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#13 Tagg: Why I "Quit" TF2 in Videos

lmao who cares

posted 2 days ago
#6 Aim Philosophy in Off Topic
hamahampaskono wonder you cant attract girls with that voicei attracted ur mum though lol

weak af

posted 3 days ago
#4 Aim Philosophy in Off Topic

no wonder you cant attract girls.. loool @that voice

posted 3 days ago
#229 RGL Ban Wave in TF2 General Discussion

this wouldnt have happened if I was admin #M6sGA

posted 1 week ago
#8 help my body in Off Topic
lucrativeIf you have a bone problem (likely, given your diagnosis of scapula pain) a personal trainer isn’t gonna help you much, scapulas almost always require xrays. If it happens to be problems with muscle pain around your shoulders/neck/trap ice that shit and stretch (lightly) until you feel the pain decrease then try resistance excess uses until the pain subsides.

i think its more bone based but idk never had this type of injury before

toothwhat did you do to your scapula to make it hurt in the first place, and when does it hurt (like what do you do to make it hurt and what makes it stop)

i was doing my last set of dumbell rows and instead of pulling to my hip I pulled more towards my back 1-2 times and then it started hurting,i took some painkillers so the pain is less but it hurts when i do most movement with my arm

posted 2 weeks ago
#3 help my body in Off Topic
wolsnego see a professional, do not consult for medical issues.

i cannot move

posted 2 weeks ago
#1 help my body in Off Topic

i know this is a sea of nerds and virgins but is anyone here a personal trainer or studying to be cuz i hurt my scapula and its very painful dunno what to do

posted 2 weeks ago
#54 girl advice in Off Topic

lol @ going to dinner for 1st date

posted 2 weeks ago
#30 Why do you come to tftv? in Site Discussion

to support my fellow posters!

posted 4 weeks ago
#32 Donald Trump Impeach in World Events


posted 4 weeks ago
#9 roast me in The Dumpster


posted 1 month ago
#9 An friend in need in Off Topic

those are the consequences of shitposting

posted 1 month ago
#14 State of TFTV in Off Topic
CyanicThis is mostly to do with TFTV being full of children. Attempting to address problems with attitude within the community doesn't work and this has been proven multiple times.

The community is full of great people, the vast majority of whom do not post on TFTV for these reasons.

shut up dork

posted 1 month ago
#159 My Story With Dashner: A Thread in TF2 General Discussion

lmao cant even ask a question without getting some nerds angry lmfao

posted 2 months ago
#148 My Story With Dashner: A Thread in TF2 General Discussion

is console a girl or a guy

posted 2 months ago
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