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#12 RGL announces upcoming Summer seasons and preseason events in News
doikualright rgl how much are these mappers paying y'all

None, but I have asked for testing. This cup is not what I personally imagined the testing to look like.

segamwi mean... mannbase not that bad...

Appreciate but the map is still a wip and will not be better for competition than maps that are already established.

However, that's not necessarily what people are upset about. Based off what I've read in this thread (remember I don't follow the RGL scene) Players have not been given ANY time to even look at these maps. While mannbase is slightly more established, mist, workflow and craneway are all maps that I doubt most people have even heard of. This is especially bad when the RGL regular season starts the day after.

Recently ozfortress ran a 2 day cup forcing players to run mannbase. Our regular season is still a while away so it meant players had time to digest the map. If RGL really wanst to be testing VERY WIP maps for the regular season they would atleast do this.

Mappers don't want their maps placed blindly into leagues, it's a bad choice for the development of the map and for the competition for the league. By all means place new maps in league, but this is not the way to do it.
I have one more point which is more a vent than anything.
I think that mappers have been getting a bad wrap because of decisions like these from leagues. Remember it's not the mapper that placed their map into the league. It's the league that did.

Sorry for messy formatting etc at work on mobile.

Edit: I'd like to make it clear I am very grateful for this testing. Having leagues notice hardwork is a massive reward for mappers.

posted 6 days ago
#2 any australian macbethers? in Off Topic

wtf no

posted 1 month ago
#14 feel like pure shit just want her back in Off Topic
ThompsonAre the assets used in rd_asteroid available? Would be so sick if someone could make a space themed 6s map.

dude ikr

posted 1 month ago
#43 Mannbase Alpha (5cp) in Map Discussion

B18 - Many Refinements
Been fiddling with the map over the past few weeks. I'm back to work and uni is picking up soon so expect slower updates.

*cough* if anyone is a modeler/texturer dm me *cough*


Gameplay Changes:
• Removed window shutter
• Extended some platforms that use stairs.
• Right door out of spawn room on last has been made smaller.
• Lobby door way into second has been adjusted

General Changes:
• Improved prop fade.
• Improved nodraw.
• Removed phantom entities.
• Weird texture issues.

Lighting improvements:
• Worklights installed in choke to make brighter.
• Dropdown is brighter.
• Lobby had lightning improved.
• Improved lighting on some props.
• Many other areas I cant remember

• Last is more underground.
• Last spawn and second forward spawn has been detailed.
• Perch on second has been made brighter to make more obvious.
• Hazard lines in doorways
• Quake room plants swapped for pipes.
• Dropdown has a pipe
• Above last has a walkway and tanks.
• Ropes above choke and second.
• Quake Room is now underground.
• Window Room is now underground and has a second level.
• Improved structures on mid to be a bit more realistic.
• Weird structures on mid have been made a lil more pretty.


B18a - Fixed middle cap


B18c - Few refinements


Updated stairs to look nicer.
Few graphical problems.

posted 2 months ago
#1 Refresh: Warmtic in Map Discussion

I will no longer be working on this project. The download has been taken down. It is likely someone else on the Refresh team will continue the development.



The map has been uploaded to and can be selected as "koth_warmtic_f1" when renting a server.

Current version: koth_warmtic_f1
Latest update: 3/02/2021


"Refresh:" is a series aimed at making maps more suitable for 6v6 and other gamemodes. We took the opportunity to use our experience to fix the issues with map geometry as well as minor aesthetic and performance improvements. We humbly invite you to try out these changes and offer your feedback, so that together we are able to increase the quality of the competitive map pool.


Warmtic has been around a while in Highlander but we noticed it was getting quite low reviews from players in ETF2L's last poll. Most changes you'll see here aim to only improve gameplay, not change. All perch spots have been kept in, besides those above the spawn doors.


Show Content
HDR has been lowered slightly.
• Removed unnessarcy lighting left over from koth_arctic.

• Slightly better FPS (maybe lighting entities left over from koth_arctic have been removed,
these are necessary anymore because the map isn't at night)

• Given props that need it prop fade.
• Improved when props fade out.

• Most props/brushes that created movement issues have either been deleted, clipped or
had their collisions disabled. (Perches have stayed, however perches above the spawn doors have been clipped off.)

• All stairs have been given blockbullets

• Gaps on side of the point have been filled with concrete.
• Little pole like object that sticks out on the ramp to the point
has been removed and the ramp has been extended to the shipping crate.

• Wooden platform connecting shipping crate to balc has been smoothed and clipped.
• Lower has been clipped, lights have had their clipping removed.
• Clipped ceiling in side rooms.
• Fixed texture bugs
• Removed broken window

• Cleaned up, its still just as dangerous but you wont get stuck in crouch. (possibly a controversial change, let me know what you think).

• Cleaned up.
• Ladder clipped with block bullets (wont have same issue has rc4 with getting caught).

• Sewn a displacement .
• Filled hole in truck.
• Filled hole in wall next to truck.

• Hiding spot cleaned up (want feedback from spy players)

• Cleaned up.
• Stairway to balc has been cleaned up.

• Removed broken window.
• Removed rubble.

The full photo album can be found here


We are currently looking for skilled mappers to join our group! We have projects currently in the works that we would love to share with you. We are proud and happy about the work we do and the impact it has on the game as we grow with it. Please add R0boprod or HOI if you'd like to work with us!


