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#56 yomps Family Fundraiser announced in News

Update, there is a new link for donations. Please use this GoFundMe:

All money raised through the tournament signups will be added to this GoFundMe after the tournament has concluded. All of the donations that were made to the rgl paypal in the last couple days have been added to the GoFundMe, over $3,500.

Thank you to everyone who has offered their support so far.

posted 2 months ago
#6 yomps Family Fundraiser announced in News

I didn't know him directly, but seeing all the work behind the scenes has been special. He clearly was loved and respected.

Feel free to share photos and videos/clips either directly to me (sigafoo#0685) or in this thread and I'll try to keep the website updated as they come in.


posted 2 months ago
#21 RGL's survey in TF2 General Discussion
24sigafoo legal fees, taxes, PayPal fees, etc..). What?

Sorry, bad wording. Business fees. I'll update.

posted 3 months ago
#19 RGL's survey in TF2 General Discussion
Tino_Unless RGL wants to buck up and provide servers to use they can go shove it. It has absolutely nothing to do with people being piles of shit and literally everything to do with us already paying them, and them providing absolutely nothing of use.

In season 1 we gave the option to leaders through match comms to be able to get a server from an admin. I was really worried because we only have enough servers to cover about half of the ~100 matches being played each week. I thought we wouldn't have enough. Do you know how many servers were requested each week? Only around 0-5 servers, iirc. It was incredibly low, much lower than I thought we would need.

Given the lack of need/interest in requested servers, we didn't put much thought into expanding that. We also no longer have a sponsorship for the servers, that we previously had.

If the community has a strong interest in having servers which they are forced to play on, rather than being able to use their own servers for matches (like ESEA.) That's something we could aim to do.

One thing to keep in mind is that servers aren't free, so it's also a question of if players want to use money that would go into the prize pool to help cover the cost of these servers because they see value in them. Of course, we'll also be looking into securing sponsorships to help offload or remove any of these costs to the player, which we are already actively pursuing.

So we'll definitely ask this question to players in our sixes survey this season, and aim to have something for Season 4 if the community wants to go down this route.

Tino_It's not like RGL works on a loss.

Historically we've always operated at a loss with me covering any gaps in the budget. 2020 will be the first year where we break even. Not a single cent has been pulled out of RGL ever, to anyone, of profit.

In S3, only about ~1-2% of the league fee actually goes to help cover the costs of keeping the lights on (operation fees (e.g. website cost), business fees, taxes, etc..). The rest goes directly into the prize pool and back to the players.
So an IM fee is 15 dollars. 73 cents goes to PayPal, then about 28 cents goes to help keep RGL's lights on and the remaining ~14 dollars goes to the prize pool. This season we'll also be doing a sliding prize pool.

We'll announce our initial prize pool size and then increase it at the end of the season once we have the final numbers of all money brought in.

posted 3 months ago
#2 RGL announces Division-created power rankings in TF2 General Discussion

RGLWe are trying something new this season for Sixes. We are inviting teams to rank their own division in the preseason. We will then calculate the average rankings and use those to "seed" the teams in the league table.

This doesn't affect scheduling or matches, but you can use it to see where other teams think you'll finish at the end of the season and if you can break seed by exceeding those expectations.

We thought this would be a fun way to start the season and get to know your competition!

Click on your division below and get started.
- You don't need to rank every team in your div
- The survey closes Tuesday night

Rank Invite

Rank Div-1

Rank Div-2

Rank Main

Rank IM

Rank Amateur

Rank Newcomer
posted 4 months ago
#18 sick of this shit in TF2 General Discussion

I reached out to Tojo over DM, since I was a bit confused by this situation. His team has an active admin on it and a former sixes admin on it, but he didn't reach out to any admins to get clarification on the situation. And no admin told tojo that the name wouldn't be allowed.

Currently, tojo's team name is Ban Daffodil. So it's not an issue that we don't allow jokes or meme's to be team names in Invite.

