welcome homecoming to their old brand. This also makes top5rocket the second team to play under the Ascent.EU banner.

Ascent owner Ma3la provided us with his thoughts about the pickup, saying:

I’m super excited to have Ascent involved in the EU scene again, and with a team that has kept a core of players for so long. I’m also thrilled to have Credu & Elacour under the Ascent banner once more, they both showed a load of talent in the last Ascent.EU roster, and I hope to see them and the team reach their max potential.

top5rocket have been kicking around the ETF2L scene since Season 18, making their way into the first season of the High division in Season 20 when ETF2L made the change to their current division system. They made their way into Premiership after they won the High division in Season 24, and have mostly remained in the middle of the tables, with the exception of a 3rd place victory in Season 26.

In addition to their ETF2L results, top5rocket have participated in the Gamer’s Assembly LAN in France for several years, taking 3rd, 1st, and 2nd in 2015, 2016, and 2017 respectively. The team has also seen a number of sponsors in past seasons, competing under the nerdRage banner at the Gamer's Assembly LAN in 2017 and in ETF2L Season 26, parting ways the org shortly after the season concluded following poor results during the regular season.

Medic and team leader Ombrack also shared a few words about being sponsored by Ascent, saying:

Getting picked up by Ascent is a very nice and cool surprise. After we parted ways with nerdRage, we didn't expect or wanted to get involved with a sponsor ever again, but this opportunity was too good to miss, and everyone was on board really quickly. This season really is fresh start for us, with new players and now a new sponsor. Now we're just eager to perform well with our new colours.

Thus, the newly sponsored Ascent.EU will be comprised of:

  • Scout: Neo
  • Scout: credu
  • Roamer: Corbac
  • Pocket: fluo
  • Demoman: Elacour
  • Medic: Ombrack
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Ombracknice and cool
[quote=Ombrack]nice and cool[/quote]
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looking forward to see elacour pounding on demo

looking forward to see elacour pounding on demo
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Go Ascent.EU Elacour!

Go Ascent.EU Elacour!
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Nice! Good luck for all the persons involved. :)

Nice! Good luck for all the persons involved. :)
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god bless ma3la

god bless ma3la
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good boy ma3la

good boy ma3la
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Sminparting ways the org
[quote=Smin]parting ways the org[/quote]
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kmoo0105Sminparting ways the org

Seems pretty accurate especially in context

[quote=kmoo0105][quote=Smin]parting ways the org[/quote][/quote]
Seems pretty accurate especially in context
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