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#17 Dunk Masters looking for RGL invite subs in Recruitment (looking for players)
murkscribeHey just to let you know, shotaway. You could do things to make two faced people into one faced people. What I mean by that, is you want them to actively say to your face that your shit right? So give them a reason, to actively to your face. Hate you not only for your gameplay, but to actively hate you as a human being. Let those inner demons and hatred manifest inside of you to manipulate, and emotionally, spirtually hurt their core. My pastor told me in a one on conversation, and told me as a secret to keep only between him and I. Was that he feared incredibly dear for his life, because there was a deranged mentally sociopath that could have possibly finished him off, because they found guns and drugs through a welfare check cause this guy was clearly showing signs. Everyday for years, he had himself nearly to sleep every night. Only through through therapy and confiding his deepest darkest secrets to a therapist, was he able to quell this inner demon. Insert yourself as that individual in every member of this team in which every waking moment they only think of that demonic worst version of yourself. Put them to edge so that when they think about just ending it all, they have a nice bright horrifying image of you. I really hope this helps you btw. Best of luck to you.

Murk, this is your father speaking, I hope you're enjoying college.

posted 16 hours ago
#5 infinite possibilities in The Dumpster

The year is 2070. RocketKING is first round draft pick to Froyotech.

posted 1 day ago
#33 INVITE MONEY PUGS in TF2 General Discussion

You're going to throw in $30 extra to start the first pug?

posted 2 days ago
#29 Newbie Mixes in Events
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Im confused on this part of preparing for newbie mixes

Type: /j #tf2newbiemix
To Select Your Class:

Use this format: !add class


!add pocket
!add scout
!add demo
!add medic
!add roamer

NewbieMixes have migrated to using a steam group, and mumble server. More information here; https://steamcommunity.com/groups/na6v6newbiemix

posted 4 days ago
#9816 stream highlights in Videos


posted 6 days ago
#4 A Formal Outline for Casual 6s in TF2 General Discussion

CaptainZidgel, fuck the haters. I support you and your views. This idea is sick.

posted 6 days ago
#154 BTS 2020 LAN cancelled in News
MitchHey everyone,

Tino_, loris, fingerinthebum_ and the rest of the team are working around the clock to restore the LAN to its original state. KevinisPwn and myself have also been brought on the team to help fill in gaps that have been left empty.

I want to make this clear, the LAN is not completely cancelled but it is recommended if you can refund your bookings you do so.

We hope to bring you an update as soon as we can!

Is there a chance we can get a separate thread that will be used to track the timeline/happenings of the reformed event?

posted 1 week ago
#36 welcome to the tf2 after party in TF2 General Discussion
Mitchwe're definitely going to need a TF2 rewind video now,

this year *so far* in a nutshell
  • Rewind III dies (technically it was this year)
  • ESL comes to EU
  • ESEA and ESL died
  • RGL becomes the NA main league
  • TFCL and NaCl dies
  • Nursey pedophile
  • Beyond the Summit announced
  • alfa gets banned from BTS
  • BTS dies
  • Dashner finally gets caught out
im sure i missed a lot
what's next?

I request the CasualTF sequel.

posted 1 week ago
#2 LF non tragic chicago server for semi finals in TF2 General Discussion

I can supply if you still need, add me.

posted 2 weeks ago
#7 When will the second season of RGL sixes start? in Q/A Help


posted 3 weeks ago
#9 My game crashes when I play 6s in Q/A Help

Have you checked your ram usage leading up to crashing?

posted 4 weeks ago
#6 knsume lft :D in Recruitment (looking for team)

walking anti-aircraft cannon (doesnt miss airshots)

posted 4 weeks ago
#5 Big Cash LFT in Recruitment (looking for team)

There doesn't exist a player in this community who has better positive mental attitude. His presence is easily one of the keystone reasons that we won a few of our matches by motivating the team pre-game and keeping us calm, cool, and collected. Great understanding of the game on a macro level and would easily fill a main caller role on any team. Awesome fella and the community could use more people like him

posted 4 weeks ago
#2 boxcar lft in Recruitment (looking for team)

was a genuinely enjoyable teammate for the entirety of the season, average-slightly above average soldier dm, always fun to talk to in and out of game. my only critique is that she talks more which could be fixed playing a combo class and being more in control of the core combo. Worth a tryout on either soldier or scout

posted 1 month ago
#34 what mge server are we gonna use in TF2 General Discussion
Hedgewould prefer that the server is in chicago like most rgl/scrim servers (not new york, not kansas, not denver)

chicago is very expensive to host in, the price is easily +33% of what it would cost to host in kansas/denver and probably +20% of new york pricing)
Kansas literally offers almost every with ~40-50 ping so theres no reason to not use it other than 5 pingers whining about not getting 5 ping

posted 1 month ago
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