Or we have The Microwave which has an over the top logo of a microwave-being that is drooling while its brain is being fried. So it's not that we don't have weird shit in Invite.

Right now with the season starting up next week, we're in the middle of getting each team their own custom logo. (Like the Microwave one above.) Team names were locked last night to prevent a team from suddenly changing their name right before the season after we've already worked with them to get a logo created. Not that we wouldn't allow it, but at least a chance for us to know/talk about. (e.g. Black Swan switched to Dexter's Lab after us helping with the logo for the prior team name.)

So that lock happened last night, around the same time last night FrickMyNick (tmk) either changed the team name or tried to and it didn't save or got accidentally reverted back when the lock was saved on the same team row near the same time. Hence why there is the confusion that a team name wasn't allowed.

So this was likely just coincidental timing that caused this confusion.

posted 4 months ago
#14 lower those rgl fees tho in TF2 General Discussion
Console-I was going to have to go uncredited as a producer I am really curious about this. Covering any staff's hotel or travel fees was never covered at any LAN organizing meeting.

That's why in my statement I said

sigafooThe money we got from just the LAN fee's in S2 was not going to cover all of the cost related to the LAN, let alone have any money to help support the volunteer staff who are coming out. (e.g. cover their hotels or some of their travel fee's.)

For S2 because we knew that our estimates of money brought in through the sustainability fee versus the cost of the LAN were going to be tight, at best.

So, as I said in my last post, as you understood then, we were not going to have extra money to help cover the staff who were coming to the event. Which is why we never talked about it for S2. That doesn't mean, that's what we should aim for though.

We should aim to not only cover the cost of running the LAN, but also help support our volunteer staff. If we want sustainable LAN's, it's hard to expect our volunteer staff to shell out hundreds of dollars each time. Being able to help support our staff in some way, even if it's not 100%, is a good goal to aim for.

posted 4 months ago
#11 lower those rgl fees tho in TF2 General Discussion
Console-MRfunnyalienyou pay roughly the same amount as esea to not have servers provided and to have much lower prizepools
for comparison 1st place esea s30 invite was 5000
1st place IM was 600

in rgl placing 2nd in main in s1 or 1st in IM was the same payout as winning advanced in s2

i understand weighting the prizepool to the top but this is very funny
S1 invite had 53.9% of the league prizepool (4830 of 8960 USD)
S2 invite had 82.6% of the league prizepool (7680 of 9510 USD)

I knew it was bad but this is fucking egregious ROFL

The big difference between those two seasons is that one of them did not have a LAN and the other was supposed to.

If you look at ESEA numbers from Season 31, the final season.
It was: Invite Division Prize Pot: $12,600
Invite: $10,900 (~86.5%)
IM: $1,200 (~9.5%)
Open: $500 (~3.9%)

So even with our LAN numbers skewing the distribution, RGL still gave a higher % out to lower divs then ESEA did.

The only reason we adjust those is to have a better prize pool so players can help cover their cost for coming to the Invite LAN playoffs. The reason did not adjust them back from last season was because we canceled the LAN so late, players likely already spent some money that they may not have been able to get back (flights, hotels, etc...) If we do not have a LAN this season, then the numbers will go back to normal.

console-Okay so apperently RGL have explicitly stated that there's no LAN and that the Helix venue was paid for but ARE STILL CHARGING A LAN FEE THIS SEASON

We lowered and kept the fee to help build up a bank of money to help cover future LANs. As just because the LAN didn't happen in S2 doesn't mean that money still exist, we're still in discussions with Helix to try to work something out.

The money we got from just the LAN fee's in S2 was not going to cover all of the cost related to the LAN, let alone have any money to help support the volunteer staff who are coming out. (e.g. cover their hotels or some of their travel fee's.)

