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#23 Mannbase Alpha (5cp) in Map Discussion

Yo, b9 is here.
Expect b9a very soon with more small changes



Many fixes

· Added new terrain
· Moved boxes
· Added boxes
· More/diff lighting

· Basically the same

· Less sentry spots
· Spawn has been moved forward

· New window into IT

· New window into choke (hopefully this fixes flanks)

posted 22 hours ago
#2 cp_icewind (5cp) in Map Discussion

Oh crap, forgot you dm'd me to look at this. Honsetly the map is looks pretty interesting. Middle, second and the area in between is really cool. It has been a while since I've looked at it but my main feedback is to maybe make it a bit clearer where clipping is (I think there were a few fences and corners that had some weird clipping).

The other point is I don't know if having an entrance into last being open to the skybox is a great idea. I'm sure demos and sollys would love it, but good luck to the defending team, no way they keep their uber.
I think a way to take change last is to "fortify it" give teams more stuff to use to defend, up to you how you do that.

posted 2 days ago
#4 Taylor Swift Fan Club ...Ready For It? in News

im so glad my son has made it <3

posted 5 days ago
#22 Mannbase Alpha (5cp) in Map Discussion

get b8'd
this is an update
from b7
to b8
the map is now b8
Overall theme has been revamped, check the screen below.


• Changed shape of shack
• Increased size of displacement and the texture.
• General retexturing and detailing

• Revamped structure on second
• Move ramp at choke closer in order to improve rollout

• Aligned point better
• Cleaned up staircases
• Move position of shutter slightly
• Window revamped
• General detailing

• Revamped

Quake Room:
• Revamped (sorta)

Window Room:
• New route into second

posted 1 week ago
#3 cp_korea (5cp) in Map Discussion
album of some stuff

Honestly, I don't see anything glaringly wrong with this map. I think that a lot of work can be done on it gameplay wise, but its an in dev map so :shrug:
Playtest it in some discord groups/with friends and those issues will eventually be ironed out.

In terms of the look of the map I think maybe you've simply placed props without much thought. For example these lamps that are at head height. I just feel they could be raised higher.
Also this texture (while I know does sort of fit in the theme doesn't make much sense because it just makes me think of Halloween maps.)

As #2 said change the lighting, I understand the orange and the fallout theme but it really is just over bearing.

posted 1 month ago
#23 favorite jump in a jump map? in TF2 General Discussion
somethin about that wall sync

posted 1 month ago
#6 how to make stairs splash properly in TF2 General Discussion
Collaideim losing braincells reading this. its been known for a long long time that blockbullet fixes it. no need to act like you are a secret genius or something.


Anyways, most maps deal with this by using a blockbullets brush. if you use "r_drawclipbrushes 1", you'll probs find that most stairs don't look clipped. This is because it's using a blockbullets brush which doesn't show when using "r_drawclipbrushes 1".
I haven't heard of using phase+player clip but I feel that it's unnecessary.

posted 2 months ago
#1 stream change in Requests

sskaz to skaz_tf


posted 2 months ago
#58 Environments - TF2 Edit in Videos
MouldI don't think cyanic, now that he isn't involved in tf2 anymore, would mind me saying there was originally plans to do an environments 2 that was supposed to go much much further, but I dropped out that project months ago and I'm guessing it's cancelled at this point, which is a shame

There were plans and also quite a bit of progress done. The project has however been canceled until cyanic chooses to pick it up again. Honestly a shame it's been cancelled, env 1 is probably my favourite piece of tf2 content ever created.

Myself and others had done some mapping for the project so there is content there. Maybe someone wants to pick up where cyanic left off for env 2?

posted 2 months ago
#20 Mannbase Alpha (5cp) in Map Discussion

lemme swing past the b711
again its b7


• Reduced height of shack, and rotated orientation.
• Changed pack under the point to a medium.

Quake room:
• Windows blocked off, added window shutter.

• Made it easier to traverse

• Moved satellite away from the control point.
• Made right door larger
• Removed windows from shutter.

posted 2 months ago
#5 cp_subbase (5cp) in Map Discussion
ireYou can also try hitting up row to add it to Map test pugs

I admin this server, if youre down I can get pugs in AU and EU going

posted 2 months ago
#6 villa bugs in Map Discussion
yightfeels really awkward to play and there is a lot of weird clipping but with some changes it could be good, the mid is the worst part of the map i think

... nice edit

posted 3 months ago
#19 Mannbase Alpha (5cp) in Map Discussion

like a b6 like a b6

its b6
Slight improvements to both flanks, second and middle.
Minor clipping and aesthetic changes.


• Stairs to the point closer to choke.
• The point is not as tall high.

• Changed to a dropdown.

• New room to help defenders.

• Adjusted slightly to make the point feel more comfortable.

posted 3 months ago
#18 Mannbase Alpha (5cp) in Map Discussion

high five its b5

Reworked second and choke(ish)
also dome is gone :(

Show Content


• Clipping fixes

• Its completely different

• Clipping improvement
• Adjusted spawns

Window Room
• New height variations/details

posted 3 months ago
#17 Mannbase Alpha (5cp) in Map Discussion

"this has got to be a good idea"
it be'eth b4'eth time'eth

Refinements and detailing
Most of this update is fixing issues that people had with b3a and adding in some extra stuff.
I am looking for feedback on the transition area from choke to second.

• Added a dome to the map (modelled and textured by /dev/zero), may be disorientating/unpleasant but would like feedback on the theme.
• Changed sun
• Lighting improvements

• Last spawns moved more to the right to help rolling out right side
• Middle forward spawns moved backwards to stop accidental opening of the door.

• Capture zone extends below the point
• Mini health pack on perch’s
• Shack and barrels have been moved to decrease the power of sightlines from the new room on middle.

• Given attackers into second from quake room high ground

• Flank side improved for holding
• Improved detailing
• Added catwalk on the wall above under
• Added window to lower
• Added high ground behind the point
• Increased height of wall flank side
• Added a platform on combo side

Middle Flank
• Added an open window that players can use to enter the new room. (Intended to help players to stop flanks)
• New raised platform for detailing/gameplay detailing.

• New raised platform intended to help pushes through choke, whether pushing into second or middle.

Quake Room
• Decreased the amount of doors into second to 2
• Made traversing the room easier
• Doors are larger to stop meds getting forced

• Added Jump pad modelled, animated, and textured by /dev/zero
• Moved health pack

Window Room
• Added second floor for detailing purposes, makes the room slightly (very slightly) more choke-ish

posted 4 months ago
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