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#16 TF2 Toxicity in TF2 General Discussion
eddiieeRockobrodyu cite 4 guys as toxic but 2 of them are just straight up pedos and all 4 are already banned. what else did u hope to accomplish with this thread?
Honestly just quoted the ones I know are banned because I'm not trynna bring harassment down on people doorsteps.

Grape seems like a really nice person from the small bit i know about them but this thread was honestly brought up because of what I've been going through for a while. If you look at my rgl page you'll see how I've just been skipped from team to team, most recently was Rock Fortress 2 in which they livestreamed and made a mockery of me in front of people for no reason. It makes people want to quit. I just wish that everybody would take this all more seriously you know? I feel like people downplay it and go "oh well its what happens when you're online", but TF2 is just kinda ridiculous.

I was on that team with you. I don't know what you're talking about with regards to "making a mockery of you". You were cut after the end of the season because we didn't think you were performing well enough and we were moving up a div. I think other people have streamed occasionally, but afaik the only person who streamed consistently was our engi, and I don't think he'd ever intentionally mock someone, especially a teammate, on stream. If someone was mocking you, I don't know why you wouldn't let us know so we could do something about it

so this guy got cut cuz you moved up a div and he wasn't good enough for the new div, you didn't notice any toxicity on that team, but now he's making a thread about toxicity?

posted 1 month ago
#58 Deteriorating quality of TFTV twitch experience in The Dumpster

Clockwork always has the slightest of smirks pulling at his lips. He knows you're looking at that perfectly styled hair, those pearly white teeth, and those thick Italian eyebrows that tie in so nicely with a just-visible five o clock shadow

posted 1 month ago
#13 TF2 Toxicity in TF2 General Discussion

Somehow I don't think this is a shitpost but it really reads like one.

ur talking about toxicity putting off new people and then you cite pedophiles that got outed and some banned players. are you just repeating some cliche about toxicity? there's no large scale toxicity from the comp tf2 community pushing out new players... there's a few circle jerks of toxic people but that generally doesn't overflow into pugs or anything else as far as i'm aware.

What prompted you to even write this if you can only cite those four people or was it just something you made up in your head

honestly just dumpster this

posted 1 month ago
#10 NA Invite Top 100: #30-#21 in News

Let’s go Botmode!

posted 1 month ago
#2 ultiduo dream team in TF2 General Discussion

Sigh + 404

posted 1 month ago
#39 Deteriorating quality of TFTV twitch experience in The Dumpster

It physically and mentally pains me to say this but I think RGL chat mods did a did a pretty good job at first yesterday, a couple of bumps but overall I'm not going to complain.

TFTV what have you become...


posted 1 month ago
#12173 stream highlights in Videos
gonna use this post for other GF clips

posted 1 month ago
#12171 stream highlights in Videos
advanced LBF

posted 1 month ago
#7 RGL S7 LBF: Like A G6 vs. Witness Gaming in Events

All I saw prior to the cast starting was Botmode had no chance.

All of you were wrong.

posted 1 month ago
#3 RGL S7 LBF: Like A G6 vs. Witness Gaming in Events

Let’s go Botmode!

posted 1 month ago
#7 RGL S7 LBSF: Like A G6 vs. MyAnimeList in Matches

Lets go Botmode!

posted 1 month ago
#9 Deteriorating quality of TFTV twitch experience in The Dumpster
Wandumgonna be honest i thought it was a very funny bit to time out the people who said 1984

That's basically what I expected. I guess I can't blame you for oppressing people when you live in Europe, must be tough not to default to that.

posted 1 month ago
#1 Deteriorating quality of TFTV twitch experience in The Dumpster

I remember the first lan I ever got to watch live (on twitch). ESEA season 15 seagull on process. It was frag city and 500 people all at once spammed seagull ascii stuff in the tftv chat. That day still gives me nostalgia, it’s really fun to think back on that day. No one got banned. I wish the newer players getting into TF2 could get a really wild moment like that cuz I know it left an impression on me and is a big part in why I still enjoy watching tf2.

Most of you probably don't have an interest in spamming or typing garbage into TFTV's twitch chat but I do. I've noticed over the past seven years (yes i've been doing this shit that long) there has been a stark decline in the brain power of the people in charge of moderating that content. It's gotten so bad you can't even type the same message as someone, even something as simple as "Let's go Botmode."

Up until I think 2018 we never had any of that unique mode trash, and for some reason now stuff is moderated that's not offensive in the slightest. No ones dropping slurs in TFTV chat, it's literally just random spam about some meme about froyo or b4nny or something. Can't have any of that in our chat!

Why do TFTV twitch chat mods (lol.) have an interest in stopping me from expressing support to my favorite player, Botmode? Seriously, over the past two years I've probably had hundreds of motivational sentences to botmode (and other random players that did some crazy play!) that 1984 mode filtered out.

Just 15 minutes ago, I was talking about how dissent is being curbed by tftv mods and how it's similar to 1984 and lo and behold, I get a 10 min ban.

I mean fucking really, do you really care that much? Is it too much to ask to have some fun for like 2 hours for the once in a fucking while playoff match? Is this type of suppression actually doing anything other than ruining a very small (and getting smaller by the year Sadge) group of peoples evening? Or do these guys just get off on banning retards at 1:00 AM in a twitch chat?

It should probably tell you something if someone like me is the only person getting crushed by this braindead censorship. It's not like there's anyone dropping slurs, just people trying to have fun getting crushed by neckbeards.
I miss 2016 tftv twitch chat, shit was wild.


why are elijah and fenomeno and other cheaters unbanned even when cringeposting and people just tryna support non froyo players get the boot.

posted 1 month ago
#12144 stream highlights in Videos

edit: too slow

posted 1 month ago
#11727 stream highlights in Videos

posted 8 months ago
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