The reason we called it the LAN sustainability fee is for sustainability. To have a fund that's dedicated exclusively to helping cover future LAN fee's, help support our staff, etc... This money is earmarked specifically to help cover the cost related to future LAN's and to make it so we can make sure that LAN's are a consistent part of RGL's future.

posted 4 months ago
#57 Discussing Scratch's ban and RGL in TF2 General Discussion
hhhwrdMuch of the conversation recently has been on the gxq group and the probation system is set in place for most if not all of those players to be eventually banned from truly nothing harmful. RGLs bans are not always correct or seem reasonable because most of them are not consistent. In my opinion RGL is struggling to truly be a great league, and banning people (for the amount they do) does not give your league more representation or at all allows it to flourish. In fact by banning scratch and safrix for the amount you did (3 months and 8 months) you killed two invite teams that could have played.

I hope that we do not have to ban anyone on the probation system. I would strongly prefer if all probation players could just be respectful towards each and not use bigoted language during scrims/matches as is the norm for the vast majority of our playerbase.

It is upsetting that the actions these players chose to take is going to have potential ripple effects among invite teams, but to avoid banning a player who has broken rules to help a team form is not a principle we wish to stand behind.

Captain_ChenThis is an absolutely terrible precedent to set. If you can be banned for unsportsmanlike conduct outside of the game, then the next step is people digging through Discord servers for naughty words and wrong opinions and tattling to the admins.

The things you describe are entirely different. Banning someone for spamming slurs in the meme discord, verses targeted homophobic harassment are very different. We have received reports for players saying slurs/other negative things in private Discords, where we have done nothing and have no interest in going to that level. When it turns to repeated targeted harassment, doxxing, etc… we begin to take action and log details.


This whole situation is incredibly disheartening, especially to me personally. I have reduced scratchh’s longer bans a couple times when he was banned in the past. When he had the year long ban for multiple bomb threats, I was a proponent pushing for giving him a third chance in our league. I’ve talked to him multiple times over voice, including that night and I was very clear with what he needed to do: how his actions have been harmful to others, and how easy it is to move away from this.

I wanted him to succeed and I still do, but I don’t want any participation in the league to come at the cost of other users having to put up with blatant toxicity or players going out of their way to be hostile and harass others when interacting with people outside of their selective friend group. This concept applies equally to all players inside of the league, and seems to be a large area of misunderstanding in the community. Players do not get banned inside of RGL because our administration team holds personal vendettas towards them or their friends. Non-routine RGL bans are never applied by a single person, and meetings are held on a regular basis where multiple people weigh their thoughts and opinions regarding all league-wide decisions. We do this to ensure that situations are handled properly and that single administrators aren't able to make decisions without the verification and approval of others.

We cannot police behavior everywhere, nor would we want to if we could. I think that ideally, players inside of our league would treat each other with the same respect online as they would on LAN or face to face. We want our players to avoid saying bigoted language while playing in competitive tf2 settings that could be related to RGL, and we want our players to be free of targetted harrassment from others who play in the league. I think most can agree that these goals are reasonable, and almost all of the players who play in the league have little trouble naturally maintaining those standards of behavior.

(2 of 2)

posted 5 months ago
#56 Discussing Scratch's ban and RGL in TF2 General Discussion

At the start of the year, we started to put players into a probation system. This system is intended for players, like scratch, who have a long history of harassment or who have been banned three or more times in RGL (scratch falls into both categories incidentally). Scratch’s first ban was for extremely excessive toxicity during a prolander cup and his next two bans were for ban evading using alt accounts. Scratch’s fourth ban was applied in the ban wave where we started to place players on probation. This ban was for when he made posts about calling in bomb threats to the BTS and RGL LAN venue. We removed that in agreement that he would turn a new leaf, and that his days of harassment and thoughtless actions / ’joking’ would be put behind him. Under normal circumstances, a player with this behavioral record would typically already be perma-banned. Second chances have been given to scratch on numerous occasions to stop being an asshole in our league for a very long time.

