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#8242 Frag Clips Thread in Videos


posted 1 month ago
#77 New deathmatch server for EU in TF2 General Discussion

This might be a bit too early for you to tell, but the melkor suite of mge and DM servers was one of the most popular and reliable in Europe so I was wondering if there is any chance they might come back in the near future ...

posted 3 months ago
#8114 Frag Clips Thread in Videos


posted 3 months ago
#11402 stream highlights in Videos

e: s'd

posted 5 months ago
#2 console won't open in Q/A Help

you could try adding the "-console" launch option so the console is always opened when you launch the game

posted 5 months ago
#7844 Frag Clips Thread in Videos


posted 8 months ago
#3 Looking for a config in Customization


posted 8 months ago
#111 GUIDE: Weapon-specific Custom Crosshairs in Customization
McCantsI'm Really, really sorry for necroing this topic.

But I'm trying to set custom sizes for the crosshairs
What variables do I have to add, or change in the weapon files?
Thanks in advance for helping

Just use the cl_crosshair_scale command in your various class configs to adjust every crosshair to its desired size

posted 8 months ago
#16 No Hats Mod + HeadsFeet, 2020+ Edition in Customization
springrolls That is... really weird. Just to make sure, the problem fixes itself when you delete the vpk? And is it all offline maps or just a few? Maybe try verifying your game files to see if there's anything weird happening?

very weird indeed, the new vpk was the only thing that had changed and I therefore thought it caused the crashes but now that I launch the game everything work flawlessly, even with offline maps; thks for the tips anyway

posted 9 months ago
#14 No Hats Mod + HeadsFeet, 2020+ Edition in Customization

Been experiencing crashes everytime I launch an offline map although it seems to work flawlessly on any online server with the new "Stock headsfeet" version, not sure what might be causing that or if I'm the only one in that case

posted 9 months ago
#4 lerp stuck on 15.2 after new update in Q/A Help
creeprootFixed an issue where values computed from server bounded ConVars could be incorrect on the client and therefore possibly exploitable
this is the only thing in the update notes that could point to anything but i have no clue about the implications

its all explained here

posted 9 months ago
#12 Weird visual bug - constrasty colors in Q/A Help
mastercomsRemove -dxlevel 91 -full -w 1920 -h 1080

So you recommend setting the resolution through the game and let it remember it every launch ?
+ how useful is the dxlevel launch option versus setting it in an autoexec with mat_dxlevel 91 or are they different ?

posted 10 months ago
#9 Weird visual bug - constrasty colors in Q/A Help
raduOut of that list, I think I had -nouserclip -softparticlesdefaultoff, if you determine that the issue is not from the headsfeet vpk I would try and remove "disable_d3d9_hacks" and "cl_clean_texture" (besides the 2 I mentioned at the beginning of the sentence) since I don't see how the other ones would cause this.

After testing, sadly, removing all my vpks did not fix it, neither did removing a lot of launch options - I'm down to this :

-dxlevel 91 -full -w 1920 -h 1080 -freq 144 -console -novid -nojoy -nosteamcontroller -nohltv -particles 1 -nostartupsound
posted 10 months ago
#7 Weird visual bug - constrasty colors in Q/A Help
kordyansorry for jacking the thread, what's that?Hogosakialso sorry about derailing the thread but what are -noff, -nouserclip, -usetcp -disable_d3d9_hacks, -NoQueuedPacketThread?

Alright so my launch options are all from a mix between comanglia's config and mastercoms' recommandations - newer and often better explained. So since I forgot what each of them actually do, I'd recommend going over mastercoms' config or asking her directly (lots of it is also explained here but you'd have to find the right pages and the thread is very long.

e: on mastercoms' website, there's a launch options dedicated sections https://docs.mastercomfig.com/en/latest/customization/launch_options/ So for instance, you have

-nouserclip : uses software clipping instead of hardware user clip planes, FPS increase or decrease depends on your CPU+GPU and graphics API
posted 10 months ago
#4 Weird visual bug - constrasty colors in Q/A Help
yerbwhen i used a lot of vpks this would happen, are u using any?

Depends on how you define "a lot" but yes good catch bc I think this is only happening since I updated my headsfeet vpk to the newest 7.3.20 version (I use 5 vpks), I'll test that later.

raduI also had this issue, for me it was from some more uncommon launch options, I would try removing those first.

Do you know which ones specifically may cause the issue ? I tryed removing some of them bc they were either seemingly useless or outdated. I currently have this :

-dxlevel 91 -novid -full -w 1920 -h 1080 -console -nojoy -noff -nohltv -nouserclip -softparticlesdefaultoff -reuse -usetcp -nostartupsound -primarysound -snoforceformat -nosteamcontroller -disable_d3d9_hacks -NoQueuedPacketThread +cl_clean_texture
posted 10 months ago
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