Jackylegs, Roboprod, Harris0n and everyone else on the Refresh Team for taking me on and helping get this map cleaned up.
Hanz for creating Arctic and Popcorp for pushing the map further and creating Warmtic <3

posted 2 months ago
#42 Mannbase Alpha (5cp) in Map Discussion

Cheers for the feedback on b17, I've fixed up a few issues pointed out by Adnurak and others :)



B17b - moonlabmountain maintoun lab moonbase mannbase is maountain lab
Wanted to do a lil bit of detailing above lobby.
Few optimizations in terms of prop fade and what gets rendered on the map.
(also new 2d skybox)


(there are probably more changes but I cant remember them)
• New rock you can use to get onto new rock this rock is above another rock. rock.


B17c - Phantom displacement removed


posted 2 months ago
#11 Refresh: cp_steel in Map Discussion
KevinIsPwndon't call me lazy because i agreed with someone that the naming scheme of a project might be slightly misleading. ego much?

dude spend 87 hours on the map
if you have any real feedback pls go to the gullywash thread

posted 3 months ago
#41 Mannbase Alpha (5cp) in Map Discussion
AdnurakHeaps of feedback :o

big thankies, will be making sure I fix up all of these, kinda hoped I could get away with the see through wall on second, guess I got a bit too keen on optimization. will get the update out tomorrow :)
also glad someone has spotted the secret :p

posted 3 months ago
#39 Mannbase Alpha (5cp) in Map Discussion

Thanks to everyone that played the CappingTV Summer Brawl and played Mannbase. The feedback I've received has helped me gauge what the community wants from the map.
B17 contains quite a few changes to middle and various changes to areas around the map.

This isn't an incredibly large update as I'm trying to be cautious with large changes after people are just learned the map.


General changes:
• Small optimizations.
• New clipping.
• 3D Skybox lil more interesting

• New ledge/window in IT.
• Compacted the area outside quake room and changed the platform into a rock structure.
• New ledge outside quake room.
• New pipe to stand on above IT.
• Removed texture bug.

• Rock added.
• Pipe added to assist players on the little step up.

• Added a new wall outside spawn to make last feel shorter.
• Removed sentry spot next to the same wall.

Qauke Room:
• Moved the health pack to assist different demo rollouts.

• New pipes to offer cover and a new way to duke. (did this because while lobby does feel quite large I didn't want to actually make it smaller if this isn't enough then Ill make some more extreme changes.)
• Changed the window to a darker shade so it looks more like a window and less like a hole in the wall.
• Changes lighting.

Window Room:
• New pipe and

posted 3 months ago
#22 The Case for Elijah in TF2 General Discussion
liasI have always been sus of eli/mxr circlejerk, but I'm not sure that outwieghs my distrust of rgl. I think if you're gonna ban someone for cheating you should provide the community with the material used in the decision making. This is a great opportunity for RGL to show some fucking spine and defend their decision.

this sounds a like great way for cheaters to learn how to hide their cheats

posted 3 months ago
#38 Mannbase Alpha (5cp) in Map Discussion

Large update to further ready the map for the upcoming summer brawl.
Most fixes have been for camera work to be slightly improved but also to just make the map look nicer.


• Added OOB area on last
• Detailed last
• Detailed choke
• Detailed mid
• Changed green pipes to black/white ones
• Better HDR
• Better Lighting


Largeish update to further ready the map for the upcoming summer brawl.
Most changes are optimization but there are also a few graphical changes around the map, this should be the last change before the summer brawl.


• Detailed lower lobby.
• Detailed above lobby.
• Added nebula to red side in 3d the skybox.
• Added details in window room.
• Added details to lobby.
• Added rocks around the map.
• Added vents around the map.
• Raised wall next to the mini hp in middle.
• Lowered HDR intensity.

posted 3 months ago
#1603 best pub quotes in TF2 General Discussion

KoolKroc27 : *kissies you*
KoolKroc27 : *farts on pyro*

posted 4 months ago
#37 Mannbase Alpha (5cp) in Map Discussion

Small update to refine a few things.
Fixed up general brushwork and some texture inconsistencies.


• Replaced window with solid wall/detailing, this was done due to some glitchiness

• Replaced pipe with ramp also due to glitchiness.


B15b - Visibility Update

• Made mid brighter.
• Plants have returned to quake room to make it more unique.
• Improved lighting in quakeroom/second/mid



B15c - ready for league play update

• Clipping issues fixed


posted 4 months ago
#36 Mannbase Alpha (5cp) in Map Discussion

Small update meant to improve the fight at choke and sightlines on last.
rgl forum thread here:


• Extended ledge on quake room balc

• New ledge

• Closed off sightline on left and sightline to under

posted 5 months ago
#29 Mannbase Alpha (5cp) in Map Discussion
_flacglad to see the jump-pad is back ;D

mannbase deserves more attention, I'm loving b12b so far!

Yeah, so I've been thinking about this a lil. I don't really mind so much that people aren't replying, I kinda understand why and I don't blame them. Community members putting their own time into a project that probably won't affect them is a bit of a rare gift for mappers. It's not like I believe I have the right to feedback, I don't.

The map is getting downloads on and is being playtested fairly often, and afaik is being enjoyed by enough people that I feel I don't really need the feedback from TFTV users (Don't get me wrong, I'd fucking love some). I'm happy with the development and feedback it's getting, doesn't need to be from here. Despite the lack of attention it's getting on TFTV, I keep this thread updated in case there is a TFTV user that is watching this thread.

I have worried that posting updates is somewhat spammy but eh fuck it.
I'll keep updating it until I stop updating it.

posted 6 months ago
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