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#11 Sixes - Season 1 - Update #2 in TF2 General Discussion
JaguarFiendYou should really partner up with the TF.TV production people for the casting side of things. If you want the finals casted on the RGL channel (or whenever it is that you need to get the biggest view volume, you said) I'm sure they can do that for you as well. It's just a shame and a waste to not utilize the experienced, awesome people that our scene produced over the years.

We reached out to the tftv production head right now, louster200, about a week ago, to let him know we'd be happy to do some sort of merge or figure something to work together in general. Beyond the initial conversation, we've heard nothing back from them.

For the Grand Finals itself, it's certainly a possibility to potentially have a tftv person join our talent for the night. Obviously, we do not have that stuff set in stone right now. We generally just look at who's been the most consistent and strongest throughout the season for casting and if there's a pair that's been working well together.

posted 2 months ago
#1 Sixes - Season 1 - Update #2 in TF2 General Discussion


First and foremost, our survey has had a great response so far, but we want to make sure that all voices are heard. If you are a North American Sixes player or someone who’s interested in trying North American Sixes, please take a few minutes to take the survey.

We will close the survey this Friday (the 21st.) We will make an announcement with the results and changes to the first season shortly after.


Registration is still open. After a week we’ve had over 65 teams started and looking like six-seven prospective Invite teams so far. Don’t forget that our early bird registration deal ends tomorrow (Tuesday) at 11pm Eastern. You can save 20% on your personal or team registration.

Register @

New Head Admin

The reason for this announcement though is to inform everyone of some staff changes for our first season. Yari Qwerty was out of the country for funerals and other family related things. Yari and I talked on the weekend he was coming back to America and he came to the conclusion that he needed to step down. He realized he was not in a good place mentally to take on running a league, after everything that has happened. Self-care comes first and we at RGL all sending him some positive thoughts his way.

With that, we needed to find a new head admin to take over. One concern that people had was over the experience level of Yari and while we had the utmost confidence in Yari. Because we firmly believe that good admining comes from someone’s personality and passion, not their ability to hit meatshots. However, we decided to hear players concerns and aim to get a player who’s been around for a while, passionate about sixes and plays in Invite. The player we’ve decided to go with has been playing in ESEA for over 10 seasons, with the last season being his fourth inside Invite. He’s been involved in RGL leagues as a player since the beginning and is very passionate about the sixes format: Daffodil.

New Admin

We’ve also expanded our admin team by one, and we’ve added Pablo, the medic from the Invite team Dunk Masters, and we are looking forward to what he can bring to the admin team.

RGL Production Team

Finally, though our admin staff appears to be set for the first season, we are continuing to look to expand our production team. We are looking for current or former players to help bring some experience to the RGL sixes production team.

The first additions to our team are Marmaloo, Shamoo and Sandblast who will help with casting some matches when they are not busy with their own. If you’re interested in helping out please contact @sigafoo#0685 through discord or steam.

posted 2 months ago
#20 RGL unveils Traditional Sixes League details in News

Alright, it's been a long day of writing and working with our awesome admin team. We've made several changes to the upcoming season.

You can read about all of them and take the survey @

Notable things that are changing

Match times:
Default times are moved to 10:30 for IM/Main/Advance/Invite,
Open moved to 9:30.

We will use the survey to confirm moving these times are correct.


The survey will collect opinions on which whitelist to use and weapon bans, which will determine the whitelist used for S1. Either a possible modified ESEA or the global whitelist.


Removed Kalinka, Whether or not we use clearcut or another map in its place will be decided by the survey.

Midseason Anti-Poaching (Invite only rule)

This rule is being suspended indefinitely for 6s.


There is more in the article where we help to clear up some of the concerns and explain ourselves better on topics from the initial article. We also talk about our some new production talent and our admin team.

posted 2 months ago
#12 On NATF2's Future in TF2 General Discussion

Read through the document and thanks for clarifying some points you made in it over DM with me. We're definitely keeping this and everything we've read so far in mind as we release our changes and survey tonight for updates for the first season.

posted 2 months ago
#13 RGL unveils Traditional Sixes League details in News
sigafooWe also will be releasing a statement tomorrow night with some revisions and changes we're making for the first season after reading through feedback.

Just an update on this, we are currently mid-way through the article where we will be addressing concerns and changes we'll be making. We also have the survey done that we'll be releasing at the same time to get feedback from the sixes player base to help inform us on what direction people want to go with things like the whitelist, maps, and other stuff.

