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#3 RGL S2 GF: 100 Beasts vs. froyotech in Matches
TcmanoI thought froyo got a map advantage for winning the Upper Bracket, or is it just one more ban now?

Froyotech get's a map advantage. So essentially it's a Bo5 that starts on map 2.

Clearcut is not map that will be played tonight, only the first four listed are correct.

posted 2 hours ago
#14 RGL S2 LBF: 100 Beasts vs. Ford Gaming in Events

Thanks to everyone who tuned in

VOD on twitch: Ford Gaming vs 100B

Semi-Finals: Froyotech vs 100B
Quarter-Finals 100B v Rat Jail

posted 13 hours ago
#8 RGL S2 LBF: 100 Beasts vs. Ford Gaming in Events

Holy shit this game

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Ford comes back down 0-4 with 20 minutes left to tie it and force an OT


posted 23 hours ago
#6 RGL S2 LBF: 100 Beasts vs. Ford Gaming in Events


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posted 1 day ago
#5 RGL S2 LBF: 100 Beasts vs. Ford Gaming in Events
glasshigh invite casting again would be a huge step forward for rgl/tftv/whoever does this stuff nowadays

there have been entire seasons recently where marmaloo solo, paying 50% attention, was way more interesting to listen to than any official cast

Generally, we aim to have at least one high level/very experienced player on our casts. We're not always able to accomplish this goal, but I agree that there's a big difference in quality when you have someone who has a high level of understanding of the game, map, players, etc...

If any Invite players are interested in casting, feel free to add me on discord or steam.

posted 1 day ago
#170 Diabotical Kickstarter in e-Sports
plusProtonAny one know a good HUD to use?

posted 2 weeks ago
#18 KritzKast make their VOD's subscriber only in TF2 General Discussion

So let's break this down

- Multiple volunteers are putting in their free time and energy to create a production
- You deem this thing as having value, since you want to view it
- They are simply trying to get a little bit of money that they can pass along to the people who put together the cast and cover their expenses

- you can still download an STV and watch it back yourself
- you can still watch it live for free
- you can still watch it when it gets uploaded to youtube for free
- It's still free if you have amazon prime and use your gift sub with them

So a group of people who volunteer their free time, energy and effort into something that has value to you, and some of you are incredulous that they're asking for a small donation to help support what they do? When you still have plenty of options to watch it for free, if you don't wish to support them financially.

This is being made into a bigger issue than what it is. Either you can support them, because you appreciate what they provide to the community or just use one of the other options to get it for free.

posted 3 weeks ago
#2 RGL S2 W7B: 100 Beasts vs. Kings Crew in Matches

This match was moved from last week to tonight @ 11pm.

Watch it at

posted 1 month ago
#5 RGL S2 W5A: 100 Beasts vs. froyotech in Matches

Crazy finish to the first half:

posted 1 month ago
#4 RGL S2 W5A: 100 Beasts vs. froyotech in Matches

Match is live!

posted 1 month ago
#3 Australia competitve in TF2 General Discussion

The next season will have registration opening up soon. You can play in their pugs at

They focus on Prolander and No Restriction Sixes.

posted 2 months ago
#4 discrepancy between player count and YouTube views in TF2 General Discussion

I cannot find the article, but TF2 is the most installed game on steams platform.

IIRC it clocked in at around 50+ million installs.

Even with games that people do not play anymore, they understand the content and can follow it because they've likely played it before. Which means they're more likely to watch that content, then a game they've never played before.

There's games I've watched content of, even though I don't play anymore.

posted 3 months ago
#3 RGL Intermediate S2 Happenings/Discussion in TF2 General Discussion

Jan 3rd- New team registration closes, [initial] division placement.
Jan 5th- Division placement finalized, league fees due.
Jan 7th- Season begins

posted 3 months ago
#24 Donald Trump Impeach in World Events
plusProton>Trump locks kids in cages, separting them from their parents
>Trump is accused of sexual assault
>Trump makes racist comments
>Trump embezzles tons of money into his own businesses

Democrats : silence

>Trump talks about investigating Bidens son, a member of the political establishment


Further proof that the political-aristocrat class will complictly go along with the status quo until one of their own is threatened. What he's getting impeached for is probably not even in the top 10 worst things he's done this year

In what world did the democrats be silent over those issues?

- Comments like "Good guys on both sides" was very vocal feedback, which caused Trump to try to backpedal (but didn't really)
- "Grab them by the pussy" sexual assault comments got so blown up even Republicans distance themselves from Trump at that moment.
- Trump locking kids in cages caused tons of feedback and even got trump to sign a faux executive order to "reverse" the decision, but not really
- Trump embezzling money has been called out many times, most recently over that Air Force who stayed in a Trump property that was on the other side of England and made no sense to stay at, other than to line Trump's pockets.

Everything you mentioned had strong and loud feedback from democrats, the reason that there wasn't impeachment over these things is because they were not believed to be impeachable offenses.

The reason the impeachment came from the attempted extortion of Ukraine to try to force a foreign government to interfere in the next election, by withholding promised military aide while being under attack by Russia, is because that's something that the democrats believe falls under "Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors."

In all of the people who testified under oath, none of them put any real credence to these Biden claims were legitimate. Also include the fact that this wasn't an attempt to set up a general corruption task force in Ukraine, but a specific quid pro quo by Trump to help his re-election. As it was shown in all of the testimony that this was not some bigger idea by Trump to look into all possible corruption in Ukraine, but purely abusing the power of his office to withhold money desperately needed by an ally who's under attack by an enemy of the US, to attack a domestic political opponent.

posted 3 months ago
#5 EU.RGL to take a hiatus in News
eXtineHm, too bad but kinda understandable as there isn't the same niche for RGL in EU as there is in NA.

I'm sorta surprised overall that ProLander isn't catching on with the EU Highlander crowd, but some HL people in NA have told me they've drifted back to preferring HL over ProLander. *shrug*

ETFL2 Unrestricted 6s when? April Fools One Day Cup?

I mean compared to the NA Prolander scene, the EU scene was almost twice the size at the start. The biggest issue with EU was that I was not able to put 100% into it like I was able to with the NA scene. When the top comment is "I didn't even know this existed" is proof of that.

I'm still surprised that ETF2L has not done its own NR Sixes cup, given how popular ours was here (especially with new to comp players), and how many requests I had to do an EU version when ours was live. I hope they'll consider it.

Eventually, I'd like to get our EU league back online, but right now we're working on NA 2020 season which is very exciting. We will see the return of our No Restriction Sixes league and some other big things...

posted 4 months ago
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