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#17 Feedback from people who don't use mastercomfig in Customization

This is coming from someone that actively uses and loves most features of mastercomfig so keep that in mind, however the two most clunky things about it in my opinion are transitioning to it and updating it.

I understand that the transitioning part has been made very easy by just moving files from /cfg to /cfg/user but I've had supposedly tech literate people struggle with this because they don't want to read a documentation, they want discoverability through use. I feel an installer of some sort would help this issue.

Having multiple VPKs is the biggest downside for me, it makes updating very clunky. I think this could be fixed by having one VPK containing everything and one configuration file similar to modules.cfg, maybe named something less scary and more intuitive like mastercomfig-settings.cfg, although I understand this comes with drawbacks.

With discoverability in mind, additional aliases for self describing cfg file names with a ready made cfg folder I think could help stop documentationphobic people from having difficulties. By this I mean you could have an alternative cfg for autoexec.cfg called something like run_on_game_launch.cfg, an alternative for game_overrides_once called run_on_server_join.cfg and so forth.

posted 5 months ago
#3 Help - disabling bright lighting in Customization

You wanna disable lighting brightness boost


posted 5 months ago
#15 Happy Brexit Day! in World Events

love pies, love football, love me wife, love inglund

posted 5 months ago
#17 Egg scrambles the competition in News

pretty cool team name

posted 5 months ago
#6 Rats scurry back to Invite in News

posted 6 months ago
#10 Tf2 launches, and then immediately stops again in TF2 General Discussion

posted 6 months ago
#12 ETF2L S33 Low GF: smiling vs Police Squad in Events

sorry for the necro but this is where the interview is posted

posted 7 months ago
#9 ETF2L S33 Low GF: smiling vs Police Squad in Events

fuck you bees police squad was literally my idea

posted 7 months ago
#49 TF2 player nationalities by toxicity in Off Topic

this tiermaker would be very cool if you could separate that union jack a bit :)

posted 7 months ago
#3489 PC Build Thread in Hardware

Playing pubs native res I've managed to get core temps to 73 max, maximum core0 usage was 92%, no thermal throttling according to hwinfo.

If I am to upgrade my CPU I understand I'd be upgrading mobo and ram too so that's fine, I'm just surprised that I can't get consistent 144 native res with this CPU.

posted 7 months ago
#3487 PC Build Thread in Hardware

Actually yeah I just checked hwinfo instead of speccy and the mobo is 25.

To clarify, are you saying that if I wanted to increase frames in TF2, I would have to upgrade the CPU and a mobo upgrade wouldn't cut it?

posted 7 months ago
#3485 PC Build Thread in Hardware

The CPU and MOBO temps sit at around 60 under load, GPU around 40. My room is very cold :(

posted 7 months ago
#3483 PC Build Thread in Hardware

I'm struggling to get above stable 144 at 1080, have to play below native res to get frames because of this.

I know CPU is almost always the cause of any bottlenecks in TF2, but I'm wondering if the cause is perhaps the chipset? Resource monitor does show my CPU at 100% when FPS tanks in game.

Current Build:
Mobo - i7 6700
Processor - Asus H110I-PLUS D3
GPU - PNY Signature GTX 680

Basically my question is: If I want to spend the smallest amount of money upgrading some components, would it be cheapest to just get a new motherboard (I'm considering changing form factor from ITX), or should I look at getting a new CPU + Motherboard entirely?

posted 7 months ago
#29 Favourite Albums of the 2010's in Music, Movies, TV

To Pimp a Butterfly - Kendrick Lamar
Bending The Dark - The Imagined Village
Exmilitary - Death Grips
Black Sands - Bonobo

The 2010 ones i could find in most listened on

posted 7 months ago
#23 binds in TF2 General Discussion

imagine spending money on a free game

i legit fell out my wheelchair

posted 7 months ago
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