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#13 AMA with enigma in Events

what's your favorite thread in history

posted 2 weeks ago
#4 CASUAL presents.............. Kung Fu Panda (DUB) in Music, Movies, TV

why is the tiger a robot

posted 2 weeks ago
#46 VALORANT in Other Games

abilities don't seem amazing, apparently the testers were spamming abilities to just test them out and pasha 30 bombed while playing "normally"

good tactical shooter qualities like inaccurate shooting while moving, high weapon damage and spray patterns

ults are looking extremely worrying but apparently you only get the chance to use them once or twice per game (?)
also likely will be kept for ult economy instead of using them instantly

posted 3 weeks ago
#9 Name my scattergun in Off Topic

shitted on u :D

posted 3 months ago
#45 Favorite 'scene' in a Frag Vid? in Videos

posted 3 months ago
#81 frag videos that inspired you to play competitive in Videos

posted 3 months ago
#159 BTS 2020 LAN cancelled in News
frenzy_KevinIsPwnfrenzy_KevinIsPwnAnyone remember TF2Can?

A boy can dream.
wheres tf2stadium kevin?

Still running with 99.9+% uptime, a great interface, free servers to use for lobbies, great integration with other services, and a hands-off administrative approach. Please don't @ my tf2stadium family. We (mostly others, though) worked hard and did a great job.
lmao i like this roast, i had misinformation
<3 kevin

then don't start talking loud if you don't know what you're talking about

posted 4 months ago
#6 MGE gods in TF2 General Discussion

river, dolphin rider, ma3la
and most of the people in mge alts exposed

posted 4 months ago
#13 if you know candlestick please check on him in TF2 General Discussion

candlestick was always a fucko glad to see things blow up in his face

posted 8 months ago
#35 important petition please sign in World Events

As of July 8th 2019, Dellor has successfully gotten his sub button back after a long and arduous process. Thank you to everyone who signed the petition and spread the good word. Dominating.

posted 8 months ago
#3 important petition please sign in World Events
wtzwho? and what did he do

Dellor was an ex-high level Team Fortress 2 player under the alias "Xen_Makaveli". Post TF2, he became top 250 in Overwatch, was rank #1 on Pubg, had the most kills in a Fortnite season, and was top 20 in Wow PVP.

posted 8 months ago
#1 important petition please sign in World Events

As we all know, Matt "Dellor" Vaugn was banned from Twitch indefinitely on May 1st, 2019. After about a month, Dellor was unbanned only to have his subscriber button taken away. Dellor's only income was Twitch, where he formerly had about 2,000 subscribers, this was enough income to keep him afloat. Now with no income, Dellor's back is against the wall, and he needs all the help he can get. Dellor is working hard to reform and deeply regrets the actions he took that lead to his ban on May 1st. He is on the road to recovery and deserves a second chance, please if you have a heart take a look at the link below. Please sign the petition below and possibly even donate to help the cause.

posted 8 months ago
#61 alex lft in Recruitment (looking for team)

posted 10 months ago
#32 favorite video game music in Off Topic

digital devil saga

devil survivor

smt iv

posted 10 months ago
#39 meleeeeee in Other Games

i go to jersey locals and regionals around the tristate area
always looking for 20 ping netplay

posted 10 months ago
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