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#26 ETS LAN 2013 announced in LAN Discussion

will probably go if there's gonna be another good tf2 turnout like the last event

posted about 7 years ago
#3 Wireless adapter? in Hardware


posted about 7 years ago
#12 Competitive-minded Pyro Mod in TF2 General Discussion

pyros can crit or minicrit you by looking in your general direction and the airblast has been turned into an airvaccuum that prevents even the attempt of dodging but what the class really needs is the ability to stun

posted about 7 years ago
#14 30 60 120hz in TF2 General Discussion

the first time you play on 120hz basically feels like you just entered a frag video

posted about 7 years ago

i bought tickets in case i wanna go down did that this year and then didnt have my passport in time

not 100% since its still p far away but ill probably go, won't be doing BYOC tho

posted about 7 years ago
#20 Seanbud did a video in Off Topic

that was fast golly

i wasnt trying to imply you are only gaming with her for the e-tang btw there is just a whole SCHOOLYARD CRUSH TEASING vibe in dis vid i thought it was cute but i guess not!!!

posted about 7 years ago
#18 Seanbud did a video in Off Topic

seanbud how big is your e-crush on wreath on a scale from 10-10

posted about 7 years ago
#10 Question for Boomer/Blaze in TF2 General Discussion

how many times did you switch sens this season reed

posted about 7 years ago
#5 Completely Wrong in Off Topic

because you are just such a naughty girl ps add me to steam

posted about 7 years ago
#66 TF2 Competitive Pet Peeves Thread in TF2 General Discussion
NeoRussiaDo you call out whenever you can get crit healed? As far as I know I am the only one that does, never heard anybody else call so I'm guessing this is why a lot of medics aren't good at timing them or crit healing in the first place.

yes and this is pretty common afaik, i hear other people doing it regularly "crit heals behind u"

i also dont actually run into this problem ever anymore cuz i play with good medics but it was annoying once upon a time

posted about 7 years ago
#2 Question for Boomer/Blaze in TF2 General Discussion

probably because steam servers go down for both of them at the same time l0l

posted about 7 years ago
#21 Setting up a "secret admirer" gift. in Off Topic

Here's the thing with crushing on a friend

It is impossible to be more than friends without risking the friendship

You either have to go for it or give up on it, there's no magic middle ground where you can kinda sorta hint at it and if she's not interested then she can ignore it and you'll continue being friends.

If she does like you she probably feels similarly where she doesnt want to risk the friendship, which means that if you only hint at it she is going to be unsure whether you're serious, and she may decide not to take it seriously just because she doesnt want to fuck up your friendship, and then you won't know if she acted that way because she doesnt like you or because she is also insecure ETC ETC

You either have to decide it's worth the risk and clearly/confidently make your intentions known and put yourself out there, or give up an find a way to get over your feelings for her so you can really be platonic friends.

One thing I will say is that you need to do one or the other, don't keep being friends while you have feelings and hope they'll just go away because that shit will eat away at your soul. You need to take steps to get past the feelings or act on them.

posted about 7 years ago
#53 TF2 Competitive Pet Peeves Thread in TF2 General Discussion

medics who don't understand how crit heals work and continue healing a 180hp soldier in safe spot to 300 even though he just ate a spam rocket and you are at 10hp with full crit heals

medics who don't buff before an uber push even if you have a large advantage

teams that play so ridiculously aggressive that it throws you off even though they're not really being effective

soldiers that think scout is easy

scouts that think soldier is easy

playing against scouts that lag so bad they teleport and take 0 damage when they should be a constant free pick, while spouting off about how their lag is a disadvantage

teammates that bail randomly in a fight you could have won because they're hurt, even if enemies are hurt more or focused on you


basically fuckin everything which is why i only play with my team/friends

posted about 7 years ago

new observation:

remedy and phife - related?

posted about 7 years ago
#88 Qutting TF2 in Off Topic

hes not depressed cause of tf2 he's using tf2 as an escape from his depression instead of trying to confront his problems

it's a good decision

come back after you feel better and can just play when you want on your own terms for funsies

posted about 7 years ago
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