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#6 launch option for fullscreen? in Customization

thx fellas

posted 18 hours ago
#3 launch option for fullscreen? in Customization

lmao im so dumb thanks dude

do i have to put my screen res height and width?

posted 19 hours ago
#1 launch option for fullscreen? in Customization

launch option for fullscreen mode

posted 19 hours ago
#13 jewish girls 3 in The Dumpster
hoolithat seems to be rooted in poor self esteem; you're supposed to be doing those things for yourself. can't be putting all your eggs in 1 basket otherwise you'll end up in your position. you'll get past it eventually – treat this as a learning opportunity.

this guy gets it

also lol@ having a gf before 30

posted 1 week ago
#14 Getawhale shamelessly uses n-word in The Dumpster

sounding like a twitter warrior going through peoples history lmao ur a loser

posted 1 week ago
#1 lol@liverpool in World Events

best league in the world LOL

posted 3 weeks ago
#35 RGL Bans in TF2 General Discussion
JaguarFiendShameful display, vanta. Straight up bullshit. I never thought I'd say it but here is actual "Fake News". Our match against Sorrow's Soldiers was on 02/25/20.

Here's that same dialogue from Discord with the date on (1/27/20). I guess you took a screenshot of this right as it was said? I really don't recall this being at 11:53am but I guess it was? What the fuck is wrong with you man? The obvious thing is that these words are about something that happened way earlier and are not about this current drama. Someone said some nasty stuff to me. It wasn't that serious and it didn't amount to anything. You see the word underlined in orange? That word was used a lot in the text above and below this -sarcastically- because that's what got golden banned. He jokingly changed his steam name to that for 10 seconds before a SCRIM in my PRIVATE server in a PRIVATE game between two teams that has basically nothing to do with RGL and our whole team got derailed by this. And based on some inside information it seems like this was done "for the lulz". No one was offended by anything. It was not aimed at anyone and there was no context for it whatsoever.

There's definitely a huge policing overreach problem with RGL. That's probably the league's biggest flaw that everyone is currently struggling with. The intentions may be good but the implementation is utterly flawed. Currently the system can simply be weaponized by teams against other teams to take out the competition outside of the game. Soon after the golden incident we had our match with the team that reported him and, go figure, we lost without our best player. RGL's noble goal is to avoid alienating anyone and removing hate speech and being a welcoming environment for all but I think when you do this by way of fear (of getting banned) you just create disdain for the org and its rules while encouraging others to use your system for spite. Whether or not certain behavior is acceptable by a community is a reflection of society's views at large. Over the years they HAVE been getting less hostile towards all minorities but you need to let it go at its own pace. When someone goes around saying something commonly considered a terrible slur the community at large will not want to associate with them and they'll eventually end up exiled, for lack of a better term. Until then, overpolicing is not going to accelerate this process. "Tolerance" is often touted as a very positive term but it's actually pretty trash compared to "Acceptance". Anyway this is just my opinion and I obviously lean towards letting people say whatever they want and then suffering the fallout from it naturally. I can type a lot more about this but I'll save it.

'24' here is calling us out for suddenly denying their ringer 10 minutes after the start time or whatever and accusing us of bad sportsmanship. First of all most of the delay to start the game was literally because we were sorting out the ringer situation with you, not springing it on you 10 minutes after 1030pm. We got into the server and a couple of people go "wait a sec, is that Owib?". And it was. There were a couple of "whatever's" but a bunch of us decided that we'd rather not play against this player who's got $$ winnings from last season in Advanced and was then still rostered on an Advanced team. IMO he doesn't belong in this div. Shoutout to him, he's really very good! There are also some other players on other teams that I feel don't belong in the div but it's not my place to challenge that. But when it's my team about to play right then and there, YES, that IS a good time to challenge this type of thing. So I double checked by messaging an admin and it eventually came back that he's only allowed to play medic. You can make the distinction all you want between a ringer and someone rostered on your team but I don't see him rostered on your team now which tells me that the same admin ruling applies to actual rostering and not just ringing him. We were not trying to sleaze you out of a fair game or collect an easy win. From our POV it's YOUR bad sportsmanship for trying to roster and pound us with an Advanced player. I don't recall us denying anyone else but I do remember saying something like "Can't you guys find, ya know, a MAIN player for this match between our MAIN teams?" You said that we were the ones bm'ing you and being rude. No actually it's more the other way. We were dry and straightforward about what our issues were and you were the ones getting pissy, though it's understandable due to the circumstances. Some pretty rude stuff was said by you guys, mostly before the game as I recall, and one last colorful zinger after the game by your main medic.

Yeah it's mostly bullshit that you can do this in this league and part of my intent was to pass some of the grief on that was done onto my team. Except here it was in a match and with context. But most importantly I felt fine reporting because you guys were being pricks. I can say plainly that I'm not too offended--mostly because I don't offend easily--but what you said is very distasteful. The word Jew is not inherently offensive but using a name of a minority as a verb is kinda bad. Try it yourself with any other such term. If it were possible to actually quantify my level of offense would it really make a difference in whether this was justified? I am Semitic. I have been bullied before with people using anti-semitic remarks. I'm 99.9% sure they didn't actually hate Jews but were just saying whatever the most shocking and hurtful things they could think of were. Does that make it not offensive? My sister actually had the shit beaten out of her numerous times as a teen and called really bad slurs (in Russia, she was born in 1971). There's more troubled history the further back you go with parents and grandparents, etc. Does any of this stuff even matter? I realize I'm playing both sides of the court at once here. RGL is way overzealous with enforcement of this stuff and I'd like to see this change (but I'm not holding my breath) but at the same time I'm not sorry for reporting this because you guys were being twats.

dear diary

posted 1 month ago
#31 RGL Bans in TF2 General Discussion

thats what you get for getting snowflakes as admins

posted 1 month ago
#28 incel safespace in The Dumpster

yikes sweaty let's unpack this

posted 1 month ago
#5 Jerking Off in The Dumpster

why would you jerk off lmao

posted 1 month ago
#41 ETF2L Ban Policy in TF2 General Discussion
XKlusiveAir_u can cheat and diddle 3 kids and get half this guys ban in etf2l
"Inappropriate behavior around a minor" SIX MONTHS BAN

I don't condone speaking ill of the dead, but 5 years, yeah doesn't seem proportional

how do you even know someone is a minor you can legit photoshop a text and say ur 14 years old and get someone banned

posted 1 month ago
#10 cement in Off Topic


posted 1 month ago
#21 trump acquitted in World Events


posted 1 month ago
#21 joker pick up line? in Off Topic


posted 2 months ago
#12 joker pick up line? in Off Topic
hamahampaskono amount of humor can make up for you being uglyno amount of shit posting can make up for your mom getting banged by me

you cant even bang girls your age LOL

posted 2 months ago
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