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#55 lack of postive energry in the community in TF2 General Discussion
GeneralNickshit posting aside this is just a stupid premise. Are there like 3 different circle jerks that are all permabanned that make it their life goal to ruin the experience for everyone else? Yes. But there are maybe 35 people total that fall into that category. The literal hundreds, if not thousands, of other players, are normal people looking to have some fun and are usually pretty chill. Whether it's a new player asking how to set up a team or someone who's been around forever, almost all of my interactions with other players are overwhelmingly positive.

... if you can accept that there will always be a certain tiny portion of the community who are only in it to ruin the experience for others, I assure you that you will see how good the community is considering this is a 17-year-old game. Hell, you think this is bad? Trying playing overwatch, valorant, csgo.

If you want to fully understand negativity in tf2 you kinda have to be somebody who doesn't fit in. Enough people bring that upon themselves that even the people who really don't deserve hate end up getting victim blamed/ostracized. Brock's posting is wacky for sure but i do think our scene could have a bit more awareness in regards to perpetuating negativity. Comp tf2 isn't really a safe haven or exemplar of sportsmanlike/friendly behavior like you think- its just immunized to the kind of banal toxicity that comes when people interact with randoms. Everybody knows everybody. The type of toxicity that festers in league/valorant/whatever are qualitatively pretty different so I wouldn't necessarily compare them to tf2. In any kind of small community, being disliked regardless of fairness has a way of following/clinging onto you in a kind of pervasive way that leaves you miserable, even well past the point of it being reasonable.

You wont see players around much who experienced this kinda stuff telling their stories cuz they usually just quit and move on. Just my 2c

posted 2 months ago
#10 can someone explain what happened here? in TF2 General Discussion
Joe_Shroe Shounic made a video about player model hitboxes here. The hitboxes aren't perfect and there are actually some tiny gaps between hitboxes for certain body parts. The largest gap that exists for every class is right around the chest region, which is where your rocket seems to go. It's very unlikely to thread the needle and send a rocket through this gap, but it's possible.

projectiles use collision hulls not hitboxes, so it shouldn't be this

posted 8 months ago
#12 How many tries in Off Topic

pocket on metalworks, go top left and spam main is prolly what i would try

posted 10 months ago
#2 TF2CC NEEDS COACHES! in TF2 General Discussion

coaching one of these cup teams is definitely a time commitment, but I found it to be very fulfilling and rewarding.

give it a shot if you have free time!

posted about a year ago
#18 Quality Single Player Games w/ Short Stories in Other Games

Okami HD ~30-40 hours
Pyre ~10-13 hours

posted about a year ago
#154 FROYO medic in TF2 General Discussion

It doesn't matter if toxicity/bigotry is the reason why "the community is shrinking and dying" or not. Dealing with it shouldn't be an entry tax to playing the game

its exhausting sharing space in the community with people that just want to tear others down

posted about a year ago
#185 RGL S9 Advanced Happenings/Discussion in TF2 General Discussion

it hasn't been picked in invite either

posted about a year ago
#7 RGL S9 Invite Happenings/Discussion in TF2 General Discussion
scratchhEveryone Congratulate Moppies On Her First ever Invite win!

too bad it comes at the cost of fyg getting a win in invite

posted about a year ago
#27 can we get paid our prize money please in TF2 General Discussion

I dm'd and asked exa:

As of Jan 1st 2022 Paypal and Venmo will be required to provide users with a 1099-K form if they receive $600 or more over a tax year. RGL wants to revamp their payout system to automate sending out money on an individual basis instead of all to team leaders to distribute to their players. This would greatly decrease the odds the average player would need to fill out a 1099-K form. Sigafoo will deliver the payouts through the traditional way this weekend if he can't finish the new system.

posted about a year ago
#6 Let's talk about the Unity ruleset in TF2 General Discussion

koth inherently avoids all issues the unity ruleset tries to combat
we should just play it instead :)

posted about a year ago
#12 Timeless LFT Scout in Recruitment (looking for team)

good chill dm

posted about a year ago
#48 sin karma? in TF2 General Discussion

he is reacting to their push in comms before anyone sees it after glancing at the wall

Can't you hear the other team yelling medic before their push? No one on his team called for med (chat box didn't show medic).

Edit: 8-9 seconds, you hear "thanks doc" unless that's his teammates, but doubt it?

yeah it could be audio but he also doesn't begin to say anything until he partially turns (presumably seeing thru the wall), not when you can hear the medic masking or the scout voiceline

considering his laundry list of autodet/wallhack/aimlock accusation submissions do u think hes just being super audio aware and guessing their push or is it exactly what it looks like

edit: actually yeah watching it a few more times it could just be audio, the timing of his call just also happens to line up with him potentially walling as well

posted about 2 years ago
#34 sin karma? in TF2 General Discussion

he is reacting to their push in comms before anyone sees it after glancing at the wall

posted about 2 years ago
#3 ultiduo dream team in TF2 General Discussion

2 delpo

posted about 2 years ago
#43 RGL: Money and Development- A Spectator Suggestion in TF2 General Discussion
mr_popoI played in playoffs and won 2 out of 4 seasons. Played in grand finals 3 times.

how many grand finals have you played?

Here's some hidden lore. Midway through playoffs in season 29 (the season where we salvaged Alfa's team after roster locks), Alfa wanted to forfeit if we made grand finals because he was scared of possibly losing to scratch/juju. Thankfully he was convinced to play by me/bobby and that ended up being an amazing grand finals.

"how many (open) grand finals have you played?"

said to the players playing in a higher division than you

posted about 2 years ago
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