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#23 RGB LAN 6 in LAN Discussion


posted 1 month ago
#2 Wheels - A movement option for the Heavy in TF2 General Discussion

tony hawk pro skater pootis to mid

posted 1 month ago
#3 OMG 3 in TF2 General Discussion

cray cfg leaked

posted 2 months ago
#9455 Frag Clips Thread in Videos


posted 2 months ago
#5 viewmodel bindtoggle happening w/lawena in Q/A Help

fixed it

instead of aliasing r_drawviewmodel since i had a toggle command i just had to put:
alias "toggle" ""
in my lawena cfg

appreciate the help

posted 2 months ago
#4 viewmodel bindtoggle happening w/lawena in Q/A Help
EoNyou can try doing
r_drawviewmodel 1; 
alias r_drawviewmodel "";
and then you will stay with viewmodels on until you restart your game

tried putting it in my lawena config in 2 diff ways and when watching pov demos it still happens



posted 2 months ago
#1 viewmodel bindtoggle happening w/lawena in Q/A Help


when i'm trying to use lawena to record a POV, or just watch a POV in general, my viewmodel toggles on/off

( def. "1" )"r_drawviewmodel" = "0"
"r_drawviewmodel" = "1"

is what is in console whenever it happens.

in my lawena config I unbind the toggles, which in my regular cfg are:
bind "r" "toggle r_drawviewmodel 0 1"
bind "f" "toggle tf_use_min_viewmodels 0 1"

even though lawena says press "n" to lock viewmodels, there is nothing bound to N and nothing happens when I do that, the viewmodels toggle on/off still and while watching the POV i'm not able to manually fix it by typing r_drawviewmodel 1 in console

i've tried putting r_drawviewmodel 1 in my lawena settings but it still does the aforementioned "client" r_drawviewmodel for when i turned it on/off in whatever scrim/match i'm watching

for some other reason, my melee viewmodel is minmode and my primary is non minmode.

i've also tried just removing my cfg completely and starting lawena without it but the viewmodels still toggle on/off when watching any POV of mine where i would have been pressing the toggle bind in game

however, when I am not using lawena and am watching a POV demo, I'm able to use the bind toggle to turn the viewmodel on/off and fix it, but i'd like a way in lawena to just force the viewmodel to stay on when watching my POV

How do I fix both of these? Thanks

edit: i was able to fix the viewmodel minmode issue by just putting the command for it to 1 in my lawena settings, but the same does not work for r_drawviewmodel

posted 2 months ago
#1 quacks lft in Recruitment (looking for team)

philly lan/invite s13
looking to keep improving :D

discord: quacks1

posted 4 months ago
#4 playoff main lfp in Recruitment (looking for players)

Hello all, as the unofficial team manager I’m here to announce the roster!

Scout: finman
Scout: alfa
Soldier: BroKing
Soldier: coyo
Demo: LFP? (Looking for PDF or PDF defender!)

posted 4 months ago
#28 RESUP LAN 3 - LocalHost Philly Sep 30-Oct 1 2023 in LAN Discussion


posted 4 months ago
#117 ElectraHeart LFT in Recruitment (looking for team)

great person, great attitude towards the game - enjoyed having him as a teammate

posted 5 months ago
#3 frags like a gentle stream lfp in Recruitment (looking for players)

VERY BAD! 20 social credits have been deducted 低等公民 and your internet access card 上网通行证 has been suspended for: [24 Hours]. Please refrain from mentioning poetry that never happened that could discredit the great 人民共产党 People’s Communist Party again or we will be forced to 饿了就睡 ban you from TeamFortress.cn [人民行刑车].

posted 10 months ago
#5 Monitor goes black when starting game in Hardware
TaylorBy "disabling full screen optimizations," did you put the following into launch options:
-w 1920 -h 1080 -windowed -noborder

It could be that your monitor, for some reason, doesn't think it could support your resolution. So, messing around with your resolution might help too. I had this issue with my new monitor, and the launch options I listed above fixed it.

I don't want to run windowed as I've experienced input lag with it before unfortunately and it seems to still be the case. Might be placebo, but I don't think it's just a tf2 issue anymore when it's doing the same thing on boot or when launching any other full-screen game. I submitted an RMA form to Zowie/BenQ since I've basically tried everything including different cables, power outlets, GPU drivers, BIOS updates, Chipsets, everything to no avail, and feels like a dying backlight or part in the monitor triggered by launching a full screen program/turning it on.

To note, normally on my old monitor, when turning on my computer or starting a game, it would flash "Input: Displayport", whereas this monitor just goes black when starting games, and only says "Input: DP" when I tab back into the game after turning the monitor off and on, which is very odd. Maybe I can't see it because something inside the monitor gets messed up? Or maybe the DisplayPort connection just stops working? The dimming on boot and the start of some other games makes me think it's a hardware issue with the monitor, as stated before.

posted 10 months ago
#4 Monitor goes black when starting game in Hardware
redlixhave you tried to sync -freq both in-game and with your monitor?
forced refresh rate for the game and the monitor to adapt: type "-refresh 144" or "-freq 144" into the launch options
if even that does not work I would try to force the game into borderless windowed mode with setting your screen on 144 Hz or lower (with of course changing the "-freq/refresh 144" to the given refresh rate)
lmk if it anything changed or not

Tried that already, and I'd rather just run fullscreen, as it worked on my other monitor completely fine.
I would think it was an issue with that, but the monitor is also randomly becoming incredibly dim on boot which makes me feel like it's an issue with a backlight or some kind of part within the monitor, so I think I'm just going to RMA since I got the monitor 2-ish weeks ago and it's still under BenQ warranty.


This is what it looks like when this happens, as well as when I start up some games (with the main menu super dim, or the loading screen). The display doesn't say "No Input" or "Lost Connection", it just does this then makes me have to turn it on and off and then it functions normally.

posted 10 months ago
#1 Monitor goes black when starting game in Hardware

I got a BenQ 240hz (XL2746K) a few days ago, and when starting any game in full-screen, the monitor just goes black after showing the game and flickering on/off (assuming it's just the full screen adjustments the computer makes..?) and I am forced to turn it off and on again, and then the game works normally. What is weird is that it happens to my 240hz main monitor and the 144hz second monitor stays on.
My 240hz doesn't even say "no signal" when it goes black, and when it happens in some games, you can see a very faint, dim image of what the game should look like (such as the loading screen, etc.)
I've tried DDU uninstalling drivers and reinstalling them, windows update, disabling full screen optimizations, changing DP cables, unplugging my second monitor completely, and it still occurs.
It doesn't always happen, sometimes I can start the game 3-4 times without it happening and then it'll happen.
thanks for any and all help!

posted 10 months ago
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