Most players inside of the league do not have consistent problems with toxicity, harassment, and hateful language. For those who do, we use our probation system. Players on probation are told under no uncertain circumstances that they will be held to a higher standard of behavior, and to be respectful to other members of the community. Our goal is to give players a chance to stop problematic behaviors, and create a system to remove them from the league if they don’t. Being a decent person is all that's being asked for, and it's a bar that isn’t very high to meet.

hhhwrdThough importantly this as wells raises the question to how RGL is poorly handling bans, everyone is blind to information other than the ones who report, as well as the one being accused. And the problem is RGL gives vague bans and doesnt explain anything and leaves people more confused then where they started in trying to find out what they actually did. As well as bans should not take a fucking week to be looked through.

It is very pretty uncommon that we get requests for information on the bans we make by the person who was banned, since a majority of the bans we make are for things that happened publically. When someone gets banned, they often do not need to ask to see what they did, because they already know. For the smaller percentage of cases that are from verified private reports. We keep that sensitive information private to help protect the victim who made the report.

So, I would say it is very uncommon with standard bans that players do not fully understand what they were banned for and the only time we withhold that information is when it is to protect the victim in the situation.

hhhwrdAs well as addressing truly how bans are being made, scratchs behavior isn't a problem as long as its not on RGLs platform

An issue we hope to avoid with players on probation is for the players in question to toe the line while inside of RGL’s platform, but continue to harass other players in every other context. This has proven to be a problem in the past, and has caused us to accept information taken from usually ignored sources in regards to players placed on probation. Our goal for players on probation is for them to be given a chance to change their behavior, that's why they are on probation and not just banned outright. This goal is rendered meaningless if a player doesn’t actually change their behavior and instead just hides it.

All that said though, even for players on probation, we do not really change our policies regarding bans from dms/twitch streams/etc. It is simply information we gather for a reference point when determining when to lift a players probationary period. This is also why I feel it's important to clarify scratch’s ban reasons as well, given how much wild misinformation people have extrapolated from the few messages I sent.

hhhwrdinfo for reasons people believe he was banned: logs / conversation

Your arguments are very centralized over scratch’s dms with ben, and you further spend a lot of time trying to discredit ben's report and liam's character. In truth, Ben’s report is only one of 6 reports made on scratch in the last 4 months and is a very minor part of why this ban was applied. For full transparency though, let's have a look at the dms included in ben's report.

Here is the conversation that happened between ben and scratchh, which was missing from the original post. Note that ben and scratchh have had no recent contact. The only time that ben and scratchh interacted, to his knowledge, is when he rang for his HL team a while ago. So, they do not know each other at all.


So, scratchh instigates the conversation with a person he does not know. Scratch then calls the gay relationship "scary" and then tells this person he does not know they are a ‘disgusting freak’ for being in said gay relationship. Scratch initiated the conversation and went out of his way to say some rather nasty things, but this alone wasn’t the main focus of his ban. Instead, you should rather turn your attention towards the chat messages that scratch sent during the log you linked.

SCRATCHH im already erect and ive been ehre fo 30 seconds

SCRATCHH lol della says yikes
SCRATCHH hey della pres tab
SCRATCHH note the team ur on
SCRATCHH and dont speak :D


SCRATCHH ٠●•۩۞۩[̲̅Ŋ̲̅σ̲̅σ̲̅Ь̲̲̅۰̲̅đ̲̲̅σ̲̅ώ̲̅ŋ̲̲̲]۩۞۩•●٠
SCRATCHH ٠●•۩۞۩[̲̅Ŋ̲̅σ̲̅σ̲̅Ь̲̲̅۰̲̅đ̲̲̅σ̲̅ώ̲̅ŋ̲̲̲]۩۞۩•●٠

SCRATCHH based esports black

SCRATCHH blacked

SCRATCHH desperate della
SCRATCHH keep shooting me

SCRATCHH just play sniper
SCRATCHH you lost anyway

SCRATCHH dont ? me

SCRATCHH i fed into u and ur bming retard

SCRATCHH keep sniping
SCRATCHH youll hit one
SCRATCHH *DEAD* TheBigWeiner : stay dead
SCRATCHH ٠●•۩۞۩[̲̅Ŋ̲̅σ̲̅σ̲̅Ь̲̲̅۰̲̅đ̲̲̅σ̲̅ώ̲̅ŋ̲̲̲]۩۞۩•●٠
SCRATCHH ٠●•۩۞۩[̲̅Ŋ̲̅σ̲̅σ̲̅Ь̲̲̅۰̲̅đ̲̲̅σ̲̅ώ̲̅ŋ̲̲̲]۩۞۩•●٠
SCRATCHH ٠●•۩۞۩[̲̅Ŋ̲̅σ̲̅σ̲̅Ь̲̲̅۰̲̅đ̲̲̅σ̲̅ώ̲̅ŋ̲̲̲]۩۞۩•●٠

SCRATCHH *DEAD* TheBigWeiner : stay dead

SCRATCHH i dont see gay people
SCRATCHH cant see ur whole team

SCRATCHH holy shit shut up
SCRATCHH good one
SCRATCHH *DEAD* TheBigWeiner : stay dead
SCRATCHH *DEAD* TheBigWeiner : stay dead
SCRATCHH ٠●•۩۞۩[̲̅Ŋ̲̅σ̲̅σ̲̅Ь̲̲̅۰̲̅đ̲̲̅σ̲̅ώ̲̅ŋ̲̲̲]۩۞۩•●٠
SCRATCHH stop sniping
SCRATCHH so dumb

SCRATCHH holy shit
SCRATCHH you are so retarded

For context, many of the players on the team that scratch was scrimmaging are trans. The first message in this list was a message scratch sent upon reaction to seeing the team’s players, and is considered the worst offending message. On top of that, there are also messages where scratch is calling players retarded and gay, and a message very likely intended as a remark meant to make fun of players on the other team based on their trans identity (‘based esports black’). These chat logs are undeniably grounds for a player to be banned inside of RGL- so in this case the question was always regarding how long the ban would be applied for. What makes this ban such a long length is that scratch is on probation, receiving his fifth ban inside the league, has been receiving behavioral reports at least once a month since being put probation, and all of this has occurred after he already negotiated two prior ban lengths down under promises he wouldn’t be a problem inside of the community any longer.

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posted 5 months ago
#3 RGL S2 GF: 100 Beasts vs. froyotech in Matches
TcmanoI thought froyo got a map advantage for winning the Upper Bracket, or is it just one more ban now?

Froyotech get's a map advantage. So essentially it's a Bo5 that starts on map 2.

Clearcut is not map that will be played tonight, only the first four listed are correct.

posted 5 months ago
#14 RGL S2 LBF: 100 Beasts vs. Ford Gaming in Events

Thanks to everyone who tuned in

VOD on twitch: Ford Gaming vs 100B

Semi-Finals: Froyotech vs 100B
Quarter-Finals 100B v Rat Jail

posted 5 months ago
#8 RGL S2 LBF: 100 Beasts vs. Ford Gaming in Events

Holy shit this game

Show Content
Ford comes back down 0-4 with 20 minutes left to tie it and force an OT


posted 5 months ago
#6 RGL S2 LBF: 100 Beasts vs. Ford Gaming in Events


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posted 5 months ago
#5 RGL S2 LBF: 100 Beasts vs. Ford Gaming in Events
glasshigh invite casting again would be a huge step forward for rgl/tftv/whoever does this stuff nowadays

there have been entire seasons recently where marmaloo solo, paying 50% attention, was way more interesting to listen to than any official cast

Generally, we aim to have at least one high level/very experienced player on our casts. We're not always able to accomplish this goal, but I agree that there's a big difference in quality when you have someone who has a high level of understanding of the game, map, players, etc...

If any Invite players are interested in casting, feel free to add me on discord or steam.

posted 5 months ago
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