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#59 Mannbase Alpha (5cp) in Map Discussion

This is likely the last version of Mannbase where I go out of my way to update it. That doesn't mean it won't get future updates. If the map gets played in a league or receives sufficient feedback I will be more than happy to update it.


There are many small refinements and a few very large refinements. There is one change that might not be the best for competitive play (this being the back door to quake room being added back in), but it is a feature that to me is very key to Mannbase.
So here are the changes.

• Removed small ammo and HP pack red side second. Didn't realize this wasn't symmetrical, my bad.
• Adjusted the ramps up to the point in mid. I feel this improves movement in this area.
• Added back the back door to the quake room. Should help attacking into second from middle.
• Removed window in quake room. Hoped it would be used to sac into second but this was just a bad idea. Window was too small + scouts could just sit in there and deny soldiers.
• Split up lobby slightly. The wideness of lobby was always a complaint from players, this doesn't directly fix this but should make fights closer range.
• Moved one of the spawns doors at last back. Nerfs resup binds.
• Added a cart on last next to a wall. It's a tiny change, but should help attackers a tad.
• Removed no-builds on last.
• Flattened last slightly.

• Adjusted lighting in dark areas.
• Replaced brush details with props.
• Detailed shutter door frames.
• Removed the buggy textures mentioned above.
• Detailed various places all over the map.

posted 1 month ago
#2 The Top 20 Oceanic Players of the Past Five Years : #20-#16 in News
lizrd-wizrdwheres alt?


posted 1 month ago
#36 cool album covers/art in Music, Movies, TV

Get to Heaven

posted 4 months ago
#18 Valve is getting in contact with Mod Devs in TF2 General Discussion
stephLess of a "Valve is getting in contact with mod devs" and more of a "mod devs reach out to valve and valve c&ds them immediately after being made aware of their existence because they are or were using stolen src code and or assets" lol

hasnt valve known about these projects for actual months, to the point where they were playing the mods in their studio

posted 10 months ago
#7 koth_soot in Map Discussion

Really solid work here Spleep, liking what you've got so far.
The map in general does feel quite cramped especially the areas just before the point, I think if some of the routes were made longer and also wider it would feel a lot nicer. A few more displacements in the areas with a lot of height variance will hopefully smooth out the gameplay areas.

For example this area could do with a connecting displacement where my crosshair is:

Think this area is a little cramped, it's giving me this area from clearcut vibes. I think it works a lot better on clearcut however because of the length. There are also a couple cases where the staircases are quite steep.

This article is a pretty good resource on staircases. 1:1 stairs are ok but generally only want them sparingly, 1:2 is more preferable.

Keep it up, keen to see what else you put out. Really promising so far.

posted 11 months ago
#55 Mannbase Alpha (5cp) in Map Discussion

B19a - Gameplay Refinements

We back, just wanted to say a quick thank you to RGL and all the players for playtesting the map. I got a lot of great feedback from new faces :).

p.s. I'm probably going to forget a decent chunk of stuff. Again.


Gameplay Changes:
• Blocked off sightline on last from right side spawn (defender persp)
• Raised floor on last
• New window in Quake Room to prevent stalemates, should make sacing and aggressing easier.
• Re-added the flank on middle.

Also fixed up a bunch of issues both gameplay-related and graphics-related.

posted about a year ago
#53 Mannbase Alpha (5cp) in Map Discussion

B19 - Preparations for RGL cup based on recent feedback

First want thank everyone for the excellent feedback I've received over the past month or so. The survey I put out into the ozfortress community really helped to give me an idea of how people saw the map. Which up until now I wasn't really sure.
Quite a few gameplay adjustments have been made and FPS has been improved.

There likely won't be a new version until after the RGL cup. So make sure you get your feedback in before then, however, if there is anything game-breaking I'll do my best to get it fixed.


Gameplay Changes:
• Middle has been redesigned slightly. Moved the ramp you walk up to mid further back so you get height earlier. Added boxes on the point for more cover to push up. The rock on the cliff has been removed.
• The flanks on the mid have been cut in half, stopping the enemy from getting into your flank. People didn't like these but I still wanted that staircase up to give attackers some height.
• Doorway in Quake Room that leads towards window room has been removed. Wanted to focus the fight a bit more and differentiate it from other maps.
• Last has been squished in slightly, this should help defenders force meds if they push in from the right side (defenders pov).
• Choke has been reduced in size. There are now some steel beams above choke so soldiers cannot jump to the moon (earth?) and get to the back of second. (Im not sure about this change because people liked it was easy to sac but tbh it was kind of OP)
• The ramps in and around choke were quite steep so I raised the floor a bit, you hopefully will feel like less of a dwarf in those areas now.
• Ledge just outside choke (second side) has been lowered.
• Health packs in window room, lobby, and second have been adjusted. (just the small ones)
• Moved some props around that offered cover.

FPS and Optimization:
• Lowered the amount that gets rendered on second when standing mid and vise versa.
• Asteroids in the skybox no longer cast shadows (this improved FPS with the 3d skybox on a decent amount for me)

posted about a year ago
#51 Mannbase Alpha (5cp) in Map Discussion
turbochad69There are 'intermittent' missing textures on all of the pipes for me ( I have been scratching my head trying to figure out why they're sometimes missing but sometimes not and I can't figure it out.

