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#38 welcome to the tf2 after party in TF2 General Discussion


posted 6 days ago
#31 what happend to tftv in Site Discussion

mistake to post when euros wake up...

posted 1 week ago
#12 are these sheens were always that phonetic? in Customization

u only know a single language and ur criticising ppl learning it

posted 2 weeks ago
#48 Offclassing social stigma in TF2 General Discussion

you want to increase your chances of winning by practising dumb offclassing while other teams want to increase their chances of winning by not scrimming you if you do that.. rock/paper/scissors and u lost whats the problem?

posted 3 weeks ago
#3 Another (online) log combiner (as userscript). in Projects


posted 1 month ago
#8 New FROYO Medic? in TF2 General Discussion
sandblastTHEBILLDOZERsure would be nice to hear something about the nursey ordeal
seems like something that the most influential player in the game may want to mention
i talked about this on the H5 stream. froyo has nothing to do with the nursey issue. its simple there is no need for b4nny whos whole job is to stream to say anything on the topic. its very obvious on what happened and should not feel obligated at all to talk on the matter. just let the man be.
sandblastTHEBILLDOZERsure would be nice to hear something about the nursey ordeal
seems like something that the most influential player in the game may want to mention
i talked about this on the H5 stream. froyo has nothing to do with the nursey issue. its simple there is no need for b4nny whos whole job is to stream to say anything on the topic. its very obvious on what happened and should not feel obligated at all to talk on the matter. just let the man be.

the chain of events and the actual extent to which nursey did commit grooming is only really obvious to people that read through the entire thread. there are people who only know nursey through b4nny (and maybe vice versa) and a good amount of them are probably minors too. it's his responsibility as the best person that can reach out to any other people nursey could have had contact with and maybe we'll found out there's even more to the story. this is hardly ever an event that first occurs when you're 21/22 and i'd be surprised if it actually was. as far as i know nursey still has and uses an older steam account and some of that account's ~25 friends write that they're 18 or below on their profile (and they've known each other longer than that)

posted 1 month ago
#290 Have a seat. in Off Topic
hey guys retrodavid gatorlad here with an update video on my current status in the tf2 community aswell as how im doing personally
so i was orginally gonna make this just generally speaking about how im retired now as college and personal reasons dont permit to spend time on tf2 anymore, but i randomly check tf tv tonight and see a stronger than usual pedophile hunt going on and i decided this would be a good oppurtunity to just write down my thoughts and like describe some shit
so originally when i was called out for all of it i decided to not try to defend myself bcus i thought it wasnt rly fair to the victims or anyone that was offended for me to try to backpedal for what i did so instead of describing y i did some stuff or calling out other ppl ive decided to just speak about cancel culture
recently in media its very common for a celebrity to get "me 2'd" (bill cosby, louis ck,)and its usually a very popular headline when the media has slow days or nothings going on in the world and since tf2 players kind of lose their since of reality and get absorbed in the community more than anyone probably should, u see stuff like the threads on tf tv
its not like im particularly talking about the most recent thread, or w.e thread is currently up or w.e threads have shown up in the past but its more of a general thing
basically the younger demographic of the comp community is embracing this cancel culture phenomenon and attacking random popular personalities in the community, usually finding ways to dig up dirt through their vast expansive network of which i suspect to be atleast 20-50 ppl
nursey, me, uh fuckin whoever else idk, tend to be the center pieces of this type of headline as we are the most famous and are active in quintessential parts of the community
these accusations are usually brought up due to personal grudges between the terrorist cell and the accused
i used to do alot of drugs and mix them together without giving me much time to get sober and would very frequently be high for most of my time that i wasnt sleeping which tended to bleed into my social relationships, mainly my online ones as they are less personal and i would feel more comfortable being unfiltered
im sober now and yea it was kinda weird what i did but i do find some of the chatlogs baffling sometimes and rly dont remember much of them or what i said
id frequently be threatened to get cut from my friend teams for showing up high and this was a trend for nearly 2 years
ive battled my drug addictions and am proud to say that im a clean man
facts: im 19 and was 19 in the chat logs
im sober now and wasnt sober in the chat logs(at all)
im sorry
alcohol, acid, weed, kratom, nicotine, painkillers, other stuff i dont wanna mention
went to the hospital after getting blackout drunk one night and threatening suicide, resulting in most of my tf2 friends treating me differently
this drove me to even more abusive drug habits resulting in alot of memory loss and social bridge burning
friends/me burning bridges drove me to more aggressive social practices like being extra friendly towards ppl to be in their cjs which resulted in more ppl disliking me cus noone rly likes that person that tries to insert themselves
never rly considered ppls ages in my advancements although i only remember hitting on della w/o knoin his age
most ppl i hit on were in a 12 hour timespan during an extra large drug binge and didnt rly develop past 2 or 3 msgs
****my drug use was alot deeper than any of my ex closest friends knew about but its gone now****
if i feel the need too, maybe i write more about it later but idt its necessary
most of my old tf2 friends either ghost me now due to me just being like too personal about emo shit or have gotten unadded by me due to me being wishy washy and emo and i apologize to them all
but yea im retired now shoutout to the alfa team although im p sure they all hated me except nygma and shoutout to the psy op members even tho they hate me now and shoutout to all the old dump puggers even tho they just remember for the hotdog feet video and not for being good and shoutout to all the old kutchkutch players even tho they prolly think im weird now cus they hear the things ppl say about me and shoutout to all the old 2fort players even tho they prolly have jobs now and sold their computers and shoutout to all the old css assuault players that id say racist shit with when i was 11 years old
as for the future of this channel and moving forward, the retrodaveyboy twich channel is p much dead at this point as it consisted mainly of a tf2 audience and i dont rly play anymore so like ya kno
the youtube channel will mostly remain inactive except for odd bullshit videos i make until i die but thats the way this channels always been tbh amirite dae
if anyone has questions post below and ill give my opinion about it
Time spent writing n editing: 2 hours



posted 1 month ago
#61 so we're back to this huh in TF2 General Discussion
stephanyway one of the ppl was named "FurryFoxCock | TRADE.TF". i thought that was a little strong, even for a furry pound player, so i checked it out.



scratchh is being a fucking goon again can we please just permaban this fucking dunce from every tf2 platform in existence thanks


posted 3 months ago
#15 Unveiling NACL in TF2 General Discussion

Sodium, atomic number 11, was first isolated by Humphry Davy in 1807. A chemical component of salt, he named it Na in honor of the saltiest region on earth, North America.

posted 4 months ago
#2 unloading stv does weird things in Q/A Help

tv_maxclients "128" is in ugc_off, just change it

posted 4 months ago
#2 Multi-variable command manipulation in Customization

not possible in tf2 without setting aliases for every x, y, z (which isn't a lot of work if you use autofill really) and navigating through them with other aliases bound to arrowkeys/+/-. it's possible in csgo because the viewmodel offsets are split to viewmodel_offset_x, viewmodel_offset_y and viewmodel_offset_z but then you only have a small border that you can move along

posted 5 months ago
#4 need tips/plans for abroad pc in Hardware

take the parts out then ship peripherals+case and bring your monitor along with you

posted 5 months ago
#29 One song you've been listening to a lot lately. in Music, Movies, TV


posted 5 months ago
#2 Jittery Player Models in Q/A Help

any files in tf/scripts/ or tf/custom/../scripts?

posted 5 months ago
#82 ETF2L player falsely banned for supposedly aimbot in TF2 General Discussion


posted 6 months ago
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