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#5 Cant connect to servers .... in Q/A Help

Removing my hud fixed it for me (I was using jungle inferno updated m0re)

posted about 4 years ago
#635 update is released in TF2 General Discussion

valve seems to still not understand how the übercharge build rate works

posted about 4 years ago
#2 Babdysky is over ? in The Dumpster

dontcha think this is a bit of a personal thing that doesnt need a public forum topic?

posted about 4 years ago
#68 Ways to discourage stalemating in 5cp in TF2 General Discussion

Like others mentioned, map design. I'll just quote myself from an older thread:

skeejSince Quake was mentioned I tried to compare these kind of scenarios to Quake dueling as it simplifies the matter by having only 2 players. Why does Quake not have complete stalemates, or why does Quake have semi-stalematey situations that still remain interesting for both the players and the spectators?

In TF2, having CP3 can be compared to being in control. Having more round wins than the opposing team in TF2 is the same as having more frags than the other player in Quake.

On most maps in Quake it is not uncommon, and possibly even expected, to see a player out of the lead and out of control make a comeback, regain control, and make frags. Why does this happen? Because being in control in Quake is an active process and requires the player in control to give up positional advantage to maintain said control (circling the items means you will be traversing positionally disadvantageous areas). Also, as the player in control, staying completely passive and defensive between the major items allows the player out of control to gradually even the odds (stacks) by circling the minor items. Whichever the case, there is almost always some kind of possibility for the player out of the lead and out of control to make a comeback (up to certain limits of course). To retain game dominance, the player with the upper hand is forced to take certain risks constantly.

Now compare this to TF2. Being "in control" (having CP3 or CP4) is a passive state. Staying in control does not require the players to sacrifice superior positioning; in fact, the opposite is true: Keeping superior positioning is what maintains the control! Positioning in TF2 is a goal in itself (getting the position on CP5 means you win a round point) and not a means to an end, like in Quake. The means to an end in TF2 are the frags, as opposed to Quake.

With the nature of comp TF2 being about scoring through position and frags only being a means to an end, how can we ever fix this problem? Stalemates are indeed a natural state of the game; they are a result of the scoring meta.

Without changing entirely how comp TF2 works, I think the only solution can be found in changing map architecture. Why, when we talk about stalemates in TF2, the maps we see recurring are snakewater, gullywash and granary? All these maps have no open chokes between CP2 and CP3, and CP3 often offers a huge positional advantage (mostly height advantage) towards CP2.

Especially on snake, if the team in control (has CP3) has good spam on the chokes, its impossible for a roamer from the CP2 team to try and make a force play. Its near impossible for the demo from the CP2 team to do good spam (standing at the bottom medpack near green its hard to get a good spamming position without receiving more spam damage than you deal, and standing in saw room you will already get spammed before you even get close enough to the doorway to get a peek onto CP3. Compare this to badlands choke where the team that has CP2 can lob pipes/stickies through choke with enough room to dodge the counter-spam, and can launch bombers to make a play relatively freely.

So obviously badlands does a better job than other maps (of course, it's the best fucking map), but I propose we should experiment with new maps (or modified maps) that enable teams out of control to make plays more easily. This means that transitioning from CP2 -> CP3 should actually provide a positional advantage instead of disadvantage. The team that has CP3 already has logistical advantage (spawns) and another advantage for simply having a buffer before they can lose a point (if you lose CP3 you still have CP1 and CP2 before you actually are put back score-wise).

This means that we could experiment with maps being designed with an overall valley/dip style layout, where CP3 is the lowest point on the map, and where CP2 is elevated over CP3, so the team out of control can push with positional advantage. It should also be relatively easier to spam from CP2 to CP3 than the other way around. With this layout in mind, there is incentive for both teams to push. The CP3 team will have a worse position and will draw the shorter straw spam-wise if they keep that position, and will therefore eventually risk losing control of CP3, so it's in their best interest to push towards CP2/4, also just for the sake of eventually getting close to CP5 and actually scoring a point. The CP2 team will be incentivised to push for the sake of already having positional advantage and wanting to get out of their out-of-control (cp-wise) situation.

I hope that some of this makes sense and maybe some smart mapper will take the effort to experiment with these unorthodox map layout ideas.

note: I don't play Quake, I only watch a lot of streams and vods, so I might make some noobish or short sighted observations about its meta.
posted about 5 years ago
#86 Sideshow? in TF2 General Discussion

Awww dude :(

Thanks for all your efforts. Everybody can sink their time into playing a video game, but it's the things that you've done around it that count.

posted about 5 years ago
#225 Rest In Peace Britian in World Events
sac the fact that the turn up is so high and it's vastly the older generation who voted for leave, shows it is the people en masse with the most experience and wisdom in life, who decided in favour of leave. As if some 20 y-old college kid in gender studies has a better idea of how the world works than their grandparents.

1. After a certain point in life, cognitive function worsens with age
2. Older people generally have less ability to gather information compared to young people
3. After a certain point in life, a person's social circle decreases in size. The chance of interacting with non-likeminded people decreases, therefore your own beliefs get challenged less and less.

I see no reason to assume that elders make smarter decisions on things like this.

edit: Oh and then there's also this thing where the tendency towards nostalgia becomes greater with age. Because why believe that the future will be better, when you probably won't be part of it? Believing that the past, the time that you lived, was better, seems like a good coping mechanism when reaching the end of your life. In this case that means an EU-less past

posted about 6 years ago
#36 TF2 Dream hack photos and videos in LAN Discussion

omfg the best xD

posted about 6 years ago
#23 dhs thanks/shoutout thread in LAN Discussion

Shoutouts to everyone who was there. Sick event.

