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#83 TF2 Pro League announced in News

I’ve enjoyed it so far. Few problems I’ve had will probably be ironed out naturally (people not knowing how to join discord, IM players rolling the beginner division) but overall this is the most fun I’ve had playing TF2 in awhile. Games are quick to get in to and fairly balanced, I’ve only had 1 game out of 5 where someone left early, and only 1 game where I wanted to die because I was playing medic on a team with 2 roamers and no flank where we got backcapped 6+ times.

posted 2 weeks ago
#22 Happy Valentine's day! in Off Topic
Olghacan't wait for sheepy's post

Did someone unban him?

posted 1 month ago
#206 Rewind 2 in TF2 General Discussion
CaptainZidgelZestyI realise I'm extremely late on this but if anyone has space in their hotel room/ floor I could sleep on let me know I can pay in money.frick dude for $300 you can sleep in the broom closet in my house an hour thirty from the venue.

So helpful

posted 1 month ago
#11 How do you like to spend your weekends? in Off Topic

Staying up late then sleeping in late

posted 1 month ago
#318 Say something nice about the person above you in Off Topic

Quality alias; I, too, am a fan of the telephone.

posted 1 month ago
#4 ETF2L S29: Prem Qual UBR1: The Shack vs Danger Dogs in Events

Go Danger Dogs!

posted 1 month ago
#1 Are there any active pug groups? in TF2 General Discussion

Title. I know this thread is made every month but all the old threads had dead groups and unusable discord links in them. I’m not very concerned about skill level, I just want to play something slightly better than tf2center

posted 2 months ago
#234 NFL 2017-2018 THREAD in Off Topic

Falcons > Eagles all the way

posted 2 months ago
#4 best videogame soundtrack? in Other Games

I really loved the soundtrack for Awesomenauts. Some of the character themes from the first pre-F2P expansion and earlier were really well-done, along with lots of the main menu and in-game music.

posted 2 months ago
#88 What do you HATE about TF2? in TF2 General Discussion

People who don’t play the game and do nothing but suck the life out of those who do

posted 3 months ago
#12 Invite Sponsorship in TF2 General Discussion

Name it Moral Highground eSports

posted 3 months ago
#2 TF2/SFM Blog: "The Seventh Annual Saxxy Awards!" in TF2 General Discussion

2017 Saxxy Awards with a due date in 2018? Well played valve

posted 3 months ago
#2 ESEA S26 UR1: SVIFT NA vs. Ascent in Matches
Azazel-apologies for the late match page, i'm a disaster

But it’s more my fault than anyone else’s

posted 3 months ago
#34 ETF2L S28 UBR1: LEGO vs. Lowpander :-3 in Matches
glassi only clicked on this because i thought there was a site bug :/


posted 4 months ago
#11 ETF2L S28 W7: You Decide! in Events
TurboTabsWritten work for both games posted!

This has gone from upfrag farming to upfrag STEALING

posted 4 months ago
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