It'll probably be around 10 pm Eastern after I have a meeting with another Invite leader, just in case that meeting brings anything to light that we should change.

posted 2 months ago
#2 RGL unveils Traditional Sixes League details in News

Here is the quote that was requested by TF.TV but not used in the article about what RGL can and plans to bring for the sixes league, namely growth, community-based admining and ultimately success.

RGLIn less than two years we went from the smallest league to the largest league in NA and that wasn't by accident. RGL is about one thing, community-based admining. We listen to our community and adjust based on feedback. We're not afraid to try new ideas for a season or a cup, but if it doesn't work? We don't continue it, we change, pivot and we grow.

Our Prolander league grew by about 35% from Season 5 to Season 6. Our Highlander format has grown every season, and our current season is up almost 30% compared to last season. Our No Restriction Sixes league was the largest single Sixes league in NA last spring, with 17 teams made up new to comp players.

These things don't happen by chance. People continue to come back to our leagues because of the quality, thoughtfulness and care that we put into them. We are very excited to bring sixes into our line-up as we believe our already large playerbase can give sixes a new rush of players to join in. And we are looking forward to making this format as successful as our other formats have been and continue to bring growth to competitive TF2.

We also will be releasing a statement tomorrow night with some revisions and changes we're making for the first season after reading through feedback.

posted 2 months ago
#145 Announcing Sixes - Season 1 in TF2 General Discussion
corsaDaffodil-Just for the record, sigafoo also attempted to get a representative from the paddie/corsa team as well.
as far as i know, neither of us were contacted

I didn't contact every team in Invite, as generally more voices don't always make the decisions better. Often too many voices can stifle decisions because too many people trying to express an opinion. "Too many cooks in a kitchen."

I contacted the leaders that I've already worked with in the past to some degree. Which was b4nny and Lucrative.

Daf is a long time player in RGL and ESEA and I've had conversations with him in the past about various TF2 things. So I added him.

Then I wanted three more leaders to balance out that. I basically just went top down on rankings from ESEA Invite. I saw Ascent, so I reached out to Ma3la. Reached out to ford gaming which directed me to Sandblast. I reached out to Garbuglio (cafe monsters), who declined taking part in it. So then I added Space Pirates, who directed me to Shamoo.

Pretty straight forward, used the contacts I already knew and reached out to ones I didn't to fill in the gaps.

posted 2 months ago
#123 Announcing Sixes - Season 1 in TF2 General Discussion
EasyEI think that the sandbagging rules are a good step in the right direction, but I still don't see the point of banning people from offclassing in lower divisions. Wouldn't it be rather simple to just ban players from playing their mains in lower divisions? If they switch back to their mains the other team could just report them and get a free win.

However this could cause some issues as the admins would have to decide what players are too good on what classes, but with situations like phantom it hardly makes sense to ban him from "sandbagging" on demo in lower divisions just because he can play medic at a higher level.

I think our article explains our position well:

RGLA desire to off-class to avoid being called sandbaggers is something players regularly request. However, the thing to remember about the overwhelming majority of teams with off-classing players is that they will only off-class... until they lose. Almost every “off-classing” team will not finish mid-table because they are there “just to have fun;” almost always they either switch back to their mains mid season once they start to lose, or make playoffs just to switch back to their mains and try hard.

When ranking teams we don’t take “off-classing” into effect very much and rank teams based mostly in what they can do at their full potential.

To expand on this...
The way that it works is that we look at the quality of a roster, separate from the claims of off classing and place you on that. So if you make a high level Invite roster, but everyone is "off-classing" then we'd say you can off class in Invite all you want. If you are an Invite player and you have a roster with a mix of skill level. Then it'd make more sense for us to place them down a div into Advance.

And if your team of off-classing players can perform at a mid-level in that same div that they're playing in. Why should they be dropped down a div just so they can win it? If off-classing is truly just a fun season, then winning shouldn't be as important and a mid-table finish can still get you into playoffs.

Because when it comes to off-classing/sand bagging, if you fuck up and allow someone in too low of a div. You've fucked over an entire division. If you placed a player too high, you fucked over one person/team and you can always adjust for them next season. And given how much sandbagging has been accepted and prevalent in NA leagues prior to us. I think taking a more cautious approach in favor of the many, not the few, is the better way to go.

posted 2 months ago
#110 Announcing Sixes - Season 1 in TF2 General Discussion

I think all of your points are fair and I think our goal should be to come to some universal standard. I just got done chatting for a little while with you on discord, as I wanted to understand your position better and explain mine as well. And I appreciate you taking the time at 5am to chat with me <3.

