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#3 Thank you 2022 tf2 in TF2 General Discussion

where is community pillar b4nny

posted about a year ago
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if you dont like it you do it then pussy

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more likely than you think

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#78 2021-2022 NBA Season in Off Topic


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wackyfire is looking to play scout again (playoff invite, advanced or main)
resume update:
lan disproven
has annoying voice syndrome
im 1st place champion
2nd place main
1 season of low adv
contact rkcbb#7766 with offers (I am his agent)

posted about a year ago
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hypnoWho wanna fuck

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the subject of wbacon aka giblert(newsflash for those unaware that the two are the same person)alcoholism is a regularly reoccuring subject among the friends and acquantences of giblert. of those aware of the problem, there are two camps - giblert is, in one form or another, an alcoholic; or that he isnt. The latter camp contains solely giblert. in this writing prompt, we will explore giblerts alcoholic tendencies and get into detail as to why his reputation of being an alcoholic has grown to the extent it has.

giblert first established himself as a potential alcoholic back in 2019 in the harem pug group. there would be certain nights where pugs were clearly not being taken seriously, and as such giblert would make something to drink and play the pugs drunk (or buzzed as he prefers to be referred to). upon drinking, giblert, who is normally rational and attentive becomes bold and brash - this gap between himself sober and himself drunk is incredibly entertaining to observe, and results in a reinforcement feedback loop where giblert fills a role similar to that of the jackass at a party. giblert had been drunk a few times during pugs, but then, one night, after missing playoffs in s31 of open tf2, giblert joined the call and was both in despair and drunk - he was graduating college, and one of his goals for tf2 was to make open playoffs before finishing college since he didnt know if he would have time for a full season once he started working full time. at this point, nobody was calling giblert an alcoholic - eh, he was drunk a few times, eh, he drank because he was sad once. however, this was the start of a pattern.

2020. after losing to sin karma in playoffs season 2, i wanted to make a chill friend team. giblert wanted to play scout to prove that he isnt a medic main, so he and i would switch roles and play in im as "ur pissed". the rest of the team would be members from the pug group that wanted to play with us. unfortunately, tragedy struck, and i was unable for personal reasons to play med for the team full time, so i stepped down to sub if needed. this stepping down is what i need to take responsibility for - because my replacement was what made giblert drink more.

i have not had a negative interaction with gobitoe, and everyone i have talked to since that season has said that gobitoe is chill. i therefore have only the words of my teammates to go off of, but apparently playing with gobitoe was not fun for giblert to put it mildly. giblert would join the call while i was doing homework and would be very angry, and would say "im so mad im going to go drink to feel better", and a lot of this anger was apparently because of gobitoe. it is however, at this point, that the "giblert alcoholic" joke became an accusation. people like wackyfire and rexraptor7 noticed how often giblert was getting drunk and would comment on it frequently. it is worth noting that giblert was still working at a tech company at this time, and didnt drink enough to become hungover - he always was able to perform fine at work. a tangential funny story is that giblert uses a flask as a water bottle on occasion, so one day during a zoom call at work he took a sip of water, and his boss (gary) later told him that "jonathan, drinking from a flask is unprofessional as it results in clients thinking that you are an alcoholic".

i mention this because everything went downhill when giblert quit his job to play tf2.

scene: our lan team, "poc and giblert" are about to have their first scrim with most of the team meeting for the first time. giblert had been out with a friend watching the cowboys lose playoffs or something, and had drunk socially. i tell him "damn will you be sober by scrim time?" "yea i will" "ok good. dont drink anymore" "well, now i have to drink otherwise im listening to you" "????????" somehow this conversation between giblert and i occurs and while i understand hes trying to be funny, at a certain point its not. i dm tristen to ring for us since giblert is drinking and we may need a sub but scrim time starts, the rest of the team pulls up, and giblert tells tristen to fuck off and that he is playing. the first impression of giblert on the rest of our team was him drunk and screaming, resulting from in him doing well the first half (balmers peak?) to him doing atrocious the last half. we did not scrim that much prior to the lan starting; maybe 4-5 scrim nights? but giblert was buzzed or drunk for a few of them.

lan time. the plan is i get the car rental, pick up zesty, drive to la, pick up wacky and giblert then drive to slicerogues house. giblert tells us that he will go to a bar since he is arriving at the airport 6 hours before we will get there and doesnt want to sit at an airport doing nothing. im driving, giblert calls me and says they are doing live jazz at the bar and to pick up wacky first and then come back to pick him up. we agree, pick up wacky, and i look at the address giblert had sent me to the bar he was at. we get there, and after a 5 minute argument of calling giblert, he apparently is at a different bar. what the fuck. apparently he texted me while i was driving and didnt tell anyone else. cool. we go to the different bar. giblert walks out of the bar, walks to the driver seat, opens the door, looks at me, and says hello. he proceeds to do this to every door and person in the car before finally getting into the car in his seat. on our drive to slices house, he makes a request that we stop by several liquor stores, which he affectionately refers to as "liquor dot store dot com". we arrive at slices house and decide we need to go and buy some food. we go out and buy food, and also purchase a bottle of whiskey at his request. he doesnt drink it, its for later - by the end of the night he had drunk less than a shot.

next morning, after a rough night of not getting enough sleep, it is revealed that the many showers that were occurring were in fact giblert showering after going to the bathroom because hes hungover. excellent. regardless, lan time. nothing too exciting happens day 1 - he gets a single drink at a mexican restaurant, but it is a single drink and nothing more happens. day 2, however. we were considering doing a pseudo pug thing with the teams that had gotten knocked out of playoffs, but due to wackyfire eating mexican food and having to vomit (fear?) we were missing the players to do that so zesty gib and i decided to chill out, sleep in, then show up late. we get to the venue, lans happening, all that good shit, every once in a while gib tells me hes going to the bathroom. like damn, mexican food got to him too huh. we talk to bobby (shoutouts), idk where we were planning on going but we got invited to the ford gaming house by bear. as zesty and i get in the car, we are discussing if we should bring liquor or anything to the party. were like, oh we have the full bottle of whiskey gib purchased. it is at this moment that gib pulls out a half empty bottle of whiskey. this guy was apparently, while going to the bathroom, sipping on whiskey. actual fiend. we go to liquor dot store dot com and buy a fresh bottle. and at the ford gaming house, after an hour has passed and people are showing up, the only person drinking is giblert. giblert proceeds to try to give out his social security number again, resulting in the whiskey being taken away from him and hidden. zesty and i decide enough is enough, we drag him to the airport.

giblert had, this past month, decided to take a sober october (in april). yesterday, after losing a playoff match, giblert broke his sober october. giblert says that losing and drowning his sorrows in alcohol is perfectly normal and valid, but im not too sure about that!

is any of this normal behavior? while many of us say that this is a clear sign of alcoholism or is at least a sign of potential alcoholism, giblert refuses to take our concerns seriously.


posted about a year ago
#51 trxz lft adv medic in Recruitment (looking for team)

i retract this statement btw i havent played tf2 since lan but he was chill there

posted about a year ago
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#61 Why must you hate me :C in TF2 General Discussion

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#9 Does anyone know clockworks' star sign? in TF2 General Discussion
Zestydoes any body know clock works social security number? I need it to determine my scout sensitivity (cannot disclose the algorithm).

best i can offer is wbacons

posted about a year ago
#6 Scariest thing for a 6s player in Off Topic

job application

posted about a year ago
#18 LFP Anglerfish S9 in Recruitment (looking for players)

posted about a year ago
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