Shoutout to my team mates, you guys are wonderful.

Shoutout to the production crew and casters. The production value was astonishing. So damn impressed; thanks for your hard work.

Shoutout for Milky for being so hospitable. Would this event even have been able to go through without you?

Shoutout to the other teams for playing well and being great people. Same for non-playing attendees. When lately your "TF2 life" mainly consists of just showing up for scrims and officials, you lose a bit of that community feeling, and relations might feel a little cold and distant from an online perspective. But when you actually get together, you realise again how unique it is to have this single thing in common, and how fucking cool it is how we are so passionate about it. I wish I had more time to chill with people. You guys are great.

Same for Jönköping and the rest of what I've seen of Sweden by the way; amazing place, lovely people. A+++, would go back again.

edit: Oh yeah and thanks to the donators and organisers for making this possible of course! Thanks to all the other orgs and sponsors that were involved, awesome that you guys believe in TF2.

posted about 6 years ago
#51 How do you like your steak? in Off Topic
drshdwpuppetsous vide to 120-130 with a super hot sear in a cast iron after. Just got my immersion circulator and its the best kitchen utility I've ever purchased.

Which one? I backed the Nomiku WiFi on KS but it's taking ages to release..... Now I just ghetto sous vide in a big heavy pan put in an oven, or in my beer cooler. It works for steaks, but I have to check the temp at least every 90 min so I can't do any long cooks.

posted about 6 years ago
#37 how do you like your chicken in Off Topic
ILLEGALELEPHANTGUNbuttermilk fried chicken recipe

Nice recipe! You forgot to add salt tho? Salt the chicken at least 1hr in advance and put some salt through the buttermilk and/or flourmix/spice mix.

Im usually a bit more liberal with herbs in my buttermilk fried chicken. Cayenne, chipotle, my own dried/t oasted chili flakes mix, maybe some thyme, mustard powder, cumin, white pepper.

Recently I found out you can get amazingly intense chicken flavoured maillard crust by frying skinless chicken al scorching hot temperatures. Use skinless chicken thigh and fry it in extremely hot oil (use peanut or rice bran). Leave it on one side until it is deep dark golden brown and do the same for the other side(s). Works with boneless skinless thigh too. The chicken will be cooked to quite a far doneness level, but for thigh thats ok since the collagen and fat keep it juicy.

Chicken breast is only good if you don't go over 66C°. Normally people take it way beyond that, because they dont wanna see any pjnk cause they think they will die. If you never had properly cooked chicken breast then youll be really surprised by the tenderness and juiciness when you do.

For a whole chicken, spatchcocking is indeed the way to go in terms of easiness/deliciousness ratio. Can't go wrong with piri piri or lemon/thyme.

I don't cook chicken that often. Usually when I do, I do oven wings, cause it's just so fucking good and requires nearly no effort. I base my recipe off the technique where you toss the chicken with salt and baking powder at least an hour in advance (up to overnight) and place the wings on an oven rack in ur fridge to let the skin dry out for extra crispiness. See:
Tossing with Frank's Red Hot and butter is classic but sometimes I like to do dry wings, and coat the wings with spicy spices in advance (or halfway, if the spices seem to burn too earlu) to keep maximum crispiness.

posted about 6 years ago
#4 How do you like your steak? in Off Topic

Lol :D.. Like I told uberchain yesterday:

Depends on the cut and the content of inter/intramuscular fat and collagen.

Although its not the most perfect doneness for all steaks, medium rare usually yields good results. The doneness definitions can be a bit vague though; I prefer speaking in terms of exact temperatures (medium rare is 56-57°C for me).

Best way to cook is reverse sear or sous vide, unless your steak is really thin.

posted about 6 years ago
#39 Summer Reading in Off Topic

Im listening to the audiobook version of Bill Bryson's A Short History of Nearly Everything, on my way to Dreamhack.

posted about 6 years ago
#23 DHS Fundraiser Showmatch: Crowns vs. Comfortably Spanked in News

Yeah, heart warming guys. Amazing, thank you.

posted about 6 years ago
#113 Mass shooting in Orlando in Off Topic
ShooshdizastaShooshThis is sickening, politicians need to stop giving out their "thoughts and prayers" and actually do something.
Difficult to do anything now that it has already happened. It's easy to be afterwise.
I'm not saying that they shouldnt do it, I want people to live too. But the pure fact you have to give out your thoughts and prayers to a mass shooting is sickening, and its even worse when you have to constantly do so, now that is fucking horrible and shitty.
Address it from happening in the first place, stop giving your stupid retrospective thoughts and start being presumptive.

The problem is that there exists no "quick fix" to prevent terrorist attacks or any form of excessive violence from happening.

Actually the worst thing that can happen from this is politicians making kneejerk reactions (if not because of public pressure) and implementing changes that either increase problems in the long run, or create completely different problems (like limiting freedom and privacy, see PATRIOT act etc etc)

posted about 6 years ago
#16 Opion on using 2 diffrent sensitivites in TF2 General Discussion
unskilledskeejBurningSmileDear god, Ill have that fixed.
No offense intended btw... It just sounded hilarious when I read it to myself in my head. Sensitivites might be my new favorite word.

only sensitivites get offended by pointing out misspelling

Don't forget about the people who suffer from chronic sensitivitis

posted about 6 years ago
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