I have found that the textures are more likely to be missing if I've loaded a different map before mannbase, and the textures always show up normal after a matsys reload like changing mat_specular or mat_phong.

huh, I haven't seen that issue with the map before, it's possible there is another map that uses those same pipes but has them slightly different? Do you know if it happens with all maps or one in particular? It's unlikely ill be able to fix it for B19, because I need to have it out in time for the rgl cup, but ill be able to fix for b19a/b20 whatever comes first

turbochad69I also have fps issues on this map, specifically bad fps when standing on 2nd looking towards mid or standing on mid looking towards 2nd, as if there's little to no occlusion going on between them. It's probably barely noticeable on non-toaster gpus though.

I've closed up the skybox a bit between second and middle so fps should be better in that case

posted about a year ago
#50 Mannbase Alpha (5cp) in Map Discussion
iylymainly when looking tward the next points. i dont have a very good pc and barely run the classic 6s stuff at 144. and yeah ever since i downloaded the map the ground texture has a sheen of missing texture.

mat_bumpmap 1 will fix that many graphics cfgs do that, not an issue with the map.

posted about a year ago
#47 Mannbase Alpha (5cp) in Map Discussion
iylyI am having issues running this map above 144 on a solo server and am having alot of missing texture issues. also imo i dont like the flank route on mid. i feel like the mid is honestly good without it and it will go unused.

Not really sure how you can be having missing texture issues. The map was just ran in an ozfortress cup and didn't get any complaints. I did however get a few complaints about FPS (however not as drastic as 144 on a solo server). The FPS issues will hopefully be fixed in B19 which will likely be out later today.

Are there any areas in particular where your fps drops especially low?

posted about a year ago
#48 RGL announces upcoming Summer seasons and preseason events in News
zx37What if the S6 preseason map testing cup determined the map (not maps) to potentially be added in S7, instead of S6? The map could be run in pugs and scrims during S6 so that people were used to it and ready for it when it came out.

Who is going to run these pugs? Who will want to scrim those maps? It's hard enough getting players to scrim new maps in the current season, let alone getting them to pug/scrim the maps in the season after. The argument of; "just playtest in scrims and pugs" is so naive.

posted about a year ago
#12 RGL announces upcoming Summer seasons and preseason events in News
doikualright rgl how much are these mappers paying y'all

None, but I have asked for testing. This cup is not what I personally imagined the testing to look like.

segamwi mean... mannbase not that bad...

Appreciate but the map is still a wip and will not be better for competition than maps that are already established.

However, that's not necessarily what people are upset about. Based off what I've read in this thread (remember I don't follow the RGL scene) Players have not been given ANY time to even look at these maps. While mannbase is slightly more established, mist, workflow and craneway are all maps that I doubt most people have even heard of. This is especially bad when the RGL regular season starts the day after.

Recently ozfortress ran a 2 day cup forcing players to run mannbase. Our regular season is still a while away so it meant players had time to digest the map. If RGL really wanst to be testing VERY WIP maps for the regular season they would atleast do this.

Mappers don't want their maps placed blindly into leagues, it's a bad choice for the development of the map and for the competition for the league. By all means place new maps in league, but this is not the way to do it.
I have one more point which is more a vent than anything.
I think that mappers have been getting a bad wrap because of decisions like these from leagues. Remember it's not the mapper that placed their map into the league. It's the league that did.

Sorry for messy formatting etc at work on mobile.

Edit: I'd like to make it clear I am very grateful for this testing. Having leagues notice hardwork is a massive reward for mappers.

posted about a year ago
#2 any australian macbethers? in Off Topic

wtf no

posted about a year ago
#14 feel like pure shit just want her back in Off Topic
ThompsonAre the assets used in rd_asteroid available? Would be so sick if someone could make a space themed 6s map.

dude ikr

posted about a year ago
#43 Mannbase Alpha (5cp) in Map Discussion

B18 - Many Refinements
Been fiddling with the map over the past few weeks. I'm back to work and uni is picking up soon so expect slower updates.

*cough* if anyone is a modeler/texturer dm me *cough*


Gameplay Changes:
• Removed window shutter
• Extended some platforms that use stairs.
• Right door out of spawn room on last has been made smaller.
• Lobby door way into second has been adjusted

General Changes:
• Improved prop fade.
• Improved nodraw.
• Removed phantom entities.
• Weird texture issues.

Lighting improvements:
• Worklights installed in choke to make brighter.
• Dropdown is brighter.
• Lobby had lightning improved.
• Improved lighting on some props.
• Many other areas I cant remember

• Last is more underground.
• Last spawn and second forward spawn has been detailed.
• Perch on second has been made brighter to make more obvious.
• Hazard lines in doorways
• Quake room plants swapped for pipes.
• Dropdown has a pipe
• Above last has a walkway and tanks.
• Ropes above choke and second.
• Quake Room is now underground.
• Window Room is now underground and has a second level.
• Improved structures on mid to be a bit more realistic.
• Weird structures on mid have been made a lil more pretty.


B18a - Fixed middle cap


B18c - Few refinements


Updated stairs to look nicer.
Few graphical problems.

posted about a year ago
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