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#10 An update on our friend Pankeyman in Off Topic

it was harder for me than it should have been to find this :/

posted about a year ago
#51 Eminem dropped Kamikaze without telling anyone in Music, Movies, TV

ya gold hit sound dumb

posted about a year ago
#6 What team do you like watching? in TF2 General Discussion

nerd rage

posted about a year ago
#32 Eminem dropped Kamikaze without telling anyone in Music, Movies, TV

All the tracks sound generic and talk about the same boring stuff :(

posted about a year ago
#103 Weirdest People You've Encountered in Off Topic

There's this guy called "Fast" Eddie Lafferty that always busks down in the middle of Dundee that's there pretty much every day with his harmonica, sorta just stomping and playing and sorta singing.
He usually looks a bit more homeless than in that video.

Also this woman that's called Guitar Wifey in Aberdeen.
I've only see her play on a Dora the Explorer guitar, story I've been told is that she broke her old one and a student bought her a new one.

Think they're both great in their own way even though they're a bit mental.

posted about a year ago
#45 whats ur ms in Off Topic

hi i mian heavy in highlamper

posted about a year ago
#21 Any TF2 Repfam in Off Topic

is quorn replica meat or fake meat

posted about a year ago
#296 How did you come up with your name in Off Topic

At least in this country its common to add -zy to a last name to create a nickname, this combined with having multiple friends sharing my first name since an early age meant that this nickname stuck really hard.

posted about a year ago
#12 Most obscure/remote country to play comp tf2? in Off Topic
EoNStylaxThink a Saudi guy plays in ETF2L explorer in the pocket: the baker
Rear Explorer: Anwar
Explosive Soldier in the Air: Mu'adh al-Harbi
The soldier in the jeep: behind al-Harethi
Empty: Yusuf
Doctor: Majid
posted about a year ago
#14 Comfortable chair in Hardware

idk much about the topic, but at the suggestion of a doctor friend my posture improved massively when i started using an ikea markus chair

edin"lumbar support is one of the greatest things you can do for your back health long term"
posted about a year ago
#278 Ban Pred and Degu v2 in Off Topic
jediflamasterI'll take more shittalkers over more insincere liars any day. There are plenty ways to be assholes to the other team already too, but people don't do it because it's not worth the time.

There's a clear difference between being insincere and not shittalking.

jediflamasterCompetition isn't fun or about fun.

This is so wrong on so many levels, if you don't find competitive TF2 enjoyable I suggest you stop playing it.

jediflamasterAll the more reason not to involve ETF2L in this clearly personal issue. This is something twitter should deal with.

This was my stance when the thread first appeared, that it was a personal issue that didn't need policed. But I changed my opinion for the following reasons.

This was a public outlash toward uberchain.
This is an issue ingrained into higher levels of the scene.
ETF2L are represented by their players at the higher divisions, like it or not. As an independent organisiation, they reserve the right to disassociate themselves from whoever they want. I think being publically racist and abusive is more than reason enough.

posted about a year ago
#275 Ban Pred and Degu v2 in Off Topic
jediflamasterPlayers who do that are called snakes, it's a legit tactic, and it's still only a crutch. And you're right, I do think that being a snake shouldn't be bannable, anyone can mute chat if that's their weakness.
Besides, compulsory sportsmanship isn't real. Forcing people to pretend to respect you only makes you know less.

I think its a bit shortsighted to say that you would like to play in a league full of players who are toxic to one another and make life as hard as possible for the other team outside of the game.

You should keep in mind that this game is, far and large, grassroots and done voluntarily as a hobby. People do not want toxicity in excess, it just isn't fun for anyone.

Besides, this is completely missing the point of the reasons that these players were banned in the first place. Something where there was no competition involved.

posted about a year ago
#273 Ban Pred and Degu v2 in Off Topic
jediflamasterSportsmanship is nice but prioritising it above the competition itself shows lack of commitment to the very idea of competing.

By the same logic you should be as toxic as possible to the enemy team during officials to try to tilt them, because that would be the most competitive thing to do. This is bannable on ETF2L because its unsportsmanlike behaviour.

posted about a year ago
#270 Ban Pred and Degu v2 in Off Topic
jediflamasterThey clearly didn't care about beating the shit out of whoever shittalked them as much as they cared about being shittalked, and that in itself is weak and not competitive.

I think the issue here is unsportsmanlike behaviour, not overly competitive behaviour.

posted about a year ago
#266 Ban Pred and Degu v2 in Off Topic
jediflamasterIf people talking shit is going to stop someone from competing, I don't think they really care about actually competing.

That's the same as saying that people who have left the scene due to issues like this didn't care about the scene, which I think is completely wrong in all cases.

posted about a year ago
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