I think it's just a difference of mindset. What's more important, being able to be nimble and adaptive to your community and league. Or be more structure and plotting.

I would argue that RGL's success is in part because we've are very open-minded to our own community. Listen to concerns, criticisms, and ideas with an open ear and go from there. We aren't afraid to try new ideas and push them forward or pivot and change if they're not working.

What we want, is what you want, which is what everyone wants. Growth in TF2. And I think it's just a balance of what will get us there and we think part of what will get us there is having a nimble and adaptive mindset.

posted 2 months ago
#107 Announcing Sixes - Season 1 in TF2 General Discussion
Gritoma ... Asking about what the ringer policy is ...

So a couple of different things, we have always lowered the price of playing as a rostered player throughout the season. So come playoffs is 50% of the starting price.

We haven't got it set in stone, but our plan is to create a new system where players can purchase a small block of passes. (e.g. you pay to play in 3 matches, rather than a full season.) Then every match you play in it removes from your stock. Whether that's with your team or with another ringing.

Marmaloo@sigafoo How are you going to stream all your leagues on just rgl? Are they at different times or all different days?

Matches are going to be streamed on our RGL channels either RGLgg or RGLgg2, we'd cover 1 to 3 matches per week. One thing that was mentioned is that we'd like to try to work with Invite teams to purposefully stack their matches so we can do double match coverage on the same night, but that'll depend on how willing the invite teams are to do that. What times for the matches? I'm not sure, as many teams reschedule their matches.

Hopefully, though we'll have one night which is a consistent night with a match that we cover. Probably Wednesday.

EDI: I also reached out to Marmaloo directly and clarify on the first part. He was asking how are we going to cast 4 formats at once. We aren't. The plan is to have only two formats per "season." We have the main season which is 10 weeks for our most popular formats. And then an 8-week "offseason" for the other formats.

beatrice1. who will the admins be? were they voted on or are the application based? how much does exprience weigh in the selection of admins?

I have about 6 admins right now who are actively slotted to be working with us. We didn't do any voting, not sure how that'd work, but they applied. I talked to them 1 on 1 and went from there. Currently, our admin staff for sixes is light on experience, which is not great, but fortunately, I've had several people reach out who are higher level who are interested.

So we might be adding in 2-3 more higher level players who are more familiar with the community and can help rank players better for placements and such. At the very least, we might "contract" some players in the pre-season to help with rankings.

We will be making our staff public in our next public release about the season, once we have it 100% sorted with who's doing what divisions, etc....

beatrice2. what is the ringer policy?

See above

beatrice3. i understand you're very strict when it comes to alias rules, but what's the rule for players who are known by different aliases, like garbugio/purpleshirt or campy/xaler. what about phlps or dingo who've been playing with different aliases for a while at this point, will they have to use phlps and dingo? if you change your alias on the rgl website will that count as an alias change?

We don't let players change their name lightly. They need to have it, keep and sustain it. The other thing to is that we don't enforce aliases outside of casted matches. Mostly the aliases policy is for the viewer to be able to easily track players season over season. Also also not get confused when someone get's called garbugio over and over again, despite the stream name listed as purpleshirt. I don't think that experience is good for viewers who are not in depth in the scene.

We have changed names for players on the site a few times, so we are willing to do it.

beatrice4. will you enforce alias rules in official match servers even if it's not being casted?


beatrice5. what happens if team's can't agree on a server and there's no official servers avaliable?

As it would stand now Home team would have to choose a server where both teams get a reasonable ping. If a server cannot be found, admins can help them obtain one which works well enough for the situation.

glasswhat happens if 6 players of higher skill than the weakest listed invite team pull together a roster? swap? or will you add teams to invite still if they apply?

That's a really tough call, generally it just really depends on the context. Like if they were in Advance, they'd likely stomp advance, then we'd push them into Invite. If Advance was really strong with some pseudo-Invite teams, then we'd be more likely to let them stay. Also depends on the health of Invite and who these players are. Are they trying to dodge Invite for an easy win? Are they just some up and coming players with a strong roster? etc...

We also would talk and work with the team and keep them updated with what we're doing and try to get their perspective as to what they believe is correct.

For that situation a lot of things to take into account for making the final decision. So I cannot give you a black and white answer, as it's a gray area and context is everything, but that's some of our thought processes when looking at it.


Also thanks to everyone who's signed up, we've already had a staggering 35 teams started already!

posted 2 months ago
#61 Announcing Sixes - Season 1 in TF2 General Discussion
glasscould you spin off the traditional 6s stuff into a new discord? or have you done that already? right now i see a traditional 6s lfs page in the prolander one. it would be nice to get trad 6s match announcements without getting hl/7s announcements.

ps why does log me out so fucking much, and then i have to dig out that stupid steam guard shit to get back in. god i hate steam

We are planning to merge all discord into one eventually. Eventually, we'll also add in roles to help with the issues you talk about.

For the log in issue, that's because each of the websites is on its own subdomain and the cookie that saves you login does not handle cross sub domain support. I've looked into it a bit with auth, but haven't found a great answer yet. Definitely something on my to-do list for QOL thing.

posted 2 months ago
#59 Announcing Sixes - Season 1 in TF2 General Discussion
KevinIsPwnsigafooI do ALL OF THIS because I love this game and want to see it at it's best. And I have the resources, energy and perseverance to deal with people like you who try to drag me down at every opportunity you get. But fortunately, you are a blip, a dot, a stain on what is a fantastic community else wise.
The notion that the people and organizations that disagree with you or dislike you are worthless is deeply problemati.

If you're taking my words to mean that "anyone who disagrees with me is a bad person and a stain on the community" then you taken my words GREATLY out of context.

Even the VERY FIRST page of this document, I talk about how we changed our scoring system after we took criticism and made a change from it. You don't get to where we are if you cast aside every negative thing being said about you.

Obviously, you have to take negative words, even toxic filled ones. You have to understand who's saying them and why are they saying it? We've literally changed something every season in every single format because we actively listen to our player base and their complaints or praise.

So clearly your mischaracterization and misunderstanding of the statement is not correct.

posted 2 months ago
#58 Announcing Sixes - Season 1 in TF2 General Discussion
Twiggysolid rules tbh, interested to see maps played the least by the invite/advanced pick/ban during the regular season.

May i suggest you to get a pub server to funnel more players to your website?

Btw you mention RGL being a business. But the prize pool you offer roughly matches the number of players you expect * the average fee. What gives?

Because you don't take money out of a growing company. The only way I ever find a payday with this company is if we really knock it out of the park.

If we'd become profitable, it wouldn't be for at least a few more years. Right now we're focused on sustainable and finding growth at the same time. Create an experience that the existing players enjoy, to keep them around and bring new players in.

Like how our HL league has grown every season.

We then want to focus on creating accessibility to through a PUG platform which is very easy to pick up and get involved in. And then we would focus on really going for big growth.

Worst case, we end up with a league that's not profitable but has a core good player base with good, sustainable prize pools and consistent LANs. Which isn't that big of a worst case :).

posted 2 months ago
#53 Announcing Sixes - Season 1 in TF2 General Discussion
Aptso wait, if rgl chooses to cast say... ascent vs froyo for example, i'll never be able to watch the stv demo myself even after the match ends or am i missing something?

please tell me that's not the case because that's pretty dumb

No anyone would be get the STV demos from an Invite match. We automatically upload those and make them publicly available.

STV / Stream Rules below

Show Content
Streaming Delay
As we’ve done with our other leagues, POV streamers who are streaming a match being officially casted by RGL must use a 3 minute delay. This allows the official match cast and the player’s perspective to be closer to equal footing, by allowing the POV which is ahead of the STV delay to be closer to the STV delay + twitch delay. Per our new rules this year, players cannot stream their POV during the Grand Finals match.

After RGL finishes streaming any match, the winning team can provide a twitch stream of a player from the winning team and we will rehost them after each match, including the Grand Finals

One thing to remember is that when a league is trying to secure sponsorships, it is important to have strong viewership numbers of a stream. Having good numbers is an important selling point to help grow our league and our prize pools for players.

External Broadcasters
For external casters, for any game that RGL is not broadcasting, you may get the STV and broadcast the match without issue. Default ports for STV are 27020.

For any match that RGL is broadcasting, you will need to work with our production team as our servers cannot handle having a large number of people inside of the STV without creating STV lag. You will have to have a relay setup, so you can fit the 3+ people broadcasting in the STV at the same time as the RGL team.

RGL does reserve the right to maintain exclusive access to the STV as they see fit.

All match broadcasts STV Demos will be automatically uploaded public and anyone can download them and use them as they like.
posted 2 months ago
#134 is coming to Europe with a $1,000 prizepool in TF2 General Discussion

whoops wrong thread

posted